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    Mischievous Thwapling

      Ok, so I know I said I couldn’t be on, but right now I can be really quick.  I LOVE your idea, Wingiby!! I totally wanna do that.  But would Colma have to be awake? ‘Cause even though I can be on right now, I won’t have time to actually write a post…. So could you guys either drag her unconscious ( XD ) through the trap (If we do do it) or maybe she could wake up and just escape it with you guys?  If y’all do decide to do Wingiby’s idea, depending on the trap, I guess you could just pick one of those, then I’ll write a post as soon as I can so it doesn’t get awkward….. Sorry guys, I really want to post and add to the story, I just can’t in my current situation.  So sorry it kinda makes everything awkward with Colma.

      "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

      Wingiby Iggiby


        *face-palms* I totally forgot about you not being able to be on here! I’m sure we could wait and do other things with the characters, because while I would love to help Colma through the trap, I don’t know if Ahab would — wondering if that fits his character, lol. I bet the others would, but I know you’d like to participate (I sure would!). We can continue with this, them sorta introducing themselves (however rudely *gives pointed look in the direction of the hulking monster-man*), if that’s alright with y’all.

        Or, after Ahab and Erin work things out, the others decide they would rather not stay any longer, and they all try to find a way out, except that once they enter the court-yard with the fountain, they can’t find a way.

        Just an idea 😉


        Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson


          Ooh, I like these ideas! I just love this group <3 😀
          Maybe the books have clues for how to steer through the castle when they disappear/teleport/have-to-deal-with-this-angry-house? I’m not sure how but Ehud will try and drag unconscious Colma through the entire castle if need be…if that helps.
          Also I only started nicknaming bc I knew I’d never remember the which name went with which face and I didn’t wanna keep looking it up but I have no regrets:P
          Wait…I think I got so eager writing my last post I forgot to be specific on who was talking; the whole “I’m warning you, missy, you need to put that little toy down.” was my take on what Mongrol would say, but seeing your take on it I’m not sure I wanna edit that bc that’s so funny I’m gonna die and that’s so in character I didn’t even notice it XD

          Was Viking Dude still harping on the “Lord of the Castle” thing? This was going nowhere fast. And, anyway, if he didn’t start doing something now he might get named the “Jittery-Couch-Potato”. Ok, so the fairy’s arguing with Miss Murder and Super Villain is arguing with Miss Murder and Axe Girl is out and he’s…hiding.
          “Can I sugges-?”
          “Would you shut up!?” Miss Murder snapped at him.
          “Go ahead, kill me. But you won’t get what you want-”
          “Is it ok if we get off the whole ‘let’s kill each other for no reason’!?!” Ehud interjected on their high-risk argument from the safety of his couch.
          “All of you oddballs are intruders on this castle-”
          “Did you just call me an oddball?” Ehud piqued which got him an ironic look from Flying Tom Thumb. Maybe he should try to ally with him. At least the fairy wasn’t waving a gun around at everybody. Man, he’s sleepy. And hungry. He once went forty-eight hours without any sleep because the voices in his head wouldn’t shut up, his brain was vomiting random ideas and funfact and…
          “-because the castle is lord of ME!” Viscous Viking Villain finished whatever speech Ehud had spaced out of.
          “Do what now?” He risked popping out from the couch, excited by the novel idea “No wait, I got it! Here’s this crazy conspiracy theory; what if this buncha kooky writers cooked us up in this big wild castle to see how we’d react!?…ya’know…writers’ block?”
          Miss Murder’s withering glance put him back in his place. Behind the couch. Ehud humphed and made an attempt to crawl to some of the books while the grownups were arguing. That was when the ground began to shake.
          “Uhhhhhhhh…that’s not my stomach growling…”

          Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

          Rainy Emily

          Erin readied her answer.

          “Can I sugges-?” Nervous Guy from Land Sofa was back.

          “Would you shut up!?”

          “Go ahead, then. Kill me.” Mountain Man began speaking.

          “Is it okay if we get off the ‘let’s kill each other of no reason!?” Nervous Guy interjected.

          Erin moaned.

          “But you won’t get what you want. These odd-balls here are intruders in my castle, as are you.” Mountain Man continued.

          Erin ignored Nervous Guy.

          “They know nothing. I, on the other hand, know something. And if you killed me, you would not be lord of this castle, because the castle is the lord of ME!” Mountain Man drawled.

          Erin sighed mentally. Sander would have a down to the point, threatening, conversation halting answer that would solve everything. Since when did she rely on Sander so much?

          Since now, I suppose.

          Darn it.

          “I know they’re intruders.” She gestured submissively to the fairy, Nervous Guy, and Axe Lady. “But surely there are others in the castle who aren’t intruders. Your commander maybe? I pr-”

          Erin broke off. Lord of Under the Sofa was speaking again. She glared at him. Then the ground shook which surfaced some very frightening memories from Erin’s childhood.

          She wrenched here rifle away from Mountain Man and took up a defense stance, eyes eyeing ever inch of the room.

          Ten million fireflies

          Mischievous Thwapling


            You’re totally fine! I think both of your ideas are awesome, and whichever one we do it will work out (hopefully, lol)


            OK, when you said that thing about what if a bunch of kooky writers are controlling them etc, I was cracking up. XD You’re so funny.

            And that’s a really great idea!

            And thank you for being willing to drag Colma through! That helps me and the situation so much, thanks.  And yeah, it’s probably what you’re going to end up having to do, lol.  Sorry…..


            "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

            Wingiby Iggiby


              Your ideas sound great! I will probably make Ahab grab a book or two in a spur of inspiration — if he remains calm enough to have any, that is 😛


              I hope you’ll be able to get back on soon! But don’t feel pressured (just because I do at some times) 😉

              And I am sure glad the nicer characters will help her out, because Ahab will just be trying to save his own skin unless team-work is absolutely necessary — and then we shall have to see if his help is even wanted, lol

              Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

              Wingiby Iggiby

                Ok, I’m only on here again because I had an idea for the castle’s trap: what if it starts to push it’s book-laiden walls upon the characters?

                Ya know, in an effort to squish them? Like the trash thing in A New Hope (sorry, only comparison I could think of)?


                Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson


                  The rumbling sent dust bunnies shaking through the air. Ehud covered his head with the mutilated book he’d used earlier to wipe up the blood. Air raid sirens would come on any minute, wouldn’t they? They had to get to the basement and hope Dad wasn’t tripped on benzedrine.
                  Then it stopped. Even the annoyingly cold gun lady looked a little rattled.
                  “So…instead of senselessly threatening to kill each other and waving guns around, maybe we could, like, search the area and see if…”
                  Abruptly, there was a loud thud that made an echo outside. Nobody seemed particularly interested in murdering him right now, so Ehud craned over the edge of the couch toward the area of the door.
                  “…maybe we should check that out…”
                  “Right,” Queen of the Chilling Stare said “you have five minutes. If anything chases you I’ll probably shoot it.”
                  Ehud lost his perch on the edge of the couch and tumbled into Mr Look-At-My-Fabulous-Muscles Villain.
                  “I’m sorry! Don’t kill me!” Ehud stammered, frantically attempting to disentangle himself which only made it harder to get disentangled. “I didn’t do tha-I mean…I-please don’t kill me!”
                  “I’ll show you sorry you littl…!” Super Villain caught himself and yanked Ehud off him by his elbow, wrenching it just enough to show he was getting off easy. He deliberately let a dangerous edge slip into his voice. “You should be more careful around civilized people.”
                  “Haha yeah, I…” Whatever bravado he might have had completely failed him. He bolted to his feet unsteadily, trying not to rub his sore arm. “should…be more careful, yes…I’ll so be more careful, in fact I…”
                  He buried both hands in his jacket pockets, ducked between his shoulders and bit his lip. “More careful…yes, I, definitely…right…”
                  “The door.” Miss Murder reminded stiffly, hefting her very scary gun. The door. Yes. Because they needed a guinea pig to see if there’s any monsters outside. This would not be the first time or the worst time he was bullied into something completely life threatening.
                  There was another thud that seemed to get a little louder.
                  “Um…what if I die?” He half raised his hand like a peeved schoolboy. She motioned to the door unsympathetically.
                  “You-” she said to the Super Villain “over there so I can keep my sights on both of you.”
                  Sir Fairy was ignored in this equation as long as he didn’t get too close. The best way to avoid being forced into something when you happen to be small and insignificant was to make sure nobody noticed you. Which was unfortunate when you happen to be small, insignificant and very talkative.
                  “This isn’t fair,” grumbled Ehud at a careful distance from Miss Murder, but he was pretty sure nobody would kill him yet because they didn’t want to go out there. “when did we become so greedy and ruthless the weakest members of the group are always singled out for the most unconstitutionally cruddy jobs? This is why the world is down on the gutters in our day and age! Everybody’s selfish stupid notions over everybody’s needs, this is why-!”
                  “NOW, nimrod!”
                  He jumped and tried to glower at her but he couldn’t even manage to look malicious…more like vaguely frustrated or maybe somewhat indignant. Peering at the crack of the door, he stuffed a hand in his pocket and tried to muster some fragment of courage.
                  “Do I at least get a last meal?” His only reply was another threatening glare. So he warily cracked open the library door, expecting something to jump out at any moment. The fairy decided to hover over him which wasn’t all that helpful.
                  The other side was a hallway lit with blue phosphorous letters across all the walls even the floor. Ehud flipped open his Swiss army knife, just in case (as if it would do any good). Thud! Sentences across the walls shook harshly and he yelped. From the half-open door he could hear Miss Murder instinctively jerk her gun to the ready.
                  “What’s out there?!”
                  “Uhhh…” Ehud wiped his forehead with the sleeve of his jacket “I don’t really know…”
                  She slapped the door open impatiently and motioned Super Villain ahead of her, not that he entirely complied because for a couple seconds everyone stared at the florescent words.
                  “I’m gonna touch it.” Ehud said finally
                  “No you won’-”
                  Too late. The whole wall flared sharp as if preparing to rip open so Ehud jumped back dropping his pocketknife. Only a couple words etched on the wall were legible.
                  “…quest…test the trespasse-is that us?” For reply the entire hall broke apart and that was the last thing any of them remembered.

                  (so…*sheepish grin* I guess now they’re seperated:) I wasn’t sure who wanted to be with who so it’s all the same to me. I was figuring maybe Colma’s kidnapped by the castle and they have to go on this big quest to rescue her and when @mischievous-thwapling returns she can (…wait, are you a boy or a girl? I think you’re a girl but you could be a boy this whole time and I have no idea!) have Colma rescue herself and they went on that quest for nothing but character development?
                  Or they appear at the fountain area thingy and it’s like a pool of small memories that affected them and the castle starts layering its magic terrain for them to be tempted by their deepest desires and fears and blah blah blah big character depth drive? (It sounds much dumber when I’m writing it as opposed to when I’m just writing it)
                  Or I might have overdone it and y’all should ignore this post? (If so, I wouldn’t be the slightest bit offended. I think I overdid it. I’m gonna go hide behind my desk now:) (but seriously, I just wrote this cos it was the first dumb thing that popped into my head to forward the story; I would be so happy if somebody else had a better idea:D))

                  Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage


                    oh, what’s New Hope?! (man that sounds neat!)

                    Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

                    Wingiby Iggiby


                      Let me just say, no matter how dumb you think that is, it was HYSTERICAL!! Mr Look-At-My-Fabulous-Muscles Villain I am especially fond of, and the fact that you included the fact that the weakest is used for the test.

                      Now, of your two suggestions, I think I like the second. I don’t really see Ahab trying to rescue Colma, unless he was basically forced to because he couldn’t get anywhere else and was stuck with them. 😛 He’s not a total meanie; he loves certain people who are close to him. Right now, though, the only person who comes to mind is his wife. Guess he doesn’t have a long list of friends, lol. But actually, on second thought, going to rescue Colma when she doesn’t need it sounds like a lot of fun! I’ll let y’all decide. I have a hard time deciding things, if you couldn’t tell. I’ll go through long explanations just to say “I don’t know.”

                      But maybe, to start it out, after they all wake up from the startling wall (which was such a cool idea, BTW), they could realize they were slowly going to be squished to death. I don’t know why I’m so hung up on this idea, but maybe it’s because I have a vague idea as to how my character is going to react. I probably need to get out of my comfort zone, XD

                      And A New Hope is Episode Four of STAR WARS. 😉 I love Episodes 1 thorough 6, although I find the original trilogy is my fav. 😀

                      Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson


                        ooooh, you mean the trash compactor they got stuck in in the Death Star (i shoulda remembered the durn title :P)?
                        also, please do NOT tell me in one sentence what you can drag out for a whole paragraph i LOVE detailed explanations, it’s my weird thing. i’m all for nearly crushing everybody, that’ll be fun!

                        Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

                        Rusted Knight

                          Allen watched the boy walk toward the door.

                          “Do I at least get a last meal?”

                          The woman only glared. This wasn’t right. A fighter should led the way. He drew his sword and flew forward. He might not be much but his size would make him harder to notice.

                          The door opened. Using his magic, Allen reach out and began to search. Something was emitting magic on a massive scale. Way bigger than a troll class beast. It might be a challenge. Allen grinned. A powerful foe. A fight he could enjoy. If he could figure out what is was.

                          “What’s out there?!”

                          “Uhhh… I don’t really know…”

                          The others pushed forward. Except for the axe user. She was still out like a light. Allen quickly cast a shielding spell over her. If something was about to attack, it might target her first. The shield would protect her from one hit but not a second.

                          “I’m gonna touch it.”

                          Touch what? Allen turned around.

                          “No you won’-”

                          There was a surge in the magic power. Mage attack! Allen quickly shielded mentally. The attacking spell was crushing. It meant to knock him out and fast. Allen wanted to protect the others but it took all he had just to protect himself. Why a mage? Couldn’t it be something simpler. Suddenly, the attack broke through.

                          “Too strong.” said Allen as he passed out.

                          The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen

                          Wingiby Iggiby


                            Yes! The trash compactor! I just couldn’t remember what it was called… And I get the long explanations! Sometimes it’s fun just to hear them, like (sorry, I just HAVE too) when Vizzini in The Princess Bride couldn’t make up his mind, lol 😛

                            And I know! Why does crushing things always appeal to me? Unless it’s a large bug or snail, ewww….


                            I just wanted to say how much I love how little Allen wants to protect everybody! Sorry, but I can’t help but to think it’s cute since he’s a tiny little fairy with a sword. 😀



                            Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                            Wingiby Iggiby

                              Ahab was knocked out quicker than he’d expected, if he’d been expecting it, that is. He had watched as the fluorescent lettered wall shattered in a blue flame. It was mesmerizing, and then all went quite black. Only a few times in his life had he ever been knocked out cold:

                              1. When that bully Briminy Hinge at the play-ground at school had conked him on the head with a rock because he wouldn’t join in on taunting little Freddy, who was slower than most; although it wasn’t his fault.

                              2. One of his fights with another competing general where he got hit in the head with the flat of a sword — he was not as skilled then.

                              3. And then now.

                              And let’s just say he didn’t feel all too well when he woke up. And when he woke up, it didn’t help that he was buried in a pile of books. They smelled of dust and old pages; that musty scent you get when you sniff a book that’s older than you are. And many of them were probably much older than he was. But when you’re in danger, you don’t pay much respect to your elders.

                              Ahab jabbed up an arm, and his fist appeared above the pile of books. Good, it wasn’t too deep. But they were heavy. Then he heaved his other arm out and heard a muffled “ouch!” He didn’t bother to see who the voice belonged to, but instead with a great effort managed to sit up. The heavy volumes tumbled off of him and into his lap, the top title reading “Thought You Lost Me, Didn’t You?”

                              Ok…. Ahab stood up and balanced wobbly on the unsteady mound. He saw Miss Gun Girl picking her way gingerly through the books, but the others were nowhere to be seen, although somewhere at his feet he thought he heard some muttered curses of varying degrees. He was careful not to step there.

                              The lady looked at him angrily, as if he had been the cause of– whatever had happened. Ahab waved her off and turned away. He wasn’t interested in killing her at the moment. Just in the door, and wherever it might lead. He chose his footsteps carefully, walking on “Dictionary for Everything You Don’t Need to Know,” “Gross Facts: Did You Know Sea Cucumbers Spit Out Their Guts?” and “The World is Round — It Really Is, but No One Believed Me.” ‘It must be the science section,’ he thought. He would check that out later.

                              The room was the same, except that all the books had tumbled off of the shelves and onto the floor, and that the shelved walls were creaking and slowly moving inwards. And that the door was gone. Oh yes, everything was quite normal and serene.

                              Ahab stopped by the wall where the hinged slab of wood was supposed to be. He stood there, contemplating the situation and running through every spec of knowledge he had ever gained in his forty years, because he had just realized what had happened. And it wasn’t good. In fact, it was really bad.

                              Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                              Wingiby Iggiby

                                And I forgot to say the reason Ahab was moving for the door was because he figured now was a good time to get away from all the others and to find a way out while a stun-stick wasn’t being jabbed in his chest 😉

                                Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

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