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      Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



        Okay, so I’m introducing my first character. Her name is Candi Marie Stethison, and she’s 23. She has blond hair (with a few “modern” darker streaks), and hazel eyes. When she was little, she had an injury to her right eye that caused it to go almost blind, she can see light through it though. She is 5′ 8” and has a thicker build. Three years ago she also had a left knee injury, so she wears a brace.

        Her personality is ESFJ/Consul…she’s competitive on the field, and warmhearted and relatable every other time. She likes people, and she’s intelligent, and is very good at planning and then executing her plans. Where she trains they call her “Sniper” because she’s a patient competitor…waiting for the other person to make a mistake, and then beating them. She loves brain competition as much, or more, than the physical stuff.

        Pictures I drew of her:



        Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


          Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



            Name: Vika

            Origin: Ruska

            Features: Curly light brown hair that is a little longer than her shoulders. Dark brown eyes. Pointed features. Speaks with a Russian accent.

            Weapons: Anything and everything. She mostly prefers combat weaponless, you know, like wrestling or something, but she also uses pretty much whatever’s handy (pepper, fingernails, wasps, etc.)

            Clothing: dark brown leggings, creamish wrap-around tunic (like Rey’s shirt without the dangly things), also has Rey’s arm-wraps, light brown boots. Occasionally a cloak.

            Likes: Fighting, winning, laughing

            Dislikes: losing, sitting still, being confused

            Personality Traits: Honest, Cheerful but can be focused (is scary when focused), easily loses her temper, poor loser

            Best Personality Trait: Honesty

            Worst Personality Trait: Bad loser



            Name: Aleck

            Origin: Scotchlind

            Features: Wavy auburn hair that reaches to his shoulders, playful hazel-green eyes, rounded features, speaks with a strong Scottish brogue.

            Weapons: A small blaster and light saber (on his planet, he’ll use different weapons in the games to keep things even.

            Clothing: Rough sandy colored trousers, deep brown tunic with a lighter brown shirt underneath, tall black boots, Jedi cloak (aren’t they awesome!!).

            Likes: Good food, fighting, riding, reading, cooking

            Dislikes: being hungry, solitude, cats

            Personality Traits: Trusting and Trustworthy, Bold, Friendly, Smart-Alec (ha ha), Can Be Rude, Disrespectful, Temper

            Best Personality Trait: Friendliness

            Worst Personality Trait: Bad Temper

            Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



              Character ONE:

              Name: Aleyda Wilgefortis

              Gender: Female

              Age: 17

              Appearance: Dark brown hair that hangs below her shoulders, not much past that. Dark brown eyes, etc. (I didn’t really develop this, can expand on it later

              Weapons: Something like Karate/Tai-Kwon-Do as well as a bow and arrow.

              Clothing: Something like this, but maybe a little different…


              Outfit is Super dark chocolatey brown (my fav color lol) with either forest green or a dark blue

              Personality: Quiet but super tough. She finds it hard to trust people. (Will also expand on this later

              Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


                Character  TWO:

                Name: Rikiar Thidrek

                Gender: Male

                Age: 15

                Appearance: Black, wavy, short, but thick hair. Muscular, stocky build.

                Weapons: I don’t know yet.

                Outfit: (Doesn’t have the weird thing hanging down in back. The site I used added that.) Similar to that…

                Black and gray and this kind of red maybe :

                Personality: Not super out going. Popular (don’t know if that is a personality trait lol). Tough. The kind of kid that gets into fights. Not a super high level of self control.

                Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



                  Name: Ronnie-Kix Apalago Deranger*

                  Pronunciation: Ah-pa-lay-go   Der-ain-ger

                  Age: 18

                  Appearance: short bleached tan hair   Blue eyes   seriously tanned skin   lanky but strong for size

                  Clothes: Native outfit; light (as in weight) checkered shirt with bandana and black vest and jean-like pants with cowboy boots and cowboy hat (five-gallon), sometimes spurs  Games outfit: Obi-Wan Kenobi robe and tunic, and his cowboy boots and jeans. He doesn’t really care how he looks, FWI.

                  Major Flaw: Doesn’t really like help, takes a while to trust people

                  Best Quality: Loyal — and he means it

                  Other characteristics: can be quick tempered sometimes, is a loner, likes animals (meaning he doesn’t hate them), shy, but bold when in danger, is wary of other people until he gets to know them, and can be impatient

                  Hobbies: Sketching-drawing, trick-riding

                  Likes: Sunsets, warm weather, Arkcainas** (especially his own mount, Whizz), and rain (since it helps the prairie grass grow), and the mountains even though they’re cold

                  Dislikes: The cold, getting hurt, betrayal, meanies, disappointing people, failing, when people don’t move fast enough

                  Pet: Has an Arkcaina named Whizz

                  Weapons: Bowie Knife and blue lightsaber

                  Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



                    MY PLANET

                    Name: Rithagua

                    So, the whole planet is one big land mass. There is no water on the surface of the planet at all. How do the inhabitants survive? The core of the planet is not hot material like earth. It is composed of water :). The civilizations over time have developed unique ways of acquiring the water for use by all, including irrigation, drinking, etc.

                    Because the whole planet is all one land mass, there are some major struggles over dividing country barriers. It’s not uncommon for fighting to break out.


                    Joelle Stone’s character, Vika, is from another country on my planet of Rithagua. But she’s a spy in my country, Sinoraus, so everyone thinks she’s from the country of Sinoraus.

                    MY CHARACTERS’ COUNTRY:

                    Both Rikiar Thidrek and Aleyda Wilgefortis live in the same country.

                    Name of Country: Sinoraus

                    Country is VERY military oriented. Both Rikiar and Aleyda are part of a warrior camp that pretty much is their life.

                    The government of the country Sinoraus is very corrupt. Somehow they have some sort of connection with one of the game builders (not a Judge, actual builder/planner) (Neromiro Drake), who also is corrupt. That game builder has agreed to pay Sinoraus’ government “big” money for game contestants, since in Sonoraus, the Cullings are not a highly respected thing. The game leaders really want Sinoraus’ contestants since Sinoraus is so military focused and they are good fighters. All this leads to the warrior camp in which Rikiar and Aleyda attend.

                    Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


                      The Cullings’ Planet:

                      The space ship on which the Cullings event is held “orbits” (it doesn’t tho, it should stay still) the planet Ureka2.

                      Ureka2 is a high class planet where the inhabitants indulge themselves in their wealth and the lavishness of the planet. Norbis, the planet’s most populated, wealthy country is home to the development of the Cullings and a highly prestigious government. Unknown to most, Neromiro Drake is a corrupt man who influences many government officials and their decisions. Neromiro Drake’s drive to obtain more power has led him to Ureka2 and the Cullings, something he now desperately wants.

                      The Cullings’ Ship:

                      Name for the Ship: Resilience

                      Orbits Ureka2

                      The Arena is a massive, highly technological dome. The Arena transforms into any known terrain, weather, climate, etc.

                      Everything is controlled from the Arena’s headquarters, located on Ureka2

                      • Desert
                      • Rainforest
                      • Arctic
                      • Grasslands/Prairie
                      • Mountains
                      • Artificial one  — with traps. The classic “arrows shooting out of walls” “spiky walls closing in on you” “axes swinging from ceiling” “make a wrong step, push the wrong button, fall to your death” thing.

                      Everything is controlled from the Arena’s headquarters, located on Ureka2

                      Rooms that will definitely need to be there:

                      • The Arena (on the ship)
                      • Living Quarters (on the ship)
                      • Training Courses (on the ship)
                      • Amphitheater (on Ureka2)
                        We need this for  1. Spectators, watching the Cullings on big screens, 2. Showing the contestants, 3. Showing the winners, etc.)
                      • Dining (on the ship)
                      • Headquarters (on Ureka2)

                      Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!



                        Here’s a sketch of The Resilience. I was thinking that we could have the amphitheater/arena like a bubble inside of the ship, so that’s what this shows.


                        Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


                          The kids compete for every branch of the Cullings. That way, the Judges can see what they excel at, and we don’t have two thirds of the characters in the military division with the others scattered throughout the rest.

                          The winners  train to become the leaders, instead of becoming the actual leaders. Maybe a mentor/apprentice thing?

                          The Branches:





                          -judicial branch

                          -legislative branch

                          -medical branch

                          Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


                            Neromiro Drake is the corrupt Judge.

                            SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE PLANET MORTAR

                            A beautiful planet, Mortar (more-tar) is of rolling hills in the lush country-side and large, blue lakes. The cities and towns are prosperous, and the sky-line of the capitol Damgee is the finest in the galaxy. In fact, the city is ever growing and improving itself — with welcome jobs for all types.

                            Many are wealthy, and few are poor. It is an ideal place to live; governed by a just governmental system holding tight to democracy.

                            Rooftop gardens abound if you can’t get a farm, and many Victorian neighborhoods provide ideal quiet streets. Need busy? Buy a house along the grid-planned roads and sky-ways (where traffic is monitored). Need a yard? Buy along the out-skirts and get to your job quickly on a shuttle system.

                            Book your flight today, and get 50% off! Ki-hop airlines will get you there safely and quickly, and you’ll be sure to get a good deal and quick buy if you sign up with Bruntwick Real Estate. If your house needs yard-work, call Clipperjob at 432-987-456. If you need fixings-up around the house, call Handy-Man-Dad at 974-876-825. If you need to find a job, call–

                            BACKSTORY OF ANDOR

                            Andor was born on the planet of Mortar, to a wealthy family much renowned in that region for their kindness and generosity. He grew up among servants and lush gardens and fancy rooms. He grew up with his every need met on the double, and he had dozens of friends. He had everything a boy could wish for — and more. His parents raised him to be kind, to be loving, and to help others less fortunate in all the ways he could. Young Andor would often stop on a walk with his mother to give some of his own pocket money to a blind beggar.

                            But when he was eleven-years old, his parents were brutally murdered before his very eyes. A man with a mask attacked his father and slit his throat with a primitive knife. And then his pregnant mother was stabbed to death while he watched in silent horror. But Andor screamed as the murderer approached him; then sirens wailed — the police had been alerted, but the masked-man escaped. He had probably been hired by a gang to do away with the do-goodies; but hadn’t been able to finish his job.

                            Andor, at eleven years of age, became the owner of a large estate and an enormous inheritance. His parents had left everything to him. His nanny cared for him until he turned fifteen, and by then he was a fine young gentleman.

                            He attended college at only fifteen, and there met Mary-Lain. When he graduated, he waited until he was old enough, and married her. His father’s business was flourishing under his guidance, and he was earning almost twice as much money. He had a young son, who he named Drake. He loved that boy with all his heart.

                            And then, Mary-Lain and Drake died in a staged car-accident meant to assassinate a governor.

                            You could say Andor was heart broken.

                            But he went mad.

                            All through his career, he had been tasting more and more power — and it was starting to grow on him. Now, he had lost his love and his baby. He needed solace. He needed might. He needed to be in control.

                            And so, Andor quietly and stealthy began his work. He bought small businesses, and made them boom. Then he bought bigger and bigger facilities until he owned the jobs of half the population of Mortar. And then, he “bought” himself a seat in the senate. And then another of higher power, and another.

                            Soon, he was the richest president the galaxy had ever seen.

                            But it was not enough.

                            He had felt pain, pain beyond belief. He had been spared, but he wanted — needed — others to feel his pain. He would not stoop low to a measly gang system. He would kill the gang who killed his family, and then he would get himself the world. The galaxy. The planets of the entire star-system. He would make them suffer.

                            He would make all feel his sorrow and his anger, his pain and his suffering.

                            Andor Kiro became Neromiro Drake.


                            Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!


                              The leaders of the Cullings are called the Judges. There are three, and they each get to grant one pardon from elimination to a player of their choice.

                              Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

                              Winter Rose

                                THE CULLINGS

                                A comprehensive guide

                                One player is selected from each country and sent to the Arena, a large space station that orbits a different planet each game. As it has been for past centuries, the Resilience will host the Cullings this election.

                                Once the players arrive they are settled in the dorms of the host ship. After a tour of the ship, and a day to prepare and practice on the Resilience’s state of the art training course, the players are entered into the first game. The games rotate order each election, and this time around they happen to fall in this sequence: The Obstacles Course, Seeker, the Mechanical Battle, Tripwire, Touch, the Race, Infection (NEW), the Living battle, Electroball, the Labyrinth, and The Final Battle

                                The first game eight players are eliminated. The second game six are. The next four, four again, then two, and then one player is subtracted until only eight remain. The Supreme Judges each have the power to grant one player of their choice a single pardon from elimination.

                                The eight players are assigned by the Judges to a branch of our government they see fit. The players are then trained by the previous leader of that branch, and when the master sees fit the winner becomes the new leader.

                                "The best is yet to come."
                                ~Origin unknown


                                  THE JUDGES

                                  The High Judges

                                  1. (@joelle-stone)
                                  Aleena Quartez is a woman with keen perception and a strict, no-nonsense way about her. These qualities made her an excellent contestant for Judge. Of course, she won.

                                  Aleena is from the planet of Contar, a mostly mountainous winterland with a few cold deserts and warmer plains scattered here and there. (Since I’m a terrible world-builder and I don’t really like it, that’s all I’m going to say.)

                                  With jet black hair and dark skin, Aleena stood out from her fellow Contarians, with their curly auburn hair and fair skin. Her eyes, a dark green, were like most Contarians, but stand out shockingly against her skin and hair.

                                  Aleena has always been proud of her skill as a healer. Although she is tall and stern-looking, she has a soft heart and gentle tongue. She values good sportsmanship and honesty above all else, but is a fair Judge.


                                  2. (@winter_rose)
                                  Maxwort Jargaun, age 48

                                  He is very political and professional in almost all of his views, and is strictly by the book with no exceptions whatsoever. Having grown up in a high class and a modern, civilized country he is very used to being obeyed and respected.

                                  He has pale, sallow skin and brown, graying hair. His eyes are a dull shade of blue. His nearly always is found in a dark grey or black suit, and light grey if he is feeling cocky, which he rarely does. He often keeps a silver cane at his side, a parting gift from his older brother, the only piece he owns that holds some form of sentiment.

                                  With his cool and neutral demeanor he makes few friends and often estranges his co-workers from himself. The role of Judge appealed to him as a way to use his knowledge of (and strict adherence to) justice and fairness to influence the galaxy.


                                  3. Andor (Neromiro Drake)

                                  Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!

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