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Ninjanaria Chapter Four: Door to Ninjanaria

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    Beth Darlene

      Chapter Four: Door to Ninjanaria

      Tim sat on his bed, trying to clear his head. But thoughts of his family kept creeping into his mind. He knew that they must be worried but he didn’t know how to get back to them. Throden seemed like he had something on his mind at dinner.

      Someone knocked on his door, he jumped startled. “Come in,” he said more loudly then he meant to. Wow, they actually waited for me to say ‘come in’ this time! He smiled.

      His door opened and in stepped Throden. “Hey Tim, I was just checking up on you,” he said.

      Tim smiled, touched by his thoughtfulness. “Hey, yeah, I’m fine,” he said.

      Throden sighed and leaned his back against the wall. “It must be hard for you,” he said.

      Tim shrugged.

      “I mean, for you to have woken up away from your home, your family, everything you know and love.”

      Tim frowned slightly. “Yeah, it is. You speak as if you’ve gone through something similar,” he said hesitantly.

      Throden stiffened.

      “Oh sorry… um, so how did you meet Sringard?” He said trying to change the subject.

      Throden laughed. “No, it’s okay. You deserve to know something about me. And Sringard’s my aunt.” He added.

      Tim forced back a smile. He had thought Throden and Sringard were married.

      “As a young boy, me and my family, my brother, me, and my parents lived in a poor house, on the edge of The Eastern-lands.” Throden began. “My brother, Ben, was a year older than me. We used to have so much fun together…” His voice trailed off as if the memory were painful. Then he seemed to realize he had stopped talking, and glancing at Tim, started speaking once more.

      “Anyway, my parents decided to take a trip to Brarlock. We went and had a jolly good time, but one day I and my brother were coming from the lake when a band of slavers picked us up and knocked us unconscious. They brought us to a nasty place full of slaves and slavers. The people there were dirty, both inside and out and the smell, oh the smell, the worst thing I’ve ever smelled in my life.

      Somewhere between sweat, human and animal waste, garbage, and rotting flesh.”

      Tim openly cringed at that.

      “We were thrown into a wagon with a giant iron cage on the back with maybe ten other slaves. We then were brought to a market where we were bought by a gentleman, whole later sold us to a lady, who later sold us to another, and so on.

      Finally, I was bought by a man who was buying for, “his majesty.” My brother had been separated from me and bought by someone else long ago. I was heartbroken but still had to work.

      The man’s name was Thomas Martin, he was very ki…”

      Throden trailed off seeing the look on Tim’s face. “What?” he asked.

      Tim’s eyes widened. “What!? That man was my dad, my dad’s name was Thomas Martin!” He was shouting now, clearly very excited.

      “Hold on there.” Throden reasoned. “We don’t know it was your dad, it could have been a different Thomas Martin right?”

      Tim looked at him confused.

      “Plus how old is your dad?” Throden asked.

      Tim’s face fell. “My dad died last year.”

      “Oh. I’m sorry to hear about your loss.” Throden said comfortingly.

      Tim was silent for a moment. “When he died he was 39,” he eventually told him.

      Throden thought for a moment, then said. “I was about 17, and I’d say the man was about 25,” he stopped. “I guess technically that could work,” he finished.

      Tim blinked. “I wonder if it was him,” he whispered.

      “What did your dad look like?” Throden asked.

      Tim closed his eyes as if drawing a mental picture. “He was tall, had a beard, short black hair, and a very kind smile. He never stopped laughing and smiling.”

      Throden smiled. “Sounds about right,” he said. “Tim I think that could’ve been your dad,” he finished.

      “How is that though?” he asked. “My dad came from Cali, he never talked about this place.”

      Throden frowned. “I don’t know,” he said.

      “Tim, Sringard and I were talking and we think I should show you something,” Throden said.

      Tim looked up. “Really, what is it?”

      Throden stood up and walked over to the door. “Come follow me,” he said.

      Throden led him through giant halls, full of old paintings.

      “Where are we going?” Tim asked.

      “To the Library of Scrolls,” Throden answered.

      “What the heck is that?”

      “It’s where all the scrolls of prophecies are held.”

      Throden walked a little in head of Tim, holding a torch. The halls were dark and they gave Tim the creeps. They came to a T in the halls, and Throden swerved right without hesitating. Tim was left in the dark and ran to catch up to him.

      “Where does the other passage go?” he asked.

      “To the maps,” Throden answered. “To the Maps of Knowledge.”

      Tim walked along in silence for a while, not wanting to annoy Throden with any more questions.

      Suddenly they came to an immense room filled with rows and rows of scrolls sitting on….nothing. Tim realized the room had no floor.

      “What’s with the floor?” Tim asked Throden. “Or, why is there none?”

      “Wait and see,” he replied. Then he winked at Tim and stepped off the edge.

      “Throden!” Tim yelled, running to the edge.

      Throden was slowly rising on a piece of floor, checkered red and black.

      “W…w…what happened?” Tim stammered.

      Throden was laughing so hard he could barely speak. “Y…y…your face, you should have seen your face,” he managed.

      “Throden, that’s not funny,” Tim said indignantly. “I thought you had died!”

      “Oh stop being such a ninny,” Throden said. “Just jump.”

      Tim was flabbergasted. “Jump? You want me to jump?” He almost yelled. “What the heck?”

      Throden smiled. “It’s one of the many defense systems,” he explained. “People who don’t know this place and come to steal, wouldn’t just jump into the abyss. But, we few who come down here know, and when we step off, a piece of the floor rises to catch us.”

      He paused, seeing the skeptical look on Tim’s face. “I promise it works,” he reassured him.

      Tim glanced upward. “I pray to God it does,” he said. And stepped off the edge.


      Jered lurched awake, his head hitting the window. He had dozed off in the truck and had had a rude awakening when McCain all of a sudden slammed on the brakes.

      “We’re here,” McCain called out cheerily.

      Jered groaned. “Did you have to do that?” he asked.

      McCain glanced at him, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “What?” he asked.

      Jered glared at him, sighed, then hopped out of the truck. He lightly knocked on his Aunt’s house. “Do you think they’re even awake?” he asked McCain after no one answered.

      McCain shrugged. “Probably,” he replied. “It is like six.” McCain stepped up and pounded on the door.

      “Really McCain?” he said laughing. “They’re gonna think they’re getting robbed.”

      McCain shrugged again. “Well, at least their awake now,” he said.

      A couple of seconds later the door opened, revealing a short, pudgy, boy Jered’s age. He had an earbud in, and an iPhone Eleven in his hand. He was wearing a red T-shirt with gray shorts. “Hey, sorry, I couldn’t hear you,” he said gesturing to his earbuds.

      McCain smiled. “Hey Silas,” he said. “Is Evelyn here?”

      “No, she went to town,” he said. Then he looked at Jered. “Hey, Jered. It’s been a long time.”

      Jered smiled. “Hey.”

      Silas backed away from the door. “Come on in,”

      Jered walked in, closely followed by McCain.

      Bitter-sweet memories flooded Jered’s mind. Christmas’, birthdays, all of them filled with pictures of his dad, of his family, all of his family.

      He closed his eyes, squeezing the tears back.

      Sweet scents filled his nose, his Aunt’s blackberry pie, mixed with coffee cake and roast turkey.

      “Uh, Jered?” Silas asked.

      “Oh sorry,” he said, opening his eyes. “I was um, thinking.”

      Silas flopped onto the couch. “So what are you up to?”

      Jered sighed. “It’s a long story,” he said. “When is Aunt Evelyn gonna be back?”

      Silas shrugged. “Probably soon.”

      As if their words had summoned her, Evelyn walked through the door. “Oh,” she said. “Well, this is a pleasant surprise.”

      McCain shot out of his chair. “My dear, I hope you don’t mind our all of a sudden appearance,” he said.

      She laughed. “Of course not, you’re always welcome here McCain.” Then she noticed Jered. “Jered?” she asked. “What are you doing here?”

      Jered stood up. “I needed to talk to you,” he said.

      “Is everything alright?” she asked confused.

      Jered didn’t know what to say, everything was not fine.

      He opened his mouth to tell her everything then stopped. “I…I wanted to know if it was okay to take Silas on a trip with me,” he stammered.

      Silas looked at him confused.

      “A trip?” his aunt asked. “What type of trip, and where?”

      Jered thought for a second, trying to figure out what to say. “Um like a camping trip?” he said finally. “In the mountains.”

      She shrugged. “Yeah, I guess that’s okay. As long as he brings his pepper spray.”

      Jered looked at Silas. “Do you want to go?” he asked.

      Silas shrugged. “I don’t know…” he said.

      Jered looked at him pleadingly and slightly gestured toward the stairs, which led to Silas’ bedroom, hoping he would understand.

      Silas got up and headed for the stairs. “Come on Jered,” he said. “I want to show you something.”

      Jered sighed with relief and followed him.

      McCain followed Evelyn into the kitchen telling her some interesting story. Jered couldn’t understand why Evelyn liked him so much.

      “Are Aunt Evelyn and McCain dating?” he asked Silas.

      Silas hesitated. “Um, not really, but everyone knows that they like each other, it’s no secret.”

      Jered laughed “I’ve only been here a minute and it’s obvious to me,” he said.

      “What!?” his cousin was astonished. “You expect me to believe you?” he laughed. “I mean what the heck man, another world?”

      Jered nodded. “Please believe me,” he pleaded. “I need your help with this.”

      “You have to show me more proof before I believe you.”

      An idea donned on Jered. “Silas, what if I show you the portal?” he proposed.

      Silas looked up. “Sure, whatever,” he said. “But what about my mom?” he added.

      Jered laughed. “What about her? She gave us permission to go on this trip. Remember?”

      Silas glared at him. “You said a camping trip.”

      Jered shrugged. “So? That’s what we’ll be doing, camping. If it works.”

      Silas smiled. “Yeah,” he agreed. “I guess your right.”


      Jaylin stopped at a clearing slinging his pack to the ground. He grabbed his bedroll. Perfect place for a camp.

      Laying on his bedroll his thoughts wandered. He wasn’t sure where he would go. He ran the possibilities through his head, Tzzyi, Zogmink, Urit.… he stopped. Urit would be a good place, but then he would have to go through the Forest of Memories to get there.

      He shivered and pulled the blankets to his chin. I wish Hougen had gone with me. He thought for the millionth time.

      He was lonely and wished there was someone to talk to.

      Looking up at the stars way above him, he wondered what life held in store for him. The stars are so beautiful, he thought. So comforting.

      And it was under those beautiful, comfortable gazes, he fell asleep.

      Soft, golden, rays of sunshine beaming on Jaylin’s face woke him. He yawned, stretched, then got up and started to pack up his bedroll. The embers still glowed from last night’s campfire and he stirred them, creating the fire to be hot enough to cook some eggs and coffee.

      The Forest of Memories didn’t seem so foreboding in the morning and with a hot cup of coffee, he quickly cheered up.



      Marrill bounced along the dusty road in the back of their Subaru. Her rat was contentedly nestled in her hoodie, while the rest of her pets were in their cages in the back.

      Her mind flew over the past few days.

      After she had come home from school, that perfect Friday was ruined. Turning the corner of her street she had stopped dead in her tracks. The For Sale sign that had stood in front of her home for months now, had a big SOLD, sticker across it.

      She rushed into her house calling out as she ran. “Mom? Dad?”

      Her mother met her in the hall. “Honey, everything’s going to be fine,” she soothed, stroking her hair.

      The next few hours flew by in a blur for her. She had packed up all her stuff and put her animal cages in the back of their car. Her dad arranged for moving vans, and the next day they had set out for their new house.

      She smiled remembering the last hours of her time there, she had texted all her friends, including Ricky, and they met at the library a few minutes later. Everyone had been sad to learn she was moving, and some tears were shed before she finally headed home, Ricky’s mailing address in her pocket.

      Blasting music startled her out of her musings, her dad had put on an Eagles CD. She smiled, watching as her dad reached out and grabbed her mother’s hand. “Together,” he said, and her mom beamed.

      Hotel California was just coming on when she drifted into sleep.

      The tug woke Marrill.

      She sat up looking around her. She was surrounded by tall trees, a small house squatted in front of her, it seemed to be beckoning her.

      There it was again, the indistinct tug.

      It seemed to be trying to pull her to the house, she got out of the car and slowly walked toward it. Her parents called her. “Hold on honey, we need to unlock the door.”

      She stopped and waited while her dad fumbled with the lock. When he finally got the door open, he stepped aside, letting her and her mom go in first.

      The tug was stronger on the inside.

      She looked around, there was nothing but a painting on the wall of an old man holding a rifle. She ignored the painting and ran up the stairs. There were three stories, she skipped the second and ran all the way to the third.

      Two rooms were all the third story held, one to her left, and one at the end of the hall.

      Her eyes glued to the door at the end of the hall, and a weird sensation came over her. The pull was extremely irresistible now. She started forward, her legs moving without her permission. “Help!” she tried screaming but nothing came out of her mouth.

      She came to the door and her hand moved toward the handle slowly turning the knob. Again she tried screaming and again in vain. She was inside the room now but instead of a room, she was inside a forest.

      And not far from her sat a boy, coffee in hand, mouth agape.


      Jered stood in front of The Pond, taking in huge gulps of air. Silas stood next to him looking perfectly calm. “We step in together. Then if it doesn’t work you..can do whatever you want to me.” He said.

      Silas nodded.

      I have to do this! He told himself. “You ready?” he asked Silas.

      He nodded again. “Yep.”

      Then taking a big breath of air, they stepped in, together.

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      Jominkreesa, for the weirdos who know what it means! 😉



        Wow Beth, really good! You built suspense in so many different places, and now I have to keep reading to find out, well done. (: I really, really liked it…And I have no real critiques.


        Jered laughed “I’ve only been here a minute and it’s obvious to me,” he said.

        Did you forget a *** here? If not, it might make it easier to read if you added one.

        “What!?” his cousin was astonished. “You expect me to believe you?” he laughed. “I mean what the heck man, another world?”


        Really awesome job! (Thanks for sending this out so soon after the last one.) No rush on Chapter 5, but I’m excited to know what happens next!


        Passion means to be willing to suffer.

        Beth Darlene


          Thanks!! Yeah, it is kinda hard to read. But it isn’t changing person, just time. So I just had a double space.

          Jominkreesa, for the weirdos who know what it means! 😉

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