Safe One

April 9, 2020

If I were to make a list

of the best feelings I know,

the ones that smell of safety

and taste of tenderness

and call me with loving lungs,

I would write:

being held in small, strong arms

and knowing I am protected

with the very lifeblood

running through them;

being followed down winding, dark paths,

not because I’m not trusted,

but because a promise was made;

being watched over all night long

and kept safe from the dangers

of both strangers and myself.

I would write:

being smiled at from across the room

with eyes that are determined to love me,

every scar, flaw, and all;

being the first of my kind

to capture the heart

of a quiet soul;

being gifted with sight deep enough

to see when that heart is hurting,

and to follow that heart

wherever it goes.

And if I were to make a list

of the best feelings I know,

the ones that sound like poetry

and feel like moss-soft peace,

I would write:

being one who is loved

by one who is trusted.


  1. Libby

    This is absolutely beautiful. And your last lines… wow <3

    • Tracy Epperson

      How wonderful to be loved by one who is trusted! it really doesnt exist otherwise.

  2. Kristianne

    So beautiful! Such a powerful ending

  3. Dakota

    Yes! So beautiful!

  4. Sarah

    Beautiful beautiful poem with a beautiful ending. Wow. Thank you for sharing this. I feel like you did such a great job sharing a few little moments that make the reader feel like they know you. Great job!


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