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    Mischievous Thwapling


      Thank you! And I know! I really want to write with you guys soon; and you didn’t come off as pressure-y at all ! 😛

      And I get what you mean about Ahab trying to save his own skin; Colma is exactly the same way.

      But I LOVED YOUR POST soooo much!! It literally made me laugh XD

      And I feel like I could write a post where Colma wakes up, but it might  be hard for me to write follow-up ones… But I think I will have her wake up then just write short ones after that… If that works for everyone. 😉

      "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

      Mischievous Thwapling

        Oops, forgot to answer Cathy!


        Lol, yes, I’m a girl 😛

        Both of those ideas are AWESOME!! I think the fountain thing sounds cool, but I’m good with both. 😀 Also, is Colma separated from everyone else? I wasn’t sure when the blue wall thingy happened if it separated Colma. 🙂

        "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

        Wingiby Iggiby


          Thank you! I’m glad I didn’t sound like that 😉

          He he! Thx! I just have a hard time writing sternly, if you get what I mean 😛

          Sure! You can have her wake up! It doesn’t matter how long or short your posts are — I’ll still read ’em 😉

          Um, I know I’m not Cathy, but I don’t think they got separated. I might be wrong though, so in that case don’t listen to me.

          And I sound like I just keep skipping tracks, don’t I?

          Oh, and @this-is-not-an-alien , in case you were wondering, I’m a gal. You’re one too, right? If I’m mistaken, I am dreadfully sorry 😛



          Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

          Rainy Emily

          Erin tried to fight the unconsciousness, but it overpowered her rapidly.

          She knew what it was like to pass out. The Kollectorian Academy had a grueling routine for its military trainees. More than once she had been ambushed, pushed off a building, and been smashed into countless walls, pavements, and armored individuals.

          Sometimes she wondered how she was still alive. Thankfully the Academy had a large medical branch.

          And then she was awake. And surrounded by…ancient learning material? Also knows as books, which she had only seen in Kami’s palace.

          Erin stood up and gingerly started making her way through the room over scattered books. She frowned savagely when she saw Mr. Mountain and no one else.

          She stood in the middle of the room and put her hands on her hips. “Well, now what?”

          Ten million fireflies


            @wingiby-iggiby yes, i’m a gal too and i’m crazy and quite proud of it 🙂 So i guess my big brother is the only one among us who isn’t a girl (@millennium is a girl right?)
            i also like how you answer by jumping from topic question to topic question
            it be like how i talk
            constantly 🙂

            Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

            Rusted Knight

              Allen woke up. The fall had dazed him a bit. It was dark around him now. Reaching down, he opened the will o wisp lantern. He was inside a book. More appropriately, the book had fallen halfway open forming an unfinished “A”. Standing Allen found his sword. Glad he hadn’t fallen on the blade. Sheaving it, he adjusted the bandolier until it felt good.

              Now, how many books were over him? More than a few were around the one he was in. Both sides were an option to leave. Allen chose right. Maybe it would have better luck.

              Crawling between books, Allen made a general path upward. More than a few times he had to turn back from dead ends. He dared not use magic because he did not know how much was above him.

              “Well, now what?”

              It was the woman with the gun. Allen made his way in that direction. At least one person was still around. Finding an opening, he folded his wings as tight as he could and squeezed through. The woman and swordsman were out from under the books. Still no sign of the other two. Allen hoped the shield spell was still holding on the girl.

              “Well, ‘Lord of the castle’ care to explain that one?” Allen quipped.

              The Devil saw me with my head down and got excited. Then I said Amen


                waitwaitwait, what IS The Princess Bride about cos i have heard so many funny quotes from that but i have no idea what it’s about

                Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

                Rainy Emily


                Yeah, I’m a girl too. 😜

                Ten million fireflies

                Wingiby Iggiby


                  Ha ha! Me too 😛

                  So rusted knight is your brother?

                  And yes! Here I am still jumping!

                  The Princess Bride is a movie based off a book, but I have only watched the movie. It is the BEST! You need to see it.

                  Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                  Wingiby Iggiby

                    Ahab was getting more irritated with himself by the second. He had let himself be conked out. A wonderful decision in the first place, and now the castle was trying to make him into a human flapjack; he, most powerful of all Mongrels — or so he thought.

                    After being out cold two times before, Ahab had vowed he would never let it happen again. Too much could transpire while he lay on a floor, and as far as he knew he could’ve been dead already. However, he was still alive — but probably not for long.

                    “Well, now what?” said a sassy voice.

                    The snooty-stun-gun-girl-with-the-attitude apparently still thought it was his fault. Oh, right… Technically it was, since he was supposed to be Lord of the Castle. But he had said the castle was lord of him, so therefore it was the castle’s fault. But maybe he had irritated it? Surely saying the castle was lord of him wouldn’t have done it. But maybe it had. Maybe the castle didn’t like responsibility, and that would explain it’s toddler-like tantrum.

                    “Wait,” Ahab muttered to himself. “That can’t be right. A toddler castle. Ha.”

                    He shook his head to clear it. That bump had probably done more harm than good. Whatever had happened to displease the giant mess of stone, it wasn’t going good for him. There wasn’t even a curtain rod to brace the moving shelving units with. The windows were gone.

                    Smart toddler.

                    “So…. WHAT DO WE DO?”

                    And then: ““Well, ‘Lord of the castle,’ care to explain that one?”

                    The lady stood arms akimbo, waiting for him to answer, and the little gnat had apparently been resurrected. Ahab just smiled — although he had wished they all might have perished already. He thought of replying, “we die,” but that probably wouldn’t go over well. Instead he picked up a book on “Tricks for Anything You Need Right Now” and said, “you’d better start reading. Your life depends on it.” He figured he had an answer if they asked why, since he was the lord, he couldn’t command the castle to stop, but he didn’t feel like answering questions when his life was in danger.

                    In fact, he was dangerously calm right now. It was taking all he had to think straight so he could at least try to get out of this mess.

                    The lady huffed, but he tuned her out. He heard a faint buzzing and hoped the gnat wouldn’t fly into his ear. He needed to concentrate. At least the castle didn’t seem in a hurry to squish them, and the room was large. It probably liked to see them suffer.

                    But Ahab would only show it in-difference, although his heart was racing like a mad horse–

                    Wait. Why was he thinking about the castle like that? It was just a hunk of dead, cold stone that had no feeling at all.

                    Or did it?

                    Hey, angel, your horns are sticking up. -- Andrew Peterson

                    Mischievous Thwapling

                      Sorry it took me so long but here it is!


                      Colma, coming to, attempted to open her eyes, but they felt as heavy as lead.  All her limbs had lost feeling.  She struggled to recall where she was, and what had happened.  It felt like something hard and angular was covering her and poking her back.

                      Suddenly, she remembered:  the strange library, Mr. Giant, Fly Guy, and Couch Dude.  And the lady who had just tried to kill her.  At this thought, Colma tried to glower, but her face was still numb.  In consequence, her face was frozen mid-frown, so it looked like she was constipated.   That hadn’t been a fair fight.  If had been a honorable, traditional fight, Colma was sure she would’ve  beaten her easily.

                      She forced her eyes open, and was surprised to find herself buried beneath books.

                      Books? she marveled.  This day just kept getting weirder and weirder.

                      Argumentative, muffled voices sounded from across the room.  Colma stiffened,  easily guessing who they were.

                      She tried to sit up and pushed books off of her.  Colma cursed as one slapped her in the face.  Her head broke through the top of the pile and she deeply breathed in the fresh air.

                      On the other side of the room, Fly Guy, Mr. Giant, and Lady-With-The-Killer-Stick stood, appearing to be disagreeing.  There was no sign of Couch Dude.

                      Colma narrowed her eyes.  How much she would love to slit every one of their throats.  Especially Stick Lady.  Colma felt extremely threatened and unsafe with these people.

                      Silently, she stood up, books tumbling off of her. The room spun as she did so.  Whatever Stick Lady had done to her, it was making Colma woozy.  Her knees wobbled.  She held still until her head stopped spinning, then surveyed her surroundings.  Colma stared in wonder at the little packages of literature scattered across the floor.  They were everywhere, all jumbled in piles as if they had been pushed off the shelves, and, while Colma had no idea how, she figured someone must’ve.  After all, how else would the books be off the shelves?  But that wasn’t why Colma was awed.  In her country, books were only for the rich; normal civilians never even had access to one, so most were illiterate.

                      Colma knelt down and picked up a deep maroon colored book, with golden vines creeping up the sides.  She flipped through it and stared longingly at the tangle of gibberish on the page.  How she yearned to be able to read it!  She caressed the page and felt the smoothness of the paper, gawking at the book like it was made of solid gold.

                      Quickly, she snapped it shut, and shook herself out of her daze.  What was she doing?!  People who she had deemed her enemies were no more than twenty feet away and she was pouring over a stupid bundle of nonsense?  Colma mentally kicked herself.  At least they hadn’t noticed her.

                      She was about to untie her axe from her back, but paused, her eyes widening. Were the walls moving?  Closing in?  How had she not noticed before?  Instantly, Colma’s familiar sense of claustrophobia sunk in, and her breath came in shallow gasps.  They were going to be squished like bugs.

                      No, Colma thought.  She had to keep her head.  She started to resume grabbing her weapon, but stopped again.  If she killed these people, could she find a way out alone?  There were no windows, or doors, or any exits.  Colma always preferred figuring things out by herself, but would she make it out alive this time? Already the walls were getting uncomfortably close.  But these people could pose an extra threat.  Yet they weren’t attacking each other.

                      Colma made a split second decision.  She pulled her axe from her back and gripped it tightly.  Sprinting across the room, Colma leapt at a wall, and hacked at it furiously, trying to make a hole they could escape through.


                      (I know that Erin wasn’t trying to actually kill Colma, and Colma’s not a better fighter etc., that’s just how she thinks 😉 So sorry if it came across bad)

                      "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

                      Mischievous Thwapling

                        Typo alert!

                        *If it had been an honorable, fair fight…..


                        "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf

                        Mischievous Thwapling

                          I also forgot to say that Colma tucked the maroon colored book into her coat before running across the room and “attacking” the wall XD

                          "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails and the moon walks." ~Gandalf


                            Oh, quick question; what’s everyone got in their pockets cos Ehud’s a kleptomaniac and their compulsively stealing things is commonly an anxiety response so…:)

                            Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage


                              Ehud wormed his way out of a pile of books, who would’ve thought all these beautiful books he didn’t have time to read could really bruise every inch of you? Kinda like that bully from sixth grade after he put a king snake in his lunchbox (it wasn’t poisonous, Ehud just wanted him to leave him alone for a couple days at least). Did he drop out or get expelled? Right now he couldn’t remember. He tried to catch his bearing grabbing hold of the first thing that came to hand. Which happened to be a stack of books that promptly fell on him.
                              “Oww! Oh look, Gross Facts; What You Don-Hey, didja know that lye is acidic enough to hide a body! It’s used in soap and–” He held up his index finger and paused dramatically “–PRETZELS!”
                              Staggering to his feet while opening the book and trying to read, Ehud tripped over several other books and nearly landed face first on the ground again. He couldn’t see Miss Murder right now, which was a real relief. Sir Big Bad Viking was snooping off and that didn’t sound like such a bad idea right now.
                              “Well, now what?!” Darn, that was Miss Murder right behind him. They were still ready to kill each other. But nobody had noticed him yet so that was…great
                              “I’m starving.” Ehud scooped up a pile of books, talking to himself under his breath and promptly began to build himself a nest out of these books “Didja know whales can vibrate you to death? Caffeine is the most deadly poison ever for animals.
                              “Erasers slowly sacrifice their lives to atone for your mistakes. Schools are socially acceptable kiddy slave camps. Victor Hugo wrote Les Miserables to spite his dad cos he hated math so mu-Um, are the walls moving???”

                              Don't let the voices in your head drive you insane;only some of them can drive; most are underage

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