Why do you hide so often?

Are you shy?

You glow too brightly for that.

You look lonely.

You also look whole.

How do you manage that?

I want to understand you,

but you keep a part of yourself

hidden away.

I want to know why

you see yourself

as so mysterious

that you only truly show yourself

when you think

the world isn’t watching.

I am fascinated

by the way

you can see the world’s secrets

and yet still keep your own so well.

I look at you and think

I will never stop wondering,

but when you look at me,

I am completely transparent.

You know my thoughts,

you see my secrets,

you listen to all my heartbeats.

But no one could gather

or contain your secrets—

they are scattered among the skies,

forming constellations

and pretending to be predictable,

so much deeper

than anyone could imagine.

I want to know if you are smiling

from your place in the sky,

or if the shooting stars at two a.m.

are actually your tears.

If you travel the world so much,

I want to know if you call one place home.

I want to see the rain and fireworks

from your point of view.

But it is also intriguing

that you keep me wondering.

You never ask questions,

and never answer mine;

you are just there,

glowing, breathing,


And if I have learned anything from you,

it is that I want to love

as you love—

from a gentle corner of the sky,

casting just as much light as is needed,

unveiling the beauty of the dark,

and strong enough to sweep the sea.

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