Redbud Hills

August 13, 2020

By Dakota


From between dark cedars and whiskered pines, spring steps out.

In the blush of redbud tree’s purple blooms,

Wildflowers burst forth from hidden winter tombs. 


Against the backdrop of elegant purple, trees about

Don their veils so white. Soft leaves appear,

Dotting green on the maple trees. The spring is here.


The almond trees abound with blooms blushing pink;

Little bees are buzzing around its bonny crown.

And as the wind rushes through my hair, its playful breeze

Shakes the dainty pink petals off and dances them down

Onto the heads of these redbud hills of spring.


As all these hills awaken to spring,

Lord, You stretch a canvas of blue above the world,

And with skilled strokes brush the clouds across it. The birds sing,

Celebrating joy returned to these hills.


In the hills are nestled tiny vales filled with violets;

With blithe little bows, they call me to come

Watch them dip in the breeze. They’re my little friends so winsome.


Amongst the grass, friendly dandelions are smiling

Up at me, their faces cheerful and bright;

Blessed with garlands of sunlight, they dance in delight.  


Under the green, leafing honeysuckle I’m lying,

Watching horses grazing upon lush grassy pasture,

And as I roll over on my back, a goldfinch flits

To the fence, to land and warble the notes of rapture

Out in the heart of these redbud hills of spring.


Each glassy lake is reflecting the sky

As You touch Your brush to the broken earth below

And with thoughtful strokes paint the world with hues. Here I am so

Breath-taken by the love You’ve shown to all things.


Over these hills You will pour out Your floods and wash them clean;

Even more Your blood will cleanse stains, though dark as night.

From the Savior’s cross, it flows so the winter of sin can

Be defeated, lost forever in everlasting spring. 

Let the notes of joy now leave my lips and to heaven take wing.


Dakota is a twenty-year-old homeschool graduate from Northern Kentucky. She mostly writes poetry and prefers rhyming verse because she relishes the challenge of forming her thoughts into words that carry the beauty of rhythm while still communicating what she meant to say.

Story writing is mostly a pastime for her (or for homeschool assignments). She imagines stories often, but making them live on paper is difficult. The stories she’s written are either short or just bits and pieces of larger works. Currently, she’s working on a few larger works.

Other than writing, she loves music, horses, nature, crafts, cooking and baking, and shooting sports.

In all that she does and enjoys, she strives to do her best for the glory of her Savior, Lord, and Friend, Jesus Christ!


  1. Libby

    This is absolutely lovely, Dakota. You paint such a joy-filled picture with this poem… such a beautiful song of praise <3

  2. Dakota

    Thank you! 🙂


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