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    “None of your business birdbrain. And if you don’t meet me saying, you look like a friendless emo who has a parrot as a best friend.” She smirked.

    LOLLLL!!! That’s HILARIOUS I actually laughed out loud XD

    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?



    I left my fake smile right where it was. What else could I do? I barely knew Cal. We had never been introduced, I’d only heard of her secondhand, though Athena, who had been less than flattering in her description.

    I would just give her the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps she hadn’t meant to hurt me.

    I just wanted to leave. Cal was picking a fight with Lorcan, and though he was keeping his temper admirably, I could tell he was becoming more and more annoyed. I couldn’t blame him.

    I needed to say something, I couldn’t just stand here.

    As soon as there was a lull in the insults, I said, brightly,

    “I like your hair, it’s a really pretty color.”

    Cal looked like she’d been formulating another insult, but she froze, then scowled at me. I smiled awkwardly. It was. It suited her.

    “Thank you?” she said, uncertainly, as though she was trying to discover my ulterior motive. My smile cleared up again.

    My gaze drifted off toward the center of the room. A man stood there, trying to shake shards of glass out of his hands. I still had splinters stuck in mine, but his looked worse.

    I hurried over, leaving Cal and Lorcan to their fight.

    The man’s clothes were fancy, but he mostly just looked confused. I could relate to that.

    “Hi, I’m Ophelia! That looks like it hurts,” I said, gesturing to his hands.

    He looked up, confusion completely taking over his expression. He stared at me as though he didn’t quite know what to make of me, then seemed to reach a conclusion and bowed.

    I giggled, I liked him already. I dipped into a reverence like I would after a performance or to my teacher.

    “And I’m Alaric. It’ll be fine,” he said, hiding his hands by his back. He looked awkward in the whole situation. I had to find some way to put him at ease.

    “It’s awfully unfortunate isn’t it, it’s a nasty place to land,” I said, desperately forcing the niceties.

    A girl in a long lab coat hurried up to us and gave us a smile that appeared friendly, but distracted.

    A tall blonde stood behind her, arms crossed, expression judgemental.

    “Hello. I heard you shouting, but I didn’t catch your name. What is it? And you, too?”

    The man hesitated, unsure whether it was safe to give his name. I’d already given mine, so why not do it again?

    “I’m Ophelia!” I said, right as Alaric said,

    “Prince Alaric of Reantare, lady —?”

    “Rosemary,” the girl replied.

    I cocked my head. He was a prince? I’d never heard of him, nor of Reantare. I supposed that meant he wasn’t really a prince, but I didn’t care. If he liked the idea, I was more than happy to play along, it made no difference to me.

    The other girl’s eyebrows quirked, with the slightest smile. She was amused at something.

    As soon as I was sure neither of them were looking at me, I glanced over them. Rosemary was definitely wearing a lab coat. Another odd detail caught my attention. Jade stood with her feet turned out, but didn’t seem aware of the fact. I tilted my head. Was she a dancer as well? She must have been doing it for a while to start doing it naturally.

    I did the same thing, Athena had once pointed out that she always recognized my classmates because so many dancers developed that habit.

    “And you too, Ophelia!” Rosemary said.

    I instantly tried to look as though I’d been listening. How were you supposed to do that anyway? What did people look like when they’d been listening? I settled on a compromise and nodded.

    She took Alaric’s hand and picked out the glass splinters, giving him an admonition about how infection was a problem. I grinned, he looked so sheepish listening to the lecture.

    I only had a few splinters stuck, but Rosemary managed it quickly and without much trouble.

    “Thanks,” I said, cheerily.

    Two people hurried in from one of the darker corners of the room. Both were tall, a brunette woman who resembled Athena and a man who seemed to have pink hair. Was that just a trick of the light?

    “Whoa there,” the man said, stopping short. The woman almost ran into him and shot him a withering look, then glanced back at us, half assessing, half worried.

    I understood their worry, and it was awful to feel worried. I had to find some way to reassure them. I waved, which appeared to baffle both of them.

    “Get back!” Someone called, the sound echoing across the room. “Everyone get back! Out! Get out of the room!”

    Where to?

    I didn’t want to risk it, I stepped back, not quite running but definitely backing away from the call.

    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?



    Lorcan looked back at Ophelia, who had turned even pinker than her top. I couldn’t help a smile.

    “Aren’t you being a wee bit harsh on her?”

    “She has more than enough people to flatter her, I won’t be one of them,” I said.

    Lorcan didn’t seem appeased by that answer, but that was just because he hadn’t seen the little social butterfly flitting between her adoring crowd, the stuck-up princess of cloud-cuckoo-land.

    “I don’t know who you are. But I can tell by your crazy hair color that you’re someone who likes unnecessary attention. By any chance, is it ‘I will throw a tantrum’ day? Oh dear, I must have missed it.”

    Oh, now he was going too far. I placed my hands on my hips and glared up at him. I had gotten good at glaring up at people. I spent a lot of time doing it.

    In reality, I’d dyed my hair because I knew how much my parents would hate it. I considered it an excellent reason.

    I grinned, trying to imitate Ophelia’s saccharine smile.

    “Didn’t you receive the invitation? I suppose they decided you’d ruin it so they couldn’t let you attend. I can’t say I blame them.”

    “And what’s with the indigo colour? Couldn’t go with a less crazy shade? Or was that your only option?” Lorcan decided, apparently deciding my hair color was something he could pick on.

    I gritted my teeth, not so much at the insult as the reason behind it. He wanted to humiliate me, he wanted me to fade into the background, to become like everyone else. I wouldn’t. If the price of being myself was loneliness, so was it. I’d never been at home in any crowd.

    “Well, I have been thinking about going back to green, but I try not to take fashion advice from someone who looks like an emo with a parrot as his only friend,” I bit back.

    “I suppose that was meant as an insult. Except I have absolutely no clue what an emo is.” Lorcan said, entirely unimpressed.

    I covered my mouth with my hand in an exaggerated motion of shock.

    “No, you managed to pick up that it was an insult? If you keep practicing you might be able to do it more often,” I said, sarcasm dripping off my voice.

    I realized Ophelia was no longer standing next to us. I glanced over and noticed her talking to a man and two girls.

    Good, at least she wasn’t my problem anymore.

    What had that comment about my hair been? Why had she complimented me without following it up with sarcasm or a cutting remark? Girls like her and Ophelia were allergic to anyone different from them, and they couldn’t stand anyone who wasn’t influenced by them.

    Then why had she seemed genuine? I couldn’t understand it. That girl was odd.



    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

    Emily Waldorf


    Before either of them could say anything else, someone in a white coat hurried up. Another person he couldn’t place. Nobody here looked like they did in Reantare.

    “I heard you shouting, but I didn’t catch a name.”

    Alaric winced. I was shouting alright. At your friend.

    “Alaric. Prince of Reantare but Jade tells me that doesn’t matter here.” Jade rolled her eyes. He wished he hadn’t said that, but his name sounded so unfamiliar when he used it without the title.

    Ophelia’s eyes widened. Jade’s narrowed. Rosemary looked at the hand he had let slip to his side again. “What’s that?” she almost barked.

    “Nothing, just some glass on the floor.”

    She grabbed his wrists and turned them so his palms faced her, then pulled out a strange-looking tool and began picking the bits of glass off. Alaric tried not to wince. when she was finished he looked at his hands, wishing he didn’t have to wipe the blood off on his trousers, then he gave an internal shrug and did it anyway.

    He watched idly as Rosemary turned to Ophelia and started picking the glass out of her hands and wondered what had happened to his book on the economics of Reantare in the second age, with a focus on the reign of King Osric I.

    Suddenly an unfamiliar voice boomed across the room. “Everyone get back! Out! Get out of the room!” Alaric looked around for a reason first, and then place to go.  The reason was the largest swarm of insects he had ever seen, obviously hostile, and the place was…

    all the walls were draped in shadow, but halfway up one of them he saw a doorway. The climb to it was almost vertical, but there were footholds. Ophelia had taken a step back, but looked uncertain. Rosemary appeared not to have heard, but Jade was looking skeptical.

    “Up there.” Alaric pointed to the doorway. “Come one.”


    and @rose-colored-fancy I used both your characters. 🙂 E.N., I did change Alaric’s reaction to the lab coat a little, but it was a hilarious situation to think up, all the same.



    Don't cry for me, for I go where music is born ~J.S. Bach

    Emily Waldorf


    The girl didn’t say anything for a moment, and Avin wondered if he’d frightened her. Then she began talking. Slowly at first, but faster as her words sketched her home and family. Suddenly she stopped. He could see her grin sheepishly in the darkness.  “Sorry, I can go on and on when I start talking. It runs in the family.” she said.

    Avin shrugged and prepared to reply, but she asked, “So, what about you? Where would you want to be?”

    Avin smiled a little sadly, and something like guilt shot through him that his first answer wasn’t Home, like it should have been. What he called home now wasn’t what he used to call home. Now it was a mansion, with servants,  plenty to eat, and work he was still learning to like.

    Home as it used to be was a stand of fir trees, or the rocky streams in the mountain foothills, or a stretch of open prairie just northwest of the capitol. Or wherever Big Jack was. [Big Jack is Avin’s mentor].

    “Here is about as good as any place.” his voice was still quite, but it had become flat; almost hard. he suddenly seemed to realize it and tried again. “I like the woods too. I used to call them home, if you can believe that.”

    As Enydd was answering, a shout rang out through the room. “Everyone get back! Get out of the room!”

    Avin took the room at a glance. In the corner opposite him was a huge swarm of bugs, but he couldn’t see where they came from or what they were doing. All he could tell is that they were angry. Angry and numerous enough to kill.

    “I think we should go, Enydd.” His voice was still quite, but there was a note of urgency and command in it now that couldn’t be ignored.

    Enydd looked around. “Where?”

    The others were making for a door in the wall, but as he watched, the bugs swerved, moving after them. There wasn’t time to follow; they would be lucky if they made it in time. Then he saw it: a stream coating the wall behind her, coming from a crevice and a ledge. If they could reach that, the bugs wouldn’t be able to reach them.

    “There!” He ran toward her, eyes glued to the place.

    feel free to change anything, and we can draw out the conversation longer if that would be more desirable.


    Don't cry for me, for I go where music is born ~J.S. Bach

    E. N. Leonard

    😁 What a marvelous situation I have walked in on!


    Jade snapped her head from side to side. This was too familiar. Then she saw the threat: bugs of all things, but at least they weren’t Protectors, the Benevolents’ minions.

    “Up there,” said Alaric, gesturing toward a doorway up high on the wall. “Come on.”

    Jade assessed the room for other options. Two figures hastened through the dimness toward the unmistakable glimmer of water. A stream, it would be called. Not an option. Who knew how deep it was? And neither Jade nor Rosemary could actually swim, despite being fishers’ daughters. The Haven always sought to prevent drowning by making impossible rather than teaching folks to swim. None of the Haven’s safety precautions existed here.

    In that split second of thought, the chittering insects drew closer.

    “Fine!” she snapped. Her annoyance at the princling had melted away during Rosemary’s ministrations, but having to take orders from him sent it all surging back.

    ”I’ll go last,” said Rosemary. “If I fall, it’s best I’m on bottom.”

    Jade frowned and then nodded. Rosemary’s height would get her up the quickest, so long as she didn’t fall.

    ”Up you go,” Jade said to Ophelia, boosting her up with Alaric’s help. Ophelia clung to the rock wall, utter bewilderment in her eyes. Never had a girl looked so out of place.

    ”Well, keep going, silly!” said Jade.

    Whether Ophelia found reason or motivation, or some blessed bit of luck got her to move, up she went.

    ”Go next and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jade told Alaric.

    He looked like he was about to argue, but at the sound of a squeal from Ophelia he started up the wall. And still the flood of insects came ever closer. Jade focused on the rough handholds before her, drowning out their malicious clicking with the intensity of her focus. She tried to point them out to Rosemary, who followed her. Reach, grab. Bend arms, bend knees. Keep breathing. Up and up they went. Mara’s fear of heights wasn’t funny anymore.

    Suddenly a void opened up at Jade’s hands. The door! Alaric must have opened it and gotten inside with Ophelia. A pair of hands grabbed Jade’s arms and pulled her in over the rough stone ledge. She looked up, expecting Alaric. It was Lorcan.

    Before Jade could express any surprise, a squeak came from the wall. Jade flung herself toward the edge, hanging her arms down and reaching as far as she could toward Rosemary.

    ”Grab my hand!” she shouted over the clicking of insects that were far too close.

    A few eternal seconds passed before Rosemary’s sweaty hand clasped Jade’s. Jade pulled with all her might, no longer cursing the years of fishnets. At last she was over the threshold. Someone slammed the door shut. Now the only insects to worry about were those biting Rosemary. Thank goodness she’s got high pain tolerance. That Ophelia would probably be screaming.

    Jade, Alaric, Lorcan, and the indigo-haired girl started helping Rosemary squash the nasty bugs while Ophelia looked on in horror. Once they were all dead, Rosemary poked around in her pockets, likely searching for something to reduce the swelling.

    ”What did I tell ye about your stay?” asked Lorcan. “Ye might have expected worse, but I betch’ye didn’t expect that.”

    Jade snorted and then burst out laughing. That is, until a strange noise came from the door.

    “They’re eating it!” said Ophelia.

    She wasn’t wrong. Jade looked at Rosemary. If there was ever a time for her friend to blow something up, it was now.

    We are called to be lights in the cosmos.
    May your inkwells never run dry!



    “Your turn, Valencia!”  My stomach drops as I stare up the cliff.

    “I can’t.”

    “What do you mean you can’t?  You haven’t even tried it yet!”

    “I’m not strong enough.”  My voice fades to a barely audible murmur as a part of me dies inside.  I didn’t want Kit – or anyone for that matter – to know how weak I really am.

    “That’s alright.  I’ll just help you up!”  I duck away as he steps closer to me.

    “No.”  The word comes out sharp and strong, far stronger than I intended.  I don’t want you touching all over me.  He looks genuinely helpful for once, and I feel a little bit bad for snapping at him.  But I can feel myself getting really, really stressed, and I don’t need Kit making it worse.  I walk up to the cliff as cold panic seeps through my brain.  I lay a hand on a foothold, feeling the damp, rough stone beneath my fingertips. “I can do it myself.”

    I plant a foot on a spur of rock, testing it before I launch myself up.  I tentatively plant my other foot on a tiny outcropping, and before I know I’m already off the ground.  There’s a hole somewhere above me, and I dig my hand in as far as possible.  I lift myself a little further, feeling around for a hold somewhere below me.  This isn’t half as bad as I expected.

    I plant my foot on another outcropping, and in a split second my shoe slips on a slick of algae.  I freeze, a new wave of panic ricocheting through my veins.

    I can’t do this.

    I’m already too far up to jump, but I can’t find another foothold.  I’m stuck, in full view of everyone.  My face burns, and I crumple against the sharp rocks.  I can vaguely hear Kit down below – I think he’s trying to give me advice but he’s really just making the situation worse.  Blood thunders in my ears, pounding and echoing in my constricting chest.  I shrink away as a hand anchors around my arm, slowly dragging me up against the rocks with an iron grip.  Someone pulls me to me feet, but I hardly feel the ground beneath me.  My mind is numb with adrenaline.  I feel something soft and heavy deposited in my arms – Kit’s coat.   He must have passed it up before trying the climb himself.  I reel back as soon as my fingers close on a fold of soft fur, and stumble back against a sharp rock wall.

    The cold, dry air burns my nose.  It’s too much.  Too many sounds, too many smells, too many people.  The nauseating smell of putrefying algae in the stream, the dry scent of dust and old dirt hanging in the stale air, Kit’s vaguely botanical cologne wafting from the fur.  And somewhere behind me, the oscillating glow of a bobbing torch, and so many murky voices.

    My shoulders clench as my fingers drag through the fur – the same motion I’ve traced across my forearm so many times before.  I can’t even tell who’s yelling anymore – if they were even yelling to begin with.  The words drone on and on in the background, flattening and echoing in a feverish mess.

    I grip the fur tighter.  Even the soft fibers hurt now, burning and scraping at my fingertips like the most offensive of old carpets-

    I crumple at a sudden touch on my shoulder.  “It’s soft, isn’t it?”  Kit’s laugh pulses in my right ear, like a thousand gunshots pelting me from inside.  I clench my fists.  What do you want from me now, Kit?  He shrugs as I stare past him, a slimy grin plastered on his face.  “I thought you said you hated fur, but you sure were enjoying my coat just now- ”

    “Take it and leave.”  My face burns as I shove the coat at him.  I flinch back, stumbling away from Kit, away from the buzzing throng of people somewhere behind us, until I collapse against the stony wall.  I bury my chin in my knees, vaguely aware of Kit staring back at me from the bubbling crowd.

    I think he looks concerned, but I wish he’d just leave me alone.

    *laughs as one fey*

    Mr.Trip Williams

    (cheesy grin.) This is fun… Okay, I might change a few things up, but hopefully nothing too drastic. Gonna try to follow suite….


    (The Aemirok is a creature of myf – legendary, mythic fantasy creature from my character’s world – that I had previously introduced. It is pretty much a massive flying wolf. As tall as an elephant but slim as a wolf. It’s wings are literally capable of affecting the weather [example, in the book it causes an avalanche with its wings and also stirs up what amounts to a cyclone during a storm] and it can spit liquid ice that is actually a poison called creeping ice – Abirami does have an antidote for it)

    (The gippscolide is a massive, giant worm [also a creature of myf] – think worm from the movie Dune and it’s pretty close – it has no teeth but is so gigantic it can digest huge amounts of earth and has such high pressures in its digestive tract that it produces diamonds as excrement – I know, it’s gross, but kinda cool too. =)  Abirami can directly effect the size of the animal he transforms into, so instead of the full sized gippscolide, which could swallow a large house whole easy, he will transform into one small enough that it easily fits inside the room.)



    I ran across the room towards where the others were after screaming. Thankfully, a few of them heard me and were running toward the wall.

    Why not the door they had entered from? Oh well, perhaps common sense isn’t the same on other worlds.

    Upon reaching the wall they started climbing. Augmenting the bat’s echolocation, I let out a click. Ah. There was a door… in the middle of the wall, halfway up toward the ceiling… By the Maker, this place was the strangest… wait.

    Two others weren’t with the pack. They were running in the opposite direction, toward an opening in the floor against the far left wall. What were they doing?

    Even worse, there seemed to be another two people who weren’t moving at all. Looking back, the main head of the swarm was chasing after me and towards the larger group – not to mention the two oblivious barking agitants.

    “Run!” I screamed again, dropping my robe behind me. Running straight for the two, I continued to yell.

    Lorcan, I think his name was, completely ignored me. No wonder Ku didn’t like him. His ego seemed bigger than the sword he brandished about. I had felt sorry for what I did to him upon our first meeting, but now… what, was he deaf?

    The female he was arguing with looked at me condescendingly and with a cold stare that, for a second, I actually felt like I had done something wrong.

    “And why would I listen to a half-naked bimbo like-”

    The buzzing in my ear immediately redirected my thoughts from her commanding stare, and urgency, with a bit of anger, filled my chest. Augmenting the bear’s voice, I boomed over her objection, “MOVE!”

    Whether it was the excessive volume of my voice, or recognition of what was behind me, the woman’s face went pale, in sharp contrast to her pink hair – like a ghost that got dipped in cotton candy.

    Taking the augment of the bear one step further, I garnished its muscles, grabbed Lorcan by the back of his coat and flung him high up onto the wall.

    It was a gamble, but I was betting on his ego. It was big enough to catch him.

    Sure enough, Lorcan drew his sword mid-flight and thrust it into the wall before impact, using his upper body strength to keep him stable while he fumbled for grips along the climbing wall.

    Peppered dots began passing my periphery, and I knew I had no more time. Grabbing the pink-haired prima dona’s hands, I spun them around me, planting them onto my shoulders as I hefted her onto my back. Surprisingly, she moved ever so gracefully and clung so lightly that I barely felt her weight upon me.

    “Hold on tight,” I warned with a growl. “Things are going to get a bit bumpy.”

    Whatever she had been saying, or was saying, didn’t register.

    My vision blurred into darkness as the swarm began enveloping us. I could stand the stings and the bites, but I hoped the dainty lass upon my back could handle it. Just a second more.

    Transforming into the Aemirok, I bounded out of the stream of insects and skidded to a stop, turning around as I did. The girls screams were annoying, and she was pulling my fur way to hard, but it was more than I expected… at least she hadn’t fallen off. Thank the Maker!

    Facing the oncoming horde, I tapped into the reserve in took in a long breath, spitting the creeping ice at the oncoming hive in a long stream, temporarily encasing the area from ceiling to floor with ice. It wouldn’t hold for long, and I knew the bugs were smart enough to circumnavigate my antic, but it would at least be time enough for me to get this balding machine off my back!

    Lifting off with my wings, I flew toward the now open door in the middle of the wall. I grunted and strained to focus on the essence as pain erupted from my back. And I thought it she was bad enough on the ground! Amazing she didn’t fall off.

    Finally, I hovered just beside the door, and I could see Lorcan offer her a hand. I roared and about reared back to bite her as she stepped out onto my wing.

    My wing can’t hold your weight!

    Thankfully, Lorcan swung out, one hand holding the edge of the door, and caught her by the hand, using his momentum to swing her back, up, and into room behind him.

    I grinned. Ku may not like him, but at least one thing’s for him: he’s not incompetent.

    My energy was quickly waning, as it always did when transforming into creatures of myf. I had to find the last remaining two now. Even if they were corpses by now. But the people behind me weren’t closing the door! What were they doing?

    I had to choose. Stay and defend, or go on the chance of saving the last two.

    Oh, blast it all. If Lorcan and the others thought they could hold of the bugs, so be it. Their choice. Surely they can close a door on a bunch of insects should they need to.

    Giving one more blast of ice toward the oncoming black mass, I dove toward the last place I’d seen the remaining two people.

    Blackness enveloped me, and I couldn’t even see the end of my snout. A blast of ice from my maw didn’t seem to do anything. So I dropped out of the draining essence of the aemirok and augmented the skin of the crayfish. At least that would protect me from most of the insects.

    Dregging up the fleeting reserve of energy, I double augmented, calling upon the bat’s echolocation once more. It was the only viable choice in this bog of creeping blackness.

    The vision came of two bodies floating just under the floor along the wall’s edge. Such a weird vision. Apparently there was water over there in the crevice. However, just how long could they hold their breath?

    Racing over, I dove in. I opened my eyes, but berated my stupidity. Of course I still wouldn’t be able to see anything.

    Quickly, I tried to think of what could work. Within my arsenal of animals, what could help me out of this situation…

    I swallowed hard, dreading the plan that formulated. It wouldn’t be easy, but I couldn’t see any other way.

    I slowly sank to the bottom absent-mindedly as I brought all my focus toward my task. I didn’t even notice when I subconsciously augmented the gills of the varocudo.

    Small. Think… REALLY small…

    The essence slowly formed, and I felt the heat of transformation, then fire burning at my sides as I pressed hard against the sides of the crevice.

    Struggling to make room for my lungs to expand, I screamed inside my head, “Smaller!”

    The pressure finally loosening, I nearly blacked out from the effort and the focus. My energy was nearing its last. I had to make this quick.

    Slithering through the water, I opened my mouth as I felt the faint touch of physical objects before me. Swallowing them, then holding it open for  a bit longer, just in case – to make sure I had taken both of them in, I close my maw and jutted up out of the water.

    The bugs could do nothing to me in this form, and the gippscolide had no eyes to begin with, so I moved with purpose until my mouth hit the wall.

    “Larger now.”

    Slowly changing my size, I reared up my head and thrust it through the wall, hoping it was within the range of the room I needed it to be.

    Breaking through, I opened my mouth and emptied it of both water and whatever else I had caught up in it. Hopefully those two survivors…

    Transforming back into my bipedal form, I fell into the room, stumbled and rolled. Turning, I quickly augmented the creeping ice of the Aemirok. I was working on pure adrenaline now.

    Spitting it out, I covered the opening I had made with ice.

    With that done, I dropped the essence and about screamed in pain, except nothing came out.

    I had never augmented the Aemirok’s poisoned ice before. And now I wish I hadn’t. The ice was coating my throat, and my regular body couldn’t handle it. It was freezing up and spreading.

    Dropping to the floor, rolling around in anguish, I heaved heavily with each waning breath, my hands to  my throat, barely getting enough oxygen.

    With blurred sight, I could see some of the newcomers were either shying away or brandishing weapons, while Lorcan stood between them and me, his back to me and his hands out… was he protecting me?

    And a pair of dainty feet were running up to me too, but my vision blacked out soon after. I had to focus on fixing this. A surge of relief spread as my body augmented the remedy, spreading it throughout the damaged area.

    Whoever was hovering above me, it seemed as if they were really worried about me. Yelling and shaking me about, but I was just too tired. Letting it go, I slipped into unconsciousness.


    (Whew!!! That was fun! lol. Change anything you don’t like, but hopefully that is good for you guys…. lol. the scene where I throw Lorcan legit reminded me and seemed like it could have been a scene straight out of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. hahaha.)

    Christianity has not been tried and found wanting, it has been found difficult and left untried. ~ G.K.C.


    I WAS SUMMONED!!!!!!!!!!!


    I can’t help but think that Ehud and Kit would get along spectacularly, and by that I mean they’d burn the world down XD


    *Looks up from a tower of projects and assignments and glitter and bodies and glitterbombs*

    Well, I probably can’t do more than a walk through for a couple posts but that could be fun *miss writing Ehud’s POV…*

    *skims over Kit’s character description*

    Oh my. The world is going to die.

    That settles it! I’m in!! But just for a couple scenes XDDDDDD


    Ok I’ve only very briefly skimmed so anything that’s inaccurate just ignore 😉

    Ehud: age 16, ADHD, ENFP, kleptomaniac, favorite color pink, his voice sounds like Aang from Avatar the Last Airbend so INTRO OVER!!!!!!!!!!


    He never convinced them Lord Castle was real.

    Even Rosario who had “been there” denied any knowledge of it. Rather vehemently.

    So, he guessed it was just a wacky dream and, like a dream, it was already all but faded from his memory.

    But he still turned red every time he looked at Rosy. Dreaming he’d kissed her hadn’t helped him hide his crush so now he was hiding every time she came close. It was horrible, he couldn’t stop it. If he touched her he’d burst into a million pieces and explode.

    There was a weird smell on the stove. Of burning. From the eggs he was currently cooking at 3 am.

    With a yelp he dunked a cupful of kinda muddy water on the pan and it poofed into black smoke.

    Yeah, Rosario would’ve swatted his head for it and smirked. There was no way she’d ever be impressed by him, she was leagues ahead of him. She was…so…cool…

    Ehud’s cheeks were burning to the tips of his ears and he absently poked the burnt eggy mush and popped a bite into his mouth.

    “GWah!!!! Yuck!” He spluttered and sucked the back of his sleeve to replace the horrible taste. Which was unfortunate but his jacket was muddy.

    And that was the last thing that happened before the world whizzed around him…


    This is like de-ja blue…

    Maybe dreams are more real than reality

    It’s the reality we’re forbidden to remember because it’s too strong for us

    Like ultraviolet colors.


    Ehud landed on his butt, sat up and rubbed his head like a quizzical bird.

    It was kinda hard to see because his spiky blond hair kept getting in his face.

    There were a bunch of people around and it looked like…

    “Uh…Lord Castle?” Ehud pinched himself. Then rubbed his eyes again and counted to three before opening his eyes again. “Sooo, Lord Castle.”

    Ehud raised his hand, straight up as high as he could.

    “Hey who all returns to the same dreams they dream to figure out what happens in their dreams?! Oh, what if everyone you meet in a dream is somebody who’s dreaming too and dreams are another dimension!?” Ehud bobbed to his feet and glanced around again. “Oh Liorah!!! I remember you!”

    He bowled the princess over with a hug.

    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.



    “Here is about as good as any place.” Avin replied, almost coldly. He hurriedly added, “I like the woods too. I used to call them home, if you can believe that.”

    I smiled uncertainly. “I guess I can see- What on earth?” I whimpered.

    “Everyone get back! Get out of the room!” someone yelled.

    I wished I could obey their practical order, but my feet were glued to the floor, arrested by the giant swarm of bugs filling the room.

    “I think we should go, Enydd.” Avin said in a low, urgent voice.

    I made for the door that the rest were rushing to, but Avin held me back.

    “We won’t make it in time. Are you afraid of water?”

    “No,” I replied, too overwhelmed with panic to wonder at the subject change.

    “Come on,” he started for the space behind me.

    I hesitated. Where was he going?

    Then I saw the stream.


    I rushed after him. It wasn’t ideal, but it was our only chance.

    The bugs droning grew louder as we raced for the water.

    With no time for hesitation, we dove into the water. I took one last deep breath and submerged myself.

    Soon, too soon, the burn sprung up in my chest. My head throbbed. My throat clawed for air.

    I wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

    I needed air.

    Something bumped into me. I jerked back weakly in alarm.

    What on ear-

    I shrieked, choking on the water. I was in something! I struggled feebly. Against what? I couldn’t tell. I felt myself falling. I landed on something hard.

    I opened my eyes slowly, coughing out the water. I drew in a ragged breath. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone spewing ice over a hole in the wall.

    I struggled to a sitting position, breathing heavily. With a groan, I got to my feet, leaning on the cave’s walls. The fog gradually cleared from my mind.

    Avin was crouched over someone. It was Abirami, I realized.

    I stumbled over and dropped beside Avin. “What happened?” I asked in a hoarse whisper.



    It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations if you live near him. -Tolkien



    That was a fun post! I think I might change Cal’s part in it, as she definitely wouldn’t let Abirami help her XD But it doesn’t really change anything about the story, so that’s not an issue!

    Also I think you might have confused two characters! Cal has blue hair, @calidris ‘ Kit is the one with pink hair!


    YESSS YOU’RE BACK!!!! *Gives you a huge hug* And Ehud is back too!!! Aww, I missed him so much! He’s completely himself as always <<3

    But sorry to disappoint Ehud, Liorah was pulled out. Now it’s Calliope and Ophelia! You haven’t met either of them yet, they’re from the contemporary mystery!

    Okay quick explanation:

    Calliope: Bright indigo hair, wears lots of black, seems to run on pure spite, makes her existence everyone’s problem, very protective of people she’s decided to adopt.

    Ophelia: Blonde, seems kind of feather-brained but is actually just chronically underestimated, very hyper and bubbly, adores pink and wears lots of it, she’s a ballerina!

    She and Ehud are going to get along SO well!! I can’t wait to see it!

    Okay here we go I’ll write Ophelia’s part!!

    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?



    We were being attacked by a swarm of bugs. This was glorious, it was like something out of a dream or a storybook. I grinned.

    Okay, so we were supposed to get up to that door. I paused to take off my shoes. I trusted my feet more than my shoes. I shoved them in my purse and swung it around to my back so they wouldn’t fall out.

    Alaric and Jade helped boost me up, then it was up to me.

    I gripped the rough places I found, then paused to assess. I pressed my feet to the rocks, holding on more easily than I thought I would.

    I had only done rock-climbing once or twice, and always on artificial walls. This was harder, and I didn’t have the harness.

    I smiled to myself, then started humming the song that had been stuck in my mind for the past few days. This would be fine.

    ”Well, keep going, silly!” said Jade, impatiently. She had mistaken my pause for hesitancy.

    I kicked off against the grip, giving myself the push I needed to grab on to the next hand hold.

    My muscles were straining. Under any other circumstances I would have stretched first before attempting something like this. The idea of getting injured in the middle of repetitions was enough to give me nightmares and far more terrifying than the drop beneath.

    By the time I reached the top I was out of breath, but too proud of myself to care. That had been fun.

    ”Go next and make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid,” Jade told Alaric.

    My smile faded. Had she thought I couldn’t hear or had she meant for me to hear it?

    All the others hurried up after me in short order, Lorcan and Alaric first.

    I peered over the edge. I had never been up sufficiently high enough to conclude whether I had a fear of heights, but now I had concluded that I did not.

    I watched with horror as the last few people hurried toward the wall. The insects looked like a cloud, like a raven flying and shedding feathers in its wake.

    Cal’s hair stood out against the darkness surrounding it. A man hurried up and tried to assist her, but she kicked him in the shins so hard he stopped trying. She sprinted past him and started scaling the wall.

    If it had been anyone else, I would have encouraged her, but Cal seemed to have a grudge against me. Besides, Lorcan and Jade were helping up the others on the ledge, and I would just be a bother. I sighed and drew further back into the cave.

    Something stung my leg and I yelped before I could stop myself. I smacked it off and a large insect plummeted to the ground. The stinging pain seeped through me, harsher than I had thought. I winced but didn’t make another noise. I didn’t want to distract the others.

    The door slammed shut, with everyone on the right side of it. I was pretty sure.

    The girl by the entrance who looked like Athena had her face buried in her knees. She looked miserable. Rosemary appeared to have been bitten by insects, judging by how her face was twisted into barely convincing blankness.

    I wished I could help.

    They didn’t want or need my help. I’d just get in the way.

    They’d think I was mean if I didn’t offer. They’d think I was dumb if I did, while it was obvious that there was no way I could.

    I was completely useless. I sat against the wall and pulled on my shoes again. Sometimes the only thing you could do was stay out of the way.

    The painful numb feeling started spreading over me. The helplessness, the loneliness. Nobody really wanted me here. Rather the opposite. Almost everyone I’d interacted with had very much seemed to wish I would disappear.

    I checked my nails, something that had become an automatic instinct when I couldn’t bear thinking about anything else.

    Thankfully, none of them had broken on the climb up.

    “Sooo, Lord Castle.”

    That wasn’t a voice I recognized. I looked up, trying to place it. It was a boy with ruffled blonde hair, a few years younger than I was.

    He raised his hand and said,

    “Hey who all returns to the same dreams they dream to figure out what happens in their dreams?! Oh, what if everyone you meet in a dream is somebody who’s dreaming too and dreams are another dimension!?”

    He bobbed to his feet and I grinned and answered.

    “Ooh, I do! I don’t even understand it the second time but sometimes I know what’s coming!” I paused for introspection. “But even then I can’t change what happens in the end. What if we’re all in a dream right now and the end has already been written?”

    I paused to consider that, then nodded, certainly.

    The loneliness was gone, driven out by something new that had grabbed my interest. That was good enough for now. It would keep it away a while.

    “I’m Ophelia, what’s your name?” I said, brightly.

    Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

    Emily Waldorf


    He watched Enydd dive into the stream before following. He’d not been swimming for more than a few seconds before he began to collide with huge pieces of ice. One crashed against his shoulder, and he dodged away from another coming at his head. Through a blur, he thought he saw a shape swimming in the stream, spewing the ice into the dim water.

    He scrambled out, barely noticing the pain in his shoulder and scanned the stream bank for signs of Enydd. She was crawling out a few yards down, soaked and startled, but unhurt.

    The whole stream froze solid quicker than was possible, and suddenly the shape of a man heaved out of the solidifying water and rolled on the ground, either in agony or drowning. Avin stepped toward him, then paused, startle. He had the figure of a man, but he looked like something from the Legends of Sran Ekkel.

    He shook himself and started toward the man at a run. It didn’t matter what he looked like, he needed Avin’s help. Enydd came up behind and looked over Avin’s shoulder.  “What happened?” she asked.

    “He iced the stream over.” The words didn’t sound possible, even to him, but that’s what it had looked like, and no stream could have frozen that fast naturally.

    The man looked to be drowning, but wasn’t even wet. The same brownish ice that had choked the stream came out of his mouth and the tips of his fingers. Avin frowned and looked back at Enydd. The bugs were close, now. The stream had been their only other chance, and for whatever reason this man had choked the stream. Already the bugs were marching across its hard surface, just like they did over the rest of the rock.

    They had reached the doorway and were gnawing at the door, but that was the only  way  if he wanted to get Enydd and this man to safety. He looked Enydd up and down. She was lithe and used to the forest: she would be a fast runner. In her large, expressive eyes Avin could see that she could be brave, but would it be enough? Would she be able to handle what any other girl would shrink at, and might beat even a strong man? He couldn’t wait to ask.

    “The doorway’s our only chance, and this man needs help.” Enydd was looking at him, fear lurking at the corners of her eyes, but ready to do anything he asked.”I need you to run as fast as you can to that wall, climb up it and get into that door.” They’ve probably barricaded it.

    He looked around the room, almost desperately. There was no other way out, and the most deadly bugs were still coming, as surely as a summer storm.

    Enydd was nodding, every muscle ready to run, but he would need help with this man. He thought over the few people he knew, and asked, “Do you know Lorcan?”

    She nodded, but a look like fear or distrust flashed across her face. There was no avoiding it. “Get him, and tell him where I am. Now run, and don’t look back.”

    Enydd was off like an arrow, running through the bugs though they scrambled, bit, and crawled. His heart beat with every pounding step she took through the nightmarish creatures.

    I hope she’s fast enough.

    He turned back to the man. He was breathing easier now, but seemed to be in some sort of trance or recovery stage. Unless this is what he’s normally like. Avin pushed the thought away. Unless he was immune to the gigantic winged monsters that were crawling and flying from the shadows at the far end of the cave, he would be just as dead as Avin if he stayed here.  Avin untied the sash he wore and wrapped it around a stone. Then he threw it as far as he could into the swarming mass, just to the left of the wall and doorway. A few of the bugs were crushed or scattered. Some rushed forward to see it, and others started back from Enydd to devour this bit of human-flavored cloth.

    Avin looked once more for Enydd. She had reached the wall and was climbing quickly, almost covered in the biting, crawling insects. Avin winced for her, and set his teeth for himself. Then he heaved the stranger onto his shoulders. The man was muscular and heavy, and for a moment Avin wondered if he would be able to carry him, but the time for thinking was over. Now he had to act. He started forward at a run into the swarm of angry insects ahead of him.

    As they surrounded him, biting, crawling, scratching, rasping, he heard, or thoguht he heard, Enydd pounding on the door, screaming something above the roar of insect wings and angry bug-voices.


    have fun, and change anything!

    I hope this isn’t too out of character. I think I altered something from your original post. If it’s okay (and not wildly uncharacteristic) I would love it if Avin could “save” Abirami–I don’t think Abirami needs saving, but I’d love it anyway. If not, he’s your character, and you always have the last say. XD

    Don't cry for me, for I go where music is born ~J.S. Bach


    it has no teeth but is so gigantic it can digest huge amounts of earth and has such high pressures in its digestive tract that it produces diamonds as excrement – I know, it’s gross, but kinda cool too. =)

    *ginormous grin* Grosssss!

    I’ll take ten!!!


    “Ooh, I do!” A perky voice replied. “I don’t even understand it the second time but sometimes I know what’s coming!”

    She said. She looked like a girl who had just stumbled out of an anime academy. Ehud instantly felt a connection, they were the same brand of weird, it was stunning and epic! After a second she added.

    “But even then I can’t change what happens in the end. What if we’re all in a dream right now and the end has already been written?” She nodded decidedly.

    “No problem! I can change my dreams!!” He blurted, then rubbed the back of his head with the sleeve of his jacket awkwardly.

    “I’m Ophelia, what’s your name?”

    “Well…I can change where I go in dreams like when dreams have like this plotted out path you’re supposed to go but I can go anywhere I want!! But if I try to change too much I wake up…” Oh wait! She introduced herself too! What had she said her name was? Ehud forgot to listen…

    “I’m Ehud!” He chirped, shaking her hand and also trying to figure out whether or not he dared ask her to repeat her name. He decided she’d probably not yell at him if he did. “What’d you say your name was again?”


    “Oh like Shakespear?!” Ehud said, meaning like Shakespear plays, he was pretty sure there was an Ophelia in one of his plays he just couldn’t remember which he’d never actually read Shakespear…



    To be a light to the world you must shine in the darkness.

    Emily Waldorf

    @this-is-not-an-alien I love Ehud. He’s so awkward and lovable and dwaa!

    Don't cry for me, for I go where music is born ~J.S. Bach

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