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A Surge of Senses

We strung up lights and put stars in the sky, and she held me as we danced over rain-kissed earth. I listened as the voices that calmed me most sang our favorite lines in breathless whispers. We ran into wet grass with fingers intertwined, and the sky’s contented tears ran with my own.

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Kiss the Ceiling

Though I don’t sing or listen to “Empress” often, it has long been one of my favorite songs by The Arcadian Wild. The lyrics convey a message dear to my soul: that life is a fleeting, painful, and unspeakably beautiful experience.

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How to Use Details in Action Sequences

“Be specific,” they say. “It will help your story,” they say. This is good advice, but it’s not always true. “Be specific” does not mean “be specific with every word you write.” The wrong kind of details won’t help, especially in action sequences. Painting a vivid image is all about balance.

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Six Tips for Writing Grief Realistically

One of my biggest complaints with fiction is how writers handle grief. While slightly exaggerated, the above scene is similar to ones I’ve read in many published books. Grief is often treated in a farcical and clichéd manner as if it isn’t a struggle.

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Evening Palms

One disadvantage of being an artist is that I can’t always set up my easel in the middle of the sidewalk just because I saw something picturesque. But I have a friend who habitually lugs around a camera, and more than once she has captured a breathtaking moment that I knew I had to duplicate on canvas.

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Three Powers of Personification

When you take the leap and attempt writing poetry, you’ll find a multitude of tools at your disposal. Some are self-explanatory, some are surprising, and some are downright strange. All you need is practice. You can arrange rhyme, metaphor, and simile in a variety of combinations to wreak havoc with language.

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