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    Holly Clarise

    Jack Dunn: tender (when he is alone), passionate, sweet to kids, generous (when he wants to be), well educated and smart.

    I am an ENFP writer 🥳 "Adventure is out there!"

    Sarah Narnathron

    I love this concept! Having more “human” villains is something I’m trying to work on in general.

    I’m doing this for both the villain of my current story and the villain of the sequel, because they’re a husband and wife who share several common traits.

    -Truly love and care for each other.
    -Want to do what they believe is best for their people.

    King du Karel:
    -Strongly values both the arts and the sciences and promotes the study of both among his people.
    -Patient (both in the with-people sense and the waiting sense).

    Queen du Karel:
    -Genuinely believes that her efforts will bring about a better world for everyone, not just her own people.
    -Keeps her word.

    Welcome to the masquerade.


    Ooo, nice idea, Gabby!

    Villain: Vi: Skilled, trying to be accepted, friend to MC, obeys her father, stands up for people who can’t defend themselves.


    Marissa: Loud, has a ghastly temper, likes her friends more than family, doesn’t trust/obey her parents, rude.

    Aly: Overly sarcastic (can be mean), doesn’t love her sister, rude, prideful, jealous.

    ENFP, hobbit, MK. May wave pom poms, fangirl, and evaporate into a cloud while reading.

    Sarah Inkdragon

    Oh, love this! Villains one of my favorites to write. Other than the Anti-Hero, of course.


    Shadow/Hadyn Wolfsbane:

    • Loyal
    • Self-sacrificing
    • Protective
    • Vulnerable
    • Eager to please

    Varhan/Aedor Cal’shea:

    • Loves animals
    • Determined
    • Good leader
    • Takes care of those he loves
    • Soft-hearted

    Erabron Wolfsbane:

    • Wants his children to succeed–possibly to much
    • Loves his wife like nothing else
    • Protects his people/kingdom
    • Is honorable
    • Keeps his precious people safe.



    • Naive
    • Hotheaded
    • Doesn’t think things through
    • Always tries to shift the blame
    • Will do anything to gain what he wants

    Jaxrin Hiraeth:

    • Pessemistic
    • Ruthless
    • Untrusting
    • Doesn’t care much for other’s opinions–he thinks he knows more than them, as he’s highly intelligent
    • Prone to think the worst of people, manipulative

    Vyrn/Avyrnia De Aridalis:

    • Impatient
    • Bossy
    • Doesn’t take orders well
    • Holds grudges
    • Sharp tongue

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis

    Sarah Inkdragon

    And I’m going to do another one for Varhan/Aedor Cal’Shea, because I love him…

    • Feels immense guilt over what he’s done
    • Only wants someone to end his mistakes
    • Feels as if the only way to repent for his crimes is death, but feels he doesn’t deserve the chance for salvation
    • Tormented by the knowledge that he will outlive all he loves
    • Distances himself from others to protect them from him–he feels he is a monster in human skin–yet he also doesn’t want to lose anyone again so he stays in isolation

    Aedor is one of my favorite characters. He’s awesome, and he makes me cry sometimes because his story is just so sad. I almost wish I could make him a hero… but he already is, in a way.

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis


    YES. OH YES. I actually had a problem with liking my villain too much. I had to make him eviller XD

    Nero is:

    • knowledgable. He’s really smart and knows his stuff.
    • quick-thinking. He always knows just what to do or say.
    • original. He is perfectly okay with thinking outside the box.
    • charismatic. His wit and intelligence intrigue many of the other characters.
    • energetic. He’s never idle, always busy, and works tirelessly on whatever he’s doing.

    But…he’s the antagonist. *sobs* He’s also paralyzed from the waist down. So he has to work with a few other people, which annoys him. GREATLY. Being the creative, rapid-fire mind he is, his accomplices slow him down. *cough cough OTTO cough*

    I'm an ENFP - fluent in English, jokes, confusing art teminology, MBTI, and maniacal screaming.


    As for my protagonist, Leo, some of his weaknesses are really….ugh.


    • lazy. He dreams big but never does anything.
    • clingy. He freeloads off of people (at least in the beginning).
    • sensitive. He takes criticism wayy too seriously.
    • depressing. When he gets sad, he’s well and truly sad.
    • self-conscious. He can’t stop comparing himself to everyone else.

    Yeah, he’s a fully mature 20-something man who acts like a 5-year-old girl sometimes. Leo, one of these days you’re going to drive me crazy.

    I'm an ENFP - fluent in English, jokes, confusing art teminology, MBTI, and maniacal screaming.

    Sarah Inkdragon


    Haha, I love your description of Leo acting like a 5-year-old girl.

    As for my other villains, outside of Firemaster….

    The Phoenix Project:

    Arvin Kain(Villain):

    • Intelligent. He knows his stuff.
    • Very good at politics–he can sway anyone to his way eventually.
    • Ambitious–he goes after what he wants, guns blazing, and won’t stop until A.) he dies, B.) it dies, or C.) his interest changes(which happens very rarely).
    • Ingenious–he isn’t afraid to use his rank, skills, or talents to wheedle what he wants. He will pull rank on people, degrade other, plot assassinations, and anything else just to pull off part of his plan.
    • Foresight–he plans ahead, for the slightest detail. If you’re five steps ahead, he’s twenty steps for every outcome.
    • Cautious–while he may be ruthless, he’s anything bu stupid. He won’t risk resources or himself if he knows it’s not going to work.
    • Confident–he will, on the other hand, risk everything when there’s high probability of winning.


    • Cowardly–doesn’t like risking his skin–prefers to wait and see what happens to others before sticking his neck out.
    • Hesitant–thinks to much, instead of acting. Gets nervous when probability of defeat is high, and wants to run instead of fight.
    • Self-blaming–carries the guilt of all deaths on his shoulders and allows the others to hate him rather than hate each other, thinking that he is not fully human, and therefore should carry the hate instead of letting the team fall apart.
    • Depressed–when he gets sad, he gets sad.
    • Mopy–will wallow in self-hate and depression if not pulled out of it.

    Ember(other MC):

    • Vindicative–always blames others for her problems.
    • Holds grudges forever.
    • Violent, at times.
    • Ruthless.
    • Careless–as long as her family doesn’t get hurt, she doesn’t care.

    And now for Half A Prince:

    King Kazuko Vi Ereston(Villain):

    • Builds those up he likes, tears those down he dislikes. Can make you love him and hate him with one sentence.
    • Protective–when it comes to his heir and wife, he will fight you to the death to protect them. Even from his own son.
    • Great fighter–when it comes to war, he won’t be sitting back in his castle, sending out orders. He’ll be on the front lines, leading the troops and rallying his men.
    • Inspiring. He knows when to talk and when not to–how to turn his people in any direction and motivate them towards his desires, yet he also inspires many to protect their own.
    • Fearless–he will do whatever it takes to protect his people.

    Second Prince Kija Vi Ereston(MC):

    • Vengeful. Will turn on those that hurt him, and destroy them.
    • Prideful–thinks anything but a prince’s station is beneath him.
    • Self-depreciating–often blames everything on himself and his curse.
    • Mistrustful–doesn’t like trusting people
    • Isolated–stays away from people, fearing he’ll do more harm than good.

    And now for Thicker Than Blood, which is still in the plotting stage(working title):

    King Syron(Villain,working name):

    • Determined to win.
    • Loves his son.
    • Wants to protect his people.
    • Wants the war to end.
    • Hates unnecessary deaths.

    Lord Laxos(Villain):

    • Smart.
    • Good ruler.
    • Pleases his people.
    • Likes unity.
    • Cares for animals.

    Prince Ryul(MC):

    • Cold.
    • Rude.
    • Narcissistic/Pessimistic.
    • Prejudiced against woman, and the other nations.
    • Prideful–believes his nation is “higher” than the others.

    Princess Tasmania De Lechon(MC):

    • Stubborn.
    • Judgmental.
    • Prejudiced against other nations.
    • Believes that if she doesn’t think it’s right, it’s wrong.
    • Thinks all outsiders and the opposing people in the war are evil.

    And that’s all for now. I’m not going to go into any of my other WIPs…. *sighs* I have to many.



    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis


    Villain: Lucian

    • Foresighted
    • Clever
    • Listens to suggestions
    • Determined
    • A good host

    Hero: Zherna Atel

    • Short-tempered
    • Vengeful
    • Impulsive
    • Refuses to listen to others
    • Distant

    Writer of stories, weaver of worlds.


    THIS IS PERFECT! *flexes fingers* I’m going to do a couple books, so sit tight, y’all.

    Sorcia (Villian):

    ~Fiercely protective of her people

    ~Tender towards women who are/have been mistreated and genuinely wants to see them better themselves

    ~Incredibly smart

    ~Can be told that she was wrong/listens to advice

    ~Loving wife and mother

    Elyltobeth (hero):

    ~Easily intimidated (doesn’t do what she knows is right if she thinks other people will be mad at her), esp at the beginning

    ~Dependant on constant re-assurance and support


    ~Has a hard time making a decision and sticking to it

    ~Quick temper


    Diego (villian)

    ~Loyal to his people (I’m seeing a pattern here…)

    ~Respectful to his elders/elderly people/his people’s heritage

    ~Refuses to harm those who are truly helpless (but to be accurate, I’d have to add that he’s not above instructing his men to sell the helpless into slavery. Just saying)

    ~Extravagently generous (when it’s worth his while)


    October (hero):

    ~Prone to making snap judgements

    ~Overly proud/confident of her abilities


    ~Doesn’t always listen to people/isn’t sensitive to their needs

    ~Quick temper

    Cole (hero):

    ~Is easily depressed

    ~Doesn’t put effort into his friendships (at beginning)

    ~Refuses to admit it when he needs help

    ~Tends to hold grudges

    ~Doesn’t communicate his needs and expectations well

    A dreamer who plans, and a planner who dreams; a paradox.


    Villian:  Makes sure soldiers are treated fairly, loves cats and hamsters, she loves (she has a crush on one of my MC’s older brothers,) stops others from doing evil, loves her family members and helps them out.

    Macx: Short-tempered, says things he doesn’t mean, not great at close combat, does his best to figure out peoples weakness’s in case he ever needs to use them, sometimes actually uses those weakness’s against those people.

    I have two other MC’s, but it’s from the PoV of Macx so… Yeah.  I’ll be making lists in my mind of these, thanks, Gabrielle!

    Linyang Zhang

    Great. My big heart for villains and when I sit down, I can’t think of a single trait.


    Rainan – Helpful, ambitious, hard working, likes playing the cello, handsome

    Adonis – Friendly, playful, fun, laid back, smiles

    Soul Shatterer -… Okay…um, slightly remorseful for things that she’s done…?

    Andrew – Ambitious, determined, caring, sly, hard working

    Eleven – Caring, selfless, remorseful, smart, helpful

    Eh, I have like fifty more villains, but they’re not developed quite that much yet…

    "I set a melody upon the scenery I saw outside my window;
    It's beginning in my spacy world."
    - TK

    Parker Hankins

    Yes! I’ve tried this on a villain I created recently. I explain why he is doing the criminal things he is, and I explain why he can’t stop doing the things he’s doing.

    Living in a world of mystery and dangerous predicaments while working with the AWESOME Meraki's.

    Sarah Inkdragon

    Soul Shatterer -… Okay…um, slightly remorseful for things that she’s done…?


    I love your description of her. (Like, are we sure she’s really remorseful? Kind of, but kind of not, sometimes she cares but other times she’s just like, “Whatever, what’s done is done” and then other times she’s sobbing on the ground like crushed origami.) XD

    "A hard heart is no infallible protection against a soft head."

    - C. S. Lewis

    Linyang Zhang

    @sarah-inkdragon Mm, more like, regretful, but then like, ‘Meh. You guys deal with it. I don’t care.’ because I just made her so insanely cruel…Those ‘…’ things were basically me drawing a blank. I mean, she’s a person that likes to see how much you can torture someone for a hobby…she’s inhuman, actually. Once was a dragon. Which is probably why her humanistic qualities are so few…

    "I set a melody upon the scenery I saw outside my window;
    It's beginning in my spacy world."
    - TK

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