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Five Reasons You Should Stop Writing

Five Reasons You Should Stop Writing

We’ve all been struck by writer’s block at one point or another. We lament the shortage of words and wait impatiently for inspiration to return. But even when we’re unable to make progress on a project, most of us would rather die than voluntarily set down our pens. We bravely forge through any and all problems, determined to meet our goals.

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The Seeds of Forget-Me-Nots

“Home,” Asher’s escort said, handing him a set of keys. He splayed the keys out in his palm. Which one? But his escort had already returned to the car and started the engine. Asher tested several keys in the lock before one turned. The door creaked as he pushed it open. He cringed at the noise. But why did it bother him?

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“Please read me!” Hardcover whispered as the top of a brown-haired head paused in front of his shelf. Though he knew humans couldn’t hear him, he repeated the plea over and over. Fingers crept toward him, creating a trail in the dust. If Hardcover had lungs, he would have held his breath. Just a couple more inches…

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People call her strong, and when she speaks, thunder roars. From her heart flows a downpour that drowns and overwhelms many a landscape. But within the churning clouds hides a gentle flicker of light, each flash and each vein a memory of past hurts and triumphs that must be guarded.

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