Midnight Thoughts

September 23, 2021

By Anne of Lothlorien


Midnight thoughts surround me,

messy and monstrous,

so I tread carefully.

I slip between the forests

built of whispers of words,

searching for possibilities.


Mostly I choose the gentler ones.

I convince them to come,

to be pressed down on paper,

to describe things that are weird and wonderful.

There is a beauty in the soft and silent

that I cannot ignore.


With the wild ones…

Well, I am careful.

I tiptoe with shallow breaths,

for not all thoughts

are meant to be tamed.


A few I confront,

a few I wrestle with

until we both emerge from the fight,

breathing hard and better for it.


But most of the wild ones I leave free.

I sit on the cold ground in the early dawn

and watch them wander away

into the shadows.


I know they’ll be back eventually,

when they have calmed enough

that I can push them the rest of the way

to being something beautiful.


The summer she turned eight, Anne made two very important decisions. The first was to become a Christian; the second was to become a writer. She has never regretted either decision and doubts she ever will.

Besides many short stories and poems, Anne has managed to finish one novel that she is currently editing, and she’s working on two others. When she’s not writing, Anne enjoys reading (of course), quilling, bike riding, talking with friends about anything, and graphic design. She loves roller coasters, ice cream, Disney World, green and blue things, getting mail, and short bios.


  1. Kat

    😍😍😍 I love it!!!

    • Anne of Lothlorien

      Yay!!! Thank you!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  2. Ellanyme

    This is breathtaking. It paints such an amazing picture. Beautifully done!!

    • Anne of Lothlorien

      Thanks Ellanyme 😊

  3. Bethany

    Great poem Anna!

    • Anne of Lothlorien

      Thanks Bethania! 🙂

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