The Stars Are Singing

August 19, 2021

By Emily Waldorf


Earth, an infant of giant size,

Rocked gently by the ocean’s rise; 

Calm, unpeopled, its surface lies.

Above are spread the lightening skies

With all the joy of the planets ringing;

Together the morning stars are singing.


Frowning cloudbanks, black they glower.

Earth stands still, all struck with terror.

Marred the beauty, crushed the mirror

That reflected His awesome power.

Creation labors, in torment lying;

Heaven itself and the stars are sighing. 


Lights from a stable doorway glow,

City streets in the darkness show

While groups of shepherds quickly go

To see a Babe the world doesn’t know.

Heaven exults, the welkin is ringing!

The angels and all the stars are singing. 


The sun, aghast, raises his head.

From too much grief his eye is red.

How can he bear his light to shed

When Christ the Messiah is lying dead?

His light shrivels back, in horror flying.

Heaven and earth and the stars are crying!


Three days of sorrow left behind,

The sun awakes, only to find

The bloody cross put out of mind:

The Son of heaven has risen and shined!

Behind the blue empyrean clinging,

The cosmos and all the stars are singing.


Black are the skies, hooded with doom.

Earth is the entrance of a tomb;

Hell lies open, its vapors fume.

Gasping horrors and deadliness loom.

Time and existence in haste are flying;

The sun and moon and the stars are dying.


Memory’s wiped of the ugly rend

Made by sin and a world condemned;

All that’s left the Savior will mend.

An eternal life with Him to spend!

The perfect joy of the saints is ringing,

And one with their joy the stars are singing.


Emily loves writing both prose and poetry, but poems make her heart sing in a way that prose wasn’t designed for. Her passion for poetry was sparked early on, when her mom recited Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Swing” to her while pushing her “up in the air so blue.” Longfellow is her inspiration and the poet she tries to emulate. She writes nature- and Christian-themed poems and likes to experiment with different meters and rhyme schemes. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and being with her family.


  1. Lynn Mosher

    So lovely, Emily! Filled with heart-touching thoughts of creation and Christ. Beautifully done! ❤

    • Emily

      Thank you, Lynn!

    • Emily

      Thanks Kristina!

  2. Cecelia Lester

    You have used lovely phrases to get your point across. I love your rhyme scheme.

    You know me as Quiet Spirit.

    • Emily Waldorf

      Thank you, Cecelia! (And thanks for telling me you’re Quiet Spirit, I like it when people I know comment. 🙂

  3. Tori W.

    Emily! This is beautiful! ❤️

    • Emily Waldorf

      TORI! Thank you. 🙂

  4. Samuel Dumas

    So richly written. One poet to another, this one does well with my soul.

    • Emily Waldorf

      Thank you. That means much.

  5. Jenny Chasteen

    Wow, I love this!

    • Emily

      Thank you!

  6. Madelyn

    This poem flows with such beauty and power; the analogies are stunning, the descriptions are spectacular, and the overall concept of it is AMAZING!! I really love poems that look from the perspective of nature. Fantastic job, Emily!!

    • Emily Waldorf

      Thank you, Madelyn! I’m glad you liked the aspect of nature.

  7. Sereena

    That was so beautiful

  8. Chris

    A delightful surprise to read this thoughtful poem. Thank you.

    • Emily Waldorf

      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading.

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