By Brianna Rae


The moon burned red in the deep, dark pool.

The stars gazed down in awe

As the maid strode down the ancient path,

Her fate engraved by law.


The first to rise in a thousand years,

Forced to the throne by war.

Her tears were dew upon the grass

When the royal oath she swore.


Oh, hark! And hear the river cry.

The trees begin their lay;

She knelt a maid and arose a queen,

Her freedom torn away.


The moon burns red in the deep, dark pool;

The stars begin to fade.

The queen forsakes her glistening tears;

Farewell, farewell, sweet maid.


Brianna is just a crazy college kid from northern Indiana who loves Christ first and foremost, followed by people, books, and animals. She’s been telling stories for as long as she can remember, and she wrote her first book when she was eight. It was a weird fantasy-western that will probably never see the light of the published world, but the love it spawned in her for writing is still burning strong.

Brianna also dabbles in poetry, has a passion for music, and loves to be outside in literally any weather. She’s currently majoring in English & Writing and Business Administration while pursuing minors in Psychology and Communication (and working two part-time jobs), so she has plenty to keep her busy. Most of her current writing is either school assignments, news articles for her college newspaper, or random poetry.

Connect with her on the Story Embers forum @corissa or on Instagram @author.brianna.rae.

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