By Katherine Baker


My heart is red in a world that’s dark;

my Savior’s blood colors me stark

amid a sin-swept world of gray.

Now I’m seeing everything this way.

Gray clouds gather in the sky;

gray is on the faces passing by.

Nothing in man’s heart is bold,

for all are blending to the mold.

Through God’s color eyes I start to see

that the gray world was a part of me.


Rainbows darkened and music silent;

the paint they use is blandly violent.

Happiness is a mask they wear,

and colors garner their angry stare.

“Too bright, too cartoonish,” they say.

“Besides, it’s more mature to wear gray.”


So I donned the gray and tried to ignore

the blood-bought heart of red I wore.

I joined in all their grayish laughter,

and every time I regretted it after,

hiding my red heart

so no one would know I had that part.

All I wanted was to be liked;

I traded my color to gain a gray mic.


But red hearts can’t live a gray-splashed life,

so my soul rent and tore with strife.

I began to notice all was wrong,

but the grip of gray seemed too strong.

I fought with power not my own

to find God on His throne.

And as I saw His colorful face

beside my colorless one—the disgrace!—

I fell on my knees and cried.

I had said I was honoring Him, but I lied.

I worshiped myself in the gray

and forgot God’s good way.

My crime was so great,

I felt an apology was too late.


But Jesus pointed to my red

and said my soul had started dead

and gray-washed and violently opposed—

it isn’t a secret, God knows—

but He took the gray and blotted it out.

He used His palette to paint over my doubt

with blue like the water He walked on

and green like the fields where He shepherds

and orange like the glorious sun.


Best of all, He added His red,

His blood He gave in my stead.


Lord, help me to wear Your red,

and where I go, may it spread.

I thank You for the colors You’ve engraved;

You color me saved.


Katherine Baker loves to express the many thoughts and emotions she feels each day in the form of art. From music to poetry to stories to (depressingly amateur) drawing, she is always bubbling with an overflow of God-given imagination that she desires to share with everyone she meets. An overambitious free-spirit, she is always juggling her big ideas and her busy life. She will profess that every good thing she creates is not her own, but only possible through the finished work of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

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