By Katherine Forster


Blow, you stormy clouds of thunder, blow!

Spread out your canopy over the darkening sky,

Let noonday wonder at seeming approach of night,

Turn all the ripples of the lake to foam.


The sky bespeaks a mighty overthrow,

As palm trees bend before the gusts that fly,

And birds battling the wind give up the fight.

Earth bows before the overwhelming storm.


Storm on, o sky! We feast and watch in awe.

Drops gleam outside the glass—driven by gusts,

They swarm from clouds that tower o’er the lake.

Storm on! We welcome the advance, the laws

Of nature’s fury. But we’ve seen too much

To be afraid. Storm on—we know we’re safe.


Katherine Forster is an eighteen-year-old writer, poet, National Bible Bee champion, and managing editor for The Rebelution. Studying the Bible changed her life, and she wants to see it change the lives of other teens too. You can find her writings on Christ, the Gospel, and the imminence of eternity at

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