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    Gabrielle Pollack

    Hi guys!

    I’ve got a fun little exercise for ya.

    We like to give our protagonists a mix of positive and negative traits, but do we do the same for our villains? Sure, they’re evil, but they have some skills and virtues too.

    So I challenge y’all to list five positive characteristics of your villains/antagonists like so:

    Saint: straightforward, determined, confident, relaxed, and a strong leader who cares (in his own way) for his men.

    If you feel really motivated do the same with your protagonist, but with negative traits. If you’ve got a character that feels a little underdeveloped, you could use them instead of your villain/hero. This will help remind us who our characters are, and give others a chance to get a glimpse of the characters we’re working on.

    Ready? GO!

    Hope Ann

    Oooo, nice. I love giving my villians good qualities. Makes them sadder. Anyway…

    Terele: singleminded; loyal; cares for the helpless; passionate; healer (not sure if that counts, but…)

    Victory in the march. Hope in the destination.

    Brandon Miller

    Montello: Confident, protective of his people, clever, resourceful, diligent.

    Nice idea, @gabriellepollack

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,
    Brandon Miller -- Wesley Turner

    Lynn Renard

    Oo, I like this idea! ^^

    Here’s my villain:

    • Passionate / Driven
    • Patient
    • Able to read people well (though she makes a miscalculation about my MC that ends up snowballing)
    • Emotionally vulnerable
    • Redeemable

    Lady Authoress: INFx.

    Rolena Hatfield

    My characters were literally just talking about this!

    Ray Bender: Creative, determined, loyal (to those he likes), there was this one time he took compassion on humankind and he’s very brave.


    @rolena-hatfield I think that last one only counts as four…

    Villain: Comm. Shauna Quin: Brave, ambitious, analytical, smart, and confident.

    Protagonist: Evyn Quin: Reckless, stubborn, overzealous, arrogant, and kind’ve…coldhearted? To people she doesn’t like, at least. She’s compassionate otherwise. Mostly.

    INTP. Writer of fantasy and sci-fi. Wannabe artist. Anime geek. Merakian.

    Rolena Hatfield

    @elizabeth He has amazing ninja skills. πŸ˜€ There does that count as five?

    Daeus Lamb

    @gabriellepollack Oh, this is cool! Let me see how many I can come up with.

    Menthril: Compassionate, ashamed of his wrongs, willing to listen (mostly), wise in many ways, loves beauty and art, totally selfless, gentle (except when he’s not gentle at all).

    πŸ‘– 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒

    K.M. Small

    @gabriellepollack great idea! Villains definitely aren’t my strong point πŸ˜›

    *rummages through scrivener project for character profile*

    Kai: protective, creative, efficient, philosophical, persuasive


    ~ Khylie
    "Beauty will save the world." - Dostoevsky

    K.M. Small

    @daeus-lamb I just have to say that your signature is epic πŸ˜€

    ~ Khylie
    "Beauty will save the world." - Dostoevsky


    I think so?? @rolena-hatfield

    INTP. Writer of fantasy and sci-fi. Wannabe artist. Anime geek. Merakian.


    Hmmmm… I like this!

    (One) villain: Jorram- loyal, passionate, hardworking, skilled in weaponry, charming (when he wants to be).

    Protagonist: Esla- impulsive, stubborn, resentful, self-focused (not quite selfish, just she doesn’t tend to think about what others think/feel until they are literally dying), slightly gullible.


    A writer is a world trapped in a person. -Victor Hugo

    Zachary Holbrook

    Villain: Iylodim: cares deeply about his what he believes to be good, feels guilt over his wrongdoings

    Protagonist: Hileo: selfish, tends to only see people for what they can do for him rather than for who they are

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    Gabrielle Pollack

    Awesome! Man, these villains are sounding like good guys now. XD


    This is actually something I’ve been working on recently.
    She doesn’t have a name yet (my weakness αƒš(βΈŸα¨ŽβΈŸαƒš) ); but these are her good qualities
    Charismatic, patient, clever, dedicated, accepting and self-disciplined.

    Just remember to... Trust in God, Stay Safe, and Eat Doughnuts 🍩🍩

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