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We help Christian writers enthrall readers with honest storytelling that depicts both beauty & brokenness.

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Do Your Stories Captivate Readers?

With each word you type, you have the opportunity to impact the world for Christ.

Unfortunately, writing clichéd or heavy-handed novels is so easy that you may not even realize you’re failing to move readers.

What if you could find a more effective approach to crafting stories as a Christian?

The Story Embers Principles

Writing Is a Craft

Five-star stories don’t happen overnight. You don’t need get-rich-quick schemes shoved in your face. You need training and support that sets you up for the long haul.

Storytelling Must Be Genuine

Novels should be about more than a faith-based message. Storytellers honor God by imitating the way He tells stories, not by bland sermonizing.


Quality Matters

You don’t need beginner’s advice you’ve read on a dozen other blogs. We put every article we publish through intensive edits to give you comprehensive advice on niche topics.

Our Process for Helping Storytellers

Step #1: Diagnose Your Biggest Weakness & Get Resources to Overcome It

When you don’t know where to focus your energy, improving your storytelling can be difficult. That’s why we created the Writing Weakness Quiz. It identifies which area of writing you struggle with the most and then matches you with resources designed to help you strengthen that skill.

Meet Your Guides

We’re a group of outside-the-box thinkers who want to help you ask tough questions through stories that are rich with meaning.

Josiah DeGraaf

Josiah DeGraaf

Summit & Marketing Director

Director of The Young Writer’s Workshop
Founder of Ink Slinger Academy

Brianna Storm Hilvety

Brianna Storm Hilvety

Blog & Graphics Director

Certified by the Christian Editor Connection
Gold Member of The Christian PEN

Daeus Lamb

Daeus Lamb

Outreach Director

Author of God of Manna
Founder of Excelsior Writing School

Mariposa Aristeo

Mariposa Aristeo

Public Relations Director

ACFW First Impressions Finalist
Children’s Book Illustrator

Step #2: Join Our Commitment to Excellent Storytelling

Shortly after founding the site, we published the Christian Storytellers Manifesto in order to…

  • Declare our resolve to aim for excellence instead of being content with subpar literature.
  • Offer a different perspective on the standard we should use to judge our proficiency as storytellers.
  • Unite like-minded writers to support each other and elevate the quality of Christian fiction.

Join the movement by reading our 15 resolutions and signing the Christian Storytellers Manifesto today.

Step #3: Grow Weekly through the Blog

Every Monday, we publish an article that discusses the intersection of faith & fiction, how to cultivate effective writing habits, or other advice that helps Christian storytellers like you hone your creative gifts. Below are a few of our recent posts.

Podcast #58: Make Your Writing Goals for 2023

Podcast #58: Make Your Writing Goals for 2023

Do you want to supercharge your writing habits during the new year? In today’s episode, Daeus, Hope, and Gabby give their top tips for setting writing goals that will help you maintain a consistent schedule no matter how busy your life is. Listen to their conversation...

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Don’t Settle for Second-Rate Storytelling

We’re not here to tell you that great storytelling is effortless or that one weird trick will solve all your problems (it won’t).

Instead, we’re here to equip you with weekly training and support so you can write stories that make a difference.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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