By Dakota


In a desolation that’s fraught with danger,

Here I stand alone, a stranger.

In this land not my home, I’m sent as a minister;

Yet from the ground to the sky, nature is sinister.


Up in heaven, the clouds are cloaked in gray.

Down on earth the forces seek to slay

And mock this messenger from the divine,

But I know the promise of Your presence is mine. 


I lift my gaze to the dusky hills,

To that crack in the clouds where a little hope spills.

At that moment, You tear the crack open bright,

And the glow of hope transforms into brilliant light.


Through the crack in the clouds, You pour forth glory

Into the shadows and mist of this territory;

At the beam of Your light, so swiftly they flee.

Through the crack in the clouds I see

You are with me.


From the hills blows doubt to drive out faith,

But it only gives me a little more strength

To raise my songs of hope and declare

The one whose love I’m sent to share.


Dakota is a nineteen-year-old homeschool graduate from Northern Kentucky. She mostly writes poetry and prefers rhyming verse because she relishes the challenge of forming her thoughts into words that carry the beauty of rhythm while still communicating what she meant to say.


Story writing is mostly a pastime for her. She imagines stories often, but making them live on paper is difficult. Other than writing, she loves music, horses, nature, crafts, cooking and baking, and shooting sports.


In all that she does and enjoys, she strives to do her best for the glory of her Savior, Lord, and Friend, Jesus Christ!

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