The best-hidden words

are the most sought for:

elusive phrases

hiding under tongues

and peering from eyes;

retreating to throats

and dancing through minds;

creatures so passionate

and yet so timid;

unwilling to leave

the safety of the heart

and strong enough to burn

the lips that conceal it.

Hungry ears

learned to starve,

and crippled lips

learned to rest,

each in humble acceptance

or bitter defeat.

Human hands

cling to safety

and rarely walk

the line of the brave

(despite, perhaps,

a wistful heart).

But, my dear,

courageous one,

these words you seek

are never lost,

simply scattered,

left for you to find

if you are only wise to look.

Thirsty ears

drink from them;

weakened lips

draw strength from them,

for the artful weapon of listening

is there for all to wield.

The human gift of hearing

and the tender grant of understanding,

woven together

by masterful hands,

streaming words

through ears and minds

just as sunlight seeps

between the trees—

perhaps missing

each glittered beam,

but enough to catch

a glimpse of the source.

These words you seek

are speaking

through each prayer

lifted up for you;

they smile at you

in each tender eye

that meets again with yours.

They watch for you to see them

when they shout their hidden soul.

These words you seek exist

they live and breathe and move.



they wish to be found.

They are the heartbeat

of every gentle touch.

In the whispers,

one learns to hear

I love you.

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