The Light Is Held

September 5, 2019

By Andrew Strachen


When people came from a distant land,

They saw a light held in her hand,

A rock that stood within the sand,

That stood for liberty.


And now she strains to keep her hold

Upon a nation’s soul that’s sold,

A legacy so true and bold,

From sea to shining sea.


A city glowing on a hill

Forgets its Builder, forgets Him still.

With hollow morals left to fill,

Foundations soon will crumble.


Truth and lies are forced to meld;

Character and conscience have been felled.

Still the light is strained, upheld,

Revealing the forgery.


If not for the Builder’s merciful way,

We’d see the dawn of our last day.

His voice calls out, “I am the Way!”

Will we forget the truth?


And after everything we’ve tried,

In the land for which our fathers died,

Will we remember a love so wide? 

Our Creator—in our youth?


  1. Emma Huckabee (Emma Starr)

    WOW. What an awesome poem. I especially love the flow of this stanza–

    “A city glowing on a hill
    Forgets its Builder, forgets Him still.
    With hollow morals left to fill
    Foundations soon will crumble.”

  2. Libby

    Andrew, this is really an awesome poem. The way you wove truth into your words with the simple sway of your rhythm gave me such satisfaction as I read. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  3. Shannon Voeller

    This is beautiful!

  4. Amy

    This poem speaks to an issue heavy on my heart. Well done, Andrew! Well done.

  5. Kenzie Pimpo

    This was beautiful! The flow of the poem was perfect and this subject in particular really hits close to my heart. Way to go! 👍🏻

  6. Teyn

    Amazing job! So true, so true.

  7. Diana

    Timely and well written. The writer, Andrew is very gifted with words. A reminder to keep praying for this great country that has lost its way.
    Yet there is still hope!


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