Edmund’s Sunset

March 6, 2019

By Libby Powell


Inspired by the sunset seen through the thick smoke on Edmond’s Beach, Washington. Because Edmund is one of my favorite names, I changed the spelling.


Unbroken mists upon the water

Veil the island’s silhouette;

Just a shadowland, it caught her

By its magic, in its clutch,

With just a touch of violet

Amid an iridescent gray.


Her eyes saw naught, but gazed far yonder,

Drawn unto the dusky light.

’Twas a sight to make one ponder

All the beauty of the world—

The water pearled with ripples, white,

When sunlight fades, when rests the day.


As she looked out over the ocean,

To the bleak horizon flocked

Graceful gulls in sweeping motion,

Past her soaring far abroad;

And in untrodden lands she walked

Alone, to watch them fly away.


The currents rippled to the shoreland,

Crawling over the sandy beach;

Quiet waves unto her beckoned,

Calling her to the water’s rim.

Her slim figure bent down to reach

The dewy mist of ocean spray.


She leaned so far, the swift tides caught her

In their harsh, relentless hold;

Down she sank into dark water,

Taken by unending sleep.

Above the deep, the sun, all gold,

Knew naught, but shone in bright array.


The world looked on in cold defiance,

Caring naught of what had passed.

All the seas danced on in silence

Over the maiden’s stony form,

No longer warm, but cold at last—

At peace, in death’s embrace, she lay.


The quiet mountains shadowed over
Where she last had danced abroad—
In the sands grew a clover,
Solitary in its grace.

And in that place of crumbled sod
Sweet heaven cast a blissful ray.


Libby is a follower of Jesus who is a book lover and a learning writer. Her passion is music and reaching the nations, including her own, with the gospel of Christ. She is a lover of tea who enjoys giving hugs and tries to help people when they are hurt. Her one goal is for God to be glorified in every area of her life. She can’t wait until the day He returns to establish His kingdom, and she eagerly does her best to live for Him.


  1. Dakota

    This is beautiful. I like it!! 🙂 <3 Thank you for posting your poems, Libby.

    • Eden Anderson

      Ahh, dear Libby, you write such beautiful things. ❤ Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us.

    • Eden Anderson

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to post my comment on yours, Dakota. My bad.🤦‍♀️

    • Dakota


      That’s okay! 🙂

    • Libby

      Thank you Dakota 🙂 You’re so encouraging and sweet <3
      @eden-anderson Thank you, too <3 Your comment means so much to me!

  2. Abby

    This is lovely, Libby! Breath-takingly vivd in its dreamy way–if that makes any sense… 😁❤

    • Libby

      Aw, thank you, Abby 🙂 That made my day!

  3. Savannah Grace

    This was beautiful, Libby – thank you for sharing it!

    • Libby

      Thank you very much, Savannah <3

  4. Alatheia Grace

    That was so captivating! I LOVE the way you wove that beautiful poem together! The mystery, the drama all in that short poem… GREAT job! One thing, (just as a suggestion) it seemed just a little too short. You gave such an amazing beginning that the last half just seems a little short. But that’s only my opinion.
    Keep it up for Him, with Him, and of Him!

    • Libby

      Wow, thank you so much! 🙂
      Hey, maybe someday I’ll add some more and share it with you <3 Thanks for letting me know!

  5. Katherine Baker

    Libby, this is beautiful. I love the way the prose seems to sway like the water. It’s such a peaceful, sing-songy poem. Great work!

    • Libby

      Aw, thank you Katherine 🙂 Your comment made me smile – I so appreciate your encouragement <3

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