By Anne of Lothlorien


I’m yesterday born; I’m a thousand years aged

I’m a song just composed and a hundred times played

I’m as loud as thunder and as soft as a whisper

I’m your best friend’s face and the smile of your sister

I’m the truth plainly told, like a sparkling diamond

I’m the wounds of a friend and iron on iron

I’m ice cream in winter; I’m a shooting star

I’m “Be home for dinner” and “Don’t go too far”

I’m tears in the night; I’m a heart that’s broken

I’m a door tightly shut and a window wide open

I’m bittersweet endings; I’m sunshine on water

I’m your very first kiss and a room full of laughter

I’m long, quiet walks; I’m a wreath of daisies

I’m birthday slumber parties that get a bit crazy

I’m flowers in spring; I’m a sunrise to watch

I’m happily-ever-after and paradise lost

I’m a baby’s first laugh; I’m a soft lullaby

I’m a mother’s prayers for her sweet little boy

I’m a quick lightning strike; I’m a bolt from the blue

I’m an epic of ages and a legend that’s true

I’m a crown of thorns; I’m husband and wife

I’m forever and always, for the rest of your life

I’m a quiet declaration; I’m a present received

I’m a sacrifice made and a promise believed


The summer that Anne turned eight, she made two very important decisions. The first was to become a Christian, and the second was to become a writer. She has never doubted either decision and doubts she ever will.


Besides many short stories and poems, Anne has managed to finish one novel that she is currently editing, and she is working on two others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading (of course), quilling, bike riding, talking with friends about anything, and graphic design. She loves roller coasters, ice cream, Disney World, green and blue things, getting mail, and short bios.

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