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    I couldn’t help noticing your introduction as I was looking around Story Embers, and when I saw your picture, something registered. I recognize your picture, but I’m not sure from where, or if it’s just similar to something I’ve seen somewhere else. The only places I can think of seeing you would be here, or maybe during a Crazy Writing Week in the Young Writer’s Workshop.

    But sorry that I’m sorta uprooting your introduction. I was just curious, since I thought I saw your picture before. 🙂

    Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien



    No need to apologize! Though, unfortunately, I think you’re remembering someone else. I haven’t been to any writing weeks or workshops. My profile picture is just one I pulled off google images, so I may very well just have happened to have the same one as the person you’re remembering.

    Sorry. 🙂

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    Okay, haha. Wasn’t sure if I had seen you elsewhere or not.

    Even the smallest person can change the course of the future. -JRR Tolkien

    Mischievous Thwapling


    I know! I shall forever mourn that sibling’s departure. (Though I did always suspect their betrayal…)

    Shall we ask another random question?? I shall ask one, and I’d be delighted if you ask as well… No pressure tho. 😛

    If you HAD to do one, would you do shark diving, bungee jumping, or skydiving?

    And so sorry for not replying. I was very busy for a while, but things have calmed down again 🙂

    If your dreams turn to dust... vacuum.
    ~Author Unknown



    Yes, there is always that one sibling who just carries an air of suspiciousness…

    Sure! 😀

    If you could own a business, what would it be? What type of things would you sell or what services would you provide?

    Lol I’m not a risk-taker at all in real life, but I think I’ll go with skydiving just because I trust parachutes more than I do sharks. XD

    How about you?

Viewing 5 posts - 61 through 65 (of 65 total)
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