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    *Walks in* Mind if one more joins the group? 🙂

    @rose-colored-fancy That is such a good question! I love animal sidekicks too, coming of age, and enemy turned to friend.

    • Hi Michelle Rose! I’m Lily! Welcome to the Fantasy Writers forum. What’s your favorite fantasy book?

    • @michelle

      Ooo, I’ve never heard of The Eyes of the Dragon. Sound fascinating. What’s it about?

      I really like The False Prince series (J. Nielsen), Ranger’s Apprentice (the earlier books) and Medallion (D.L. Watkins.)

      No problem! Actually, though I signed up for the Fantasy forum, I mostly jump over to the General Writing so…. I’m not sure…? *haha* Aside from Fantasy, I’ve seen others collab on stories together, play ‘role-playing’ games with characters they create, and sometimes they’ll post a sample chapter of their WIP for feedback.

      Aside from Fantasy, do you have any other genres you like or like to write in? If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your WIP about?

      • @imwritehere1920 How much time do you have? lol It is a YA fantasy novel. Whatever story you could possibly want is in Eyes of the Dragon. It has a dragon, an evil sorcerer, and two princes. The oldest one prince Peter who is the rightful king gets wrongfully accused for the murder of his father the king, gets imprisoned. And the other prince, prince Thomas who is bitterly jealous of his brother is crowned instead.
        It reads like a fairy tale but instead of a princess that needs saving, it is the hero, AKA Prince Peter that needs saving. Napkins are mentioned a lot in the book and there is a good reason for it;) not going to tell you why because of, you know spoilersXD But the story was originally called napkins, so they are an important part of the story. I LOVE the book it is so good! this book is written by Stephen King, however this little gem may not be the best book for new king readers. Because It will catch you off guard. Do not go into this thinking that this is your regular king book like blood and scary stuff, because it is not. I think that is why it is sort of a let down for king fans, they think they are going to get scary king, and then they get something totally different. I went into this knowing that it was different from what he usually does. And let me tell you, I loved it! Please give this a read:) its very good.
        I’m trying to find a form that is active. I should check out the general writing form.

        The False Prince? whats that about? it sounds interesting:) I’m in need of a book to read, I’m book less at the moment!!!!!!!

        I like buddy comedies, and horror, Horror is so much for than scaring people. As a write I have a deep appreciation for it.

        You can ask me anything you want:) Well I has working on story about an Italian prince for a while, I’m taking a small break from it(because I’m hard up for material *sobs*) I just finished writing a children’s book. you can send it to you if you want:) The characters are based on my stuffed animals, so I am very attached to the characters XD What about you, What is your WIP about? I would love to know.

    • @michelle

      I have some time! *haha* Wow, that sounds cool! I’m not a fan of horror (never had the stomach for that stuff.) I think I read the ‘Tell-tale Heart’ by Poe in highschool literature. I say ‘I think’ because I don’t remember it. When my younger sister read it, she told me about it (and my mom said I also read it.) It sounded terrifying and I probably blocked it from my mind, which is why I don’t remember lol.

      But that’s interesting that Mr. King went in a different direction with his writing. I’ll definitely take a look into that.

      Oh no! We can’t have a book-less person!!
      Be prepared to come to the ‘Ascendance series’ side!!! My younger sister introduced me to the False Prince a while back and I love the books! It’s about this orphan boy who gets captured by a noble baron. He’s housed with a couple other orphan boys who look similar to him. The baron wants to train one of them to become a ‘false prince’ and take over the throne. And if you love it, the author has written three more books, with a fifth one coming out in October!

      Fellow children’s writer!!! I love writing stories for kids!
      Are you going to self-pub this children’s story, or try traditional publishing? How long is it? (novel, picture book, etc?)

      Ah, yes, I’ve taken a break from my main WIP too (a middle-grade novel about two siblings who rescue a phoenix). I’m working on a short story for now.

      Eek! Italian prince? Do elaborate! Will it be YA or another children’s book?

      I’d love to see your children’s story! I’m not comfortable leaving my email on the forum; but if you want, I can give you the link to my blog’s contact page where we can exchange emails (if that works for you!)

      • @imwritehere1920 Yes do try it! it is not bloody or scary. it reads like a children’s fairy tale. Honestly I couldn’t even believe Stephen King could write something like that lolXD

        Oh girl I’m reading the book right now as we speak(just started reading it once you told me about it)

        I’m going to try to traditional publish it first and see how it goes my sister is currently working on publishing her book right now, So she is going to help me. I write middle grade books for kids, still in the age group where there are pictures in the book, but not a lot:) my book has 5 stories in one, It’s called Freddy and Friends *gives high five* a fellow kids writer!! what kinds of children’s books do you write? can you tell me a little bit about this short story of yours;) and yes send the link on over! I can follow your blog to while I’m at it:) so cool you have a blog.
        As for the Italian prince…. well during a storm he falls of a ship and takes a knock to the head. Somehow he survives but he cant remember who he is when he is found by two old merchants.

        So now I’m stuck lol I will pick it back up in timeXD

        Also what kind of music do you like?

    • @michelle

      Oh that’s cool that your sister is publishing too! Does she do children’s or YA (and is she seeking traditional publishing?)

      *high fives ya back!*
      Right now, I’m writing mostly animal tales or fairytale retellings for kids (although I hope to branch out into ‘sci-fi’ or contemporary/mystery). We’ll see how it goes. I post a lot of stories for kids on the blog I run with my sister. For middle-grade I’m into fantasy/dystopian. What kind of children’s stories do you enjoy writing?

      As for my short story, it’s also MG. It’s about a girl whose mother is an apothecary. But city officials arrive at their house to stop their practice and arrest them. When they are separated, the girl must escape and continue the medicine delivery her mother was going to make. It’s almost done (*glares at book’s ending which needs a lot of clean-up*). Like I said, ‘almost’ *ahem* *lol*

      Ah, I like the title ‘Freddy and Friends’. Which stuffed critter inspired Freddy?

      Yes, I can send the link over! (this is for the blog’s contact page.) Do you have a blog too? If so, we could follow each other.

      Say Hey!

      Poor prince! I hope he remembers enough to tell you how his story goes! 😉

      I actually don’t listen to music while I write (I like to pour full concentration into my work). But when I’m not writing, I love Christian artists like Casting Crowns, Selah, Laura Story, and some of Lauren Daigle. I also listen to instrumental or soundtracks on Pandora (but I don’t really pay attention to the artists lol). Or Josh Groban. I like some of his songs.

      What about you? Do like to listen to music while writing? What’s your favorite kind of music (or artist?)

      • @imwritehere1920 *Pulls up a new tab* Okay I’m checking out your website;) I would love to beta read your book when its ready! I love reading others work:) Freddy is a bear, and very proud of it haha. I cant stand music when I write. It has to be dead silent for me lol. But in my free time I listen to all kinds of music. Lately I have been listening to The Beatles.
        I don’t have a blog, I’m to shy and scared to put myself out there. Oh, don’t worry I will follow you:) I will send you my children’s book!
        Don’t worry its not that long.

    • Awesome! I look forward to reading your work.
      *pulls up a new tab too*

      Oh yeah, that’d be great! I’m thinking of maybe posting the first chapter on the forum to see what other people say. We’ll see how this editing goes first 🙂

      Aww, I love teddy bears! I have one from when I was two. Her nickname is ‘Juicy’. Yeah, it’s a long story how she got that name XD

      So what’s your favorite Beatles’ song so far?

      I was also scared and shy about starting a blog. But my mom and sister encouraged me to give it a try, so I did. It’s not so bad. It is definitely a learning curb!

      And thanks for following us! We’re sorta re-grouping to figure out how to reach our target audience. Haha, like I said, a learning curb.

    • Right, so feel free to shoot me a message in the blog’s contact form and I’ll send you my email for the story (yikes, I can be so forgetful sometimes XD)

      • @imwritehere1920 *bursts into room* Oh my gosh!!!! girl I love your website XD it is so kid friendly, and I love the comics:) it looks like something out of a kids book. Looks like you have a new follower:) I read the about us page. You two are sisters am I right? you both are sooo pretty! and you both sound so fun! *claps* Which one are you? Lily or Amy? *slams forehead with hand* How silly of me, we have been talking books and stuff all this time and I didn’t even ask you the basics (like what is your name and stuff) lol
        *feels ashamed and slightly embarrassed*
        What’s your name? and how old are you?
        and how did you and your sister come up with the Pencil Sisters?

        Yes! Teddy bears are great:) they are such a comfort. We always remember our first bear;) What does Juicy look like? *pulls up chair* Ive got time haha. Please tell me how juicy got her name. Did you accidentally get juice on her when you first got her, and the name sort of stuck?

        I’m listing to Strawberry Fields Forever, A Day in The Life, and Hey Jude a lot lately, but my favorite is Any Road by George Harrison. You should definitely listen to it, its such a random song, but it is very addicting:)
        I will email the blog now.
        don’t worry, its okay if you forget to tag me, Im not the type that wont respond unless I am tagged XD

    • @michelle
      *squeels with excitement!*
      Aww thanks Michelle!! You’re so sweet!! Ah, don’t worry about it! *realizes I forgot to do the same* lol.
      So, I’m Lily, and yes we’re both sisters from an inter-racial family. I’m the oldest at home right now (I have three older sibs who decided to get married *haha*). I have five siblings in total and I’m in my early twenties *sooo old!* lol
      If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?

      So, my mom, and sister and I were talking about how homeschool moms are always looking for good content for their kids (did I mention that we’re a homeschooling family?) So we thought of creating a kid-friendly blog for kids and share stories and comics and stuff for them to enjoy.

      As for my teddy bear, she’s a pale yellow with a pink hat (and a worn out daisy on top.) She has a sewn on dress with straps that you button, a zipper pouch on her skirt, and velcro strap shoes. I got her when I was about two years old (?) ‘ish’. She was one of those teddies where a little kid could practice ‘dressing a doll’. Ya know, how to button the straps, tie shoe laces, etc.

      Anyway, at the time, we were foster-caring a baby girl who we were to call ‘Jolisa’. It was super hard for me to pronounce her name, so I kept saying ‘Juicy’. Then, when the baby went home, I received the teddy bear and named her as such!

      Alright! You’re turn! What does Freddy look like and how did he get his name? Are you homeschooled too? (or publich-schooled?)

      Also, thanks for the message! I got it and sent you a reply.

      • Whoops, meant to say ‘public-schooled’. Haha! I love a funny typo!

      • @imwritehere1920 *claps hands in delight* I love it! I think inter-racial families are so cool and special:) Me and my sister are adopted from Guatemala, so we are sort of an inter-racial family also:) I just love seeing families like that, it makes me happy. I am 19 years old, but I will be 20 this August!!! (I am so scared lol I don’t want to grow up XD) So, I guess we can both be two little old ladies writing our children’s books haha

        Yassss a fellow homeschooler!! what curriculum did you use? I used Sonlight, you get to learn history through books instead of textbooks.
        Aww that is so sweet! I can’t XD I love Juicy.

        Freddy is little brown bear he is small you can old him in your hands, but he is still big enough to cuddle. He also has a little red bow at his neck.
        I still sleep with him:) actually all the characters in my story is based on all my stuffed animals.
        I know you sent me an email but for some reason I didn’t get it.
        Now Lily, on your website I saw that you make a thing known as the ultimate sandwich:) what is that about? tell me more.
        and what about your love of chickens??? how did you get that.

    • *runs and gives you big hug!* Yes!! Fellow adoptee and homeschooler!!!

      Wow, Guatemala? That’s amazing. If you don’t mind me asking another question, how old were you guys when you were adopted? My biological parents came from some Asian country, but I was born in the U.S. and adopted shortly after.

      Yes, we can be little old ladies writing stories! Ah, I didn’t like the idea of growing up either. BUT Happy early birthday!! Twenty isn’t so bad; you get used to it! (Aside from my mom, I don’t know anyone else who was born in August. So you’re the second one!) 🙂

      Hmm, we used a mix of homeschool curriculum. We did Math-U-See, Life of Fred, and for highschool we did ‘Mystery of History’ (or something along that line; it covered history from the Roman Empire and onward.) Ooo, I like the idea of learning history through stories and books instead of the standard textbook. We sorta did something like that with historical fiction books in school.

      Aww, Freddy sounds just adorable!!
      As for the email, I’ll try sending it again. For some reason, sometimes my replies end up in the spam folder? Or maybe it was a glitch on the form…. I’ll check to see if I can fix it.

      So the ultimate sandwich *plops down in chair that happens to be nearby*. How long have ya got? lol
      So Amy and I love making sandwiches and at one point we just started experimenting with different combinations of sandwich fixings. Like instead of just a turkey sandwich with mayo and mustard, we would add lettuce, sprouts, tomatoes, quartered artichokes (and a dash of seasoning). We also tried different versions of grilled cheese sandwiches too (like pesto and ham with cheddar etc.) We sometimes make it a friendly game to see who can make the best one. How about you? Do you like sandwiches, and if so, what’s your favorite kind?

      When I was in my early teens, we moved to the countryside and tried raising organic, free range laying hens. After a lot of research, we bought a few older hens, then bought and raised our own chicks. For the chicks, we tamed them by talking to them and holding them a lot. As they got older, they really imprinted on us. So much so, that you couldn’t open the back door without them hearing it and running to meet you (I think they expected food more than being petted XD). But it was a lot of fun. Really, chickens are quite funny and actually inspired some fun stories. They ended up being more like pets. We don’t have anymore; we’ve moved since then. How about you? Do you have any pets?

      • @imwritehere1920 *gives big hug back* Homeschooled adoptees unite!!
        I was adopted when I was 18 months old. I would have been home earlier but things are kinda slow down there(at least that is what I’ve heard lol) You can ask me anything you want:) I don’t mind at all. What about you? How old were you when you were adopted? “Some asian country”😂 lol I’m gonna take a wild guess. I’m guessing your birth parents are from Korea or Japan. Anywho. It is a blessing to be adopted💙
        Yeah your right, being in your twenties is not that bad. I’ll wait till my 40th than I will really be crying Haha XD
        I’m flattered☺ to be the second August birthday that you know lol.
        When is your birthday? *pulls up calendar so I can mark it*
        *slaps legs excitedly* girl…. I LOVE sandwiches!!! Actually I love food in general👌 honestly, there is no sandwich I dislike. But my go to is meat sandwiches. Do you have a favorite sandwich you’ve made? And who would usually when your little sandwich war game?😀
        I have two cats. Princess and Angelica. We just got Angelica last November. They are both so sweet and lovable, and very dog like.
        Do you have any pets at the moment?

        I can check if I got the email now.

    • @michelle

      Here here! Adoption is such a wonderful blessing!

      Ooo, you’re first guess was so close!! Actually, my birth parents were from Laos (right next to Vietnam).
      Technically, right after I was born, God place me directly into the family He wanted me to be in. But due to the ‘adoption’ system, things got…erm shuffled around quite a bit and the case wasn’t completed until I turned two (so yours was faster! *passes you cake*)

      Ah, I’ll cry with you when we reach forty. Then I’ll remind us that forty is actually young when you compare it to Methusaleh! (the guy ended up being, what? 969 years old?! Compared to him, we’re babies!)

      I’m a December baby!! (along with a lot of people in my family… and Xmas, so yeah, very busy month! XD)

      Well, my sister and I would end up saying our own sandwich was the best (guess you could say a ‘tie’). Hmm. I think my favorite sandwich is toasted bread, goat cheese, bagel seasoning, tomato, turkey and artichokes. What is your most favorite meat sandwich?

      I love your kitties’ names! They sound just adorable! What is one of the funniest things they’ve ever done?
      No, we don’t have pets at the moment. But we do have a lot of wildlife around our house (squirrels, birds, wild rabbits, deer, etc.) So yeah, it can be quite entertaining to watch them.

      And I almost forgot to ask! How many siblings do you have?

      • @imwritehere1920 How cool!!! you have Laos in you:) *takes cake and cuts it in half to share it with you* I love making friends that are adopted also!!
        Methusaleh? *opens new tab to look him up* I never heard of him before, I need to look into this man and learn his secret XD
        I always thought it would be cool to have your birthday near Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!! but than I hear its kind of stressful too. How does your family celebrate birthdays and Christmas lol? While we are on the topic what is your favorite Christmas song? like a couple that get you into the mood!
        Whaaaaaat?!?! I never heard of a sandwich like that:) I must learn your ways!! *makes grocery list* I like the Italian Antipasto Sandwich and I also like classic turkey sandwiches, those are just a couple for my favorites:)
        They are really sweet! the funniest thing they ever done? ever? hmm, theres a lot…. Well Angelica loves to carry things in her mouth like a dog does. She even picks up a toilet paper roll and carries it all the way up the stairs (from the downstairs bathroom) and shreds it XD
        Princess likes to play hide and go seek with me and my sister. Oh, and every time we sneeze she cries lol. Some times we fake sneeze just so we can her her cry. She has such a cute voice.
        Okay honestly I love wildlife:) at our place we have rabbits and squirrels also:) no deer though. What is the most amusing thing you saw the animals do?? I love spying on animals:) even if spying isn’t polite haha.
        I have one sister we are four months apart, but we are both born in the same year (my birthday comes first so I’m the oldest, at least for four months)
        How many sibling do you have? I know you have Amy, what is she like?

    • @michelle

      *thanks you for the cake*
      Alrighty!! I’m back!! So sorry for disappearing. I came onto the forum, answered someone else’s question, then tried to reply to you. Something went wrong and the reply didn’t go through. Then my chromebook went on the fritz and refused to cooperate. Don’t know why it wasn’t working, though when I checked today, it seemed to work *crosses fingers and prays it won’t go be-zerks!* XD Anyway, sorry for the delay *hands out cookies* 🙂

      Actually, Methusaleh is in the Bible (he’s related to Noah.) And yes, we must learn his secret to long life (which, now that I think about it, has its pros and cons… How would you fit so many candles on b-day cake??)

      Ah the holidays and birthdays. So, my birthday comes way before Christmas so we celebrate it then. For other family members, they wait until January and we get together and exchange gifts (though due to the ‘shall-not-be-named’ virus, we’ve sent gifts through the mail last year.) What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

      Ooo, as for Christmas songs… *unrolls super long list* Basically, any of my favorite ones are by Casting Crowns, Laura Story, or Francesca Battistelli. What about you? What’s your favorite Christmas song/or Christian artist?

      Mmm! Italian antipasto?! I’ve never heard of that before! *starts researching on Pinterest* That sounds really good!

      Aww, your kitties sound so adorable! I used to have a cat named Patches (she died several years ago.)
      Hmm, most amusing things our wildlife has done. Well, one day we spread out a bunch of birdseed in our front yard and a big gray squirrel began stuffing himself with it. When he was super full, he climbed onto our porch swing, laid across the top and fell asleep while the breeze rocked the swing! I manage to take a picture of it (I might post it on our blog later this summer; we’ll see!)

      But is it spying if the animals watch us when we’re not looking? *blows mind* Guess we’re even XD

      • Yes!! It finally went through!! Chromebook is back in business *ahem* Erm, just ignore my celebrations over here *grins*

      • @imwritehere1920 LILY!!!!!!!!!!! *gives hug* 🤗 technology is not always our friend haha I’m glad to have you back. *grabs plate of cookies, and eats them, while stomach grows slowly fat*
        Oh *laughs* people in the bible days lived a long time, as for learning their secrets…. we might never know.
        A Christmas tradition we do every year is to go for a drive and look at Christmas lights, and we also open one small gift💙 I’m always excited for that part lol (if I’m being completely honest😂)
        What are your Christmas traditions at your place? Also what was your favorite Christmas present? That you remember😀
        Ooh I love all those artists! *chef kiss* my favorite is gonna make me sound outdated lol. I really like the little drummer boy🥁 when you sit down and really listen to the lyrics, you will fully understand how beautiful it is *wipes tears away* it also makes me cry.
        You managed to get concrete evidence of the squirrel 😱
        Share!!!😂 *mind is also blown* I dont even want to know what the wildlife saw me doing lol.
        Yay for chromebook!! *passes you cookies*
        I will try and send you my children’s book on the pencil sister email address! Let’s hope it works.
        Also what are some of your other hobbies? other than writing and making sandwiches ( those are great things though)
        And what’s your thoughts on ice cream?
        P.S you can tell when I’m on my phone and when I’m on my laptop( my phone has emojis and my computer does not) 😀

    • @michelle

      *thanks you for the cookies too* 🙂
      We used to have an artificial tree that we’d assemble each year (actually, it was a lot of fun putting it together; we’d do it while listening to music) and decorate it with our favorite ornaments (we’d get to pick a new one each year). Unfortunately, we lost it when we moved (just before the pandemic hit *yikes!*) So last year, we did a live tree. It was fun. How about you? Fake tree or live one instead?

      Ooo, I also love looking at Christmas lights! What’s your favorite Christmas gift? I think mine was…*scratches head and thinks really hard* … Wow. I’m actually drawing a blank *haha* *ahem* I think one of the best gifts I got was some Christmas money from my parents one year, and I bought a needle-felting kit (and I have fallen in love with the craft ever since. I also bought a tiny stuffed dragon and named her Singe. I still have her!)

      I think the Little Drummer Boy is such a sweet song! *passes you tissue*

      Yes! I did get evidence of a squirrel! *dunn dunn dunn!* (wonders if I should now join CIA or FBI…)
      Hmm… I can’t seem to post a picture here… I’ll see if I can send it via email, if that’s okay. And yes! Let’s hope the pencil sister email works! *keeps and eye out for incoming messages* 🙂

      Hobbies… Well, I did mention needle-felting. I like photographing ridiculous squirrels. And I love decorating journals with washi tape and stickers (though I’m not the best *lol*) I also love notebooks (duh Lily, it’s more like an obsession XD) What about you? What are your favorite hobbies?

      Ice Cream?! Did someone say ice cream? *quickly composes herself* So, when I was in my late teens, I developed a sort of milk intolerance😭 So I can’t have a lot of dairy all the time. I can have a little every now and then (and I’m totally fine. I won’t explode…. right?)😁 Let’s keep fingers crossed. ANYWAY. I do love ice cream made with coconut milk (the salted caramel flavor is my absolute favorite. Amy loves the chocolate one, but don’t listen to her! 😄) So I do love it… on special occasions and in moderation 🙂 What are your thoughts on ice cream?

      Oh yeah, I can. My Chromebook will do a few emojis (as I just remembered and inserted them in this conversation!).

      • @imwritehere1920 I’m here!!!! Okay lets see….
        Me and my family used to do a real tree, it was a rosemary tree table top tree. it was still big enough to put presents under:) It smelled soooo good! but sadly we started getting allergenic to it one Christmas (like when I was 12?) so we switched to a fake tree. It was lights already strung on it so we didnt have to fuss with that part XD *brings out the Christmas cookies in the middle of summer* look at us, talking about Christmas when it is literally summer haha.
        How did you get your Christmas tree? did you go out into the woods and cut it yourself? or did you buy it? We used to buy our trees. one year they were out of the trees we usually get so we were stuff with a pokey tree lol. So yeah I didn’t get anywhere near it, I let my mom and dad deal with it XD What kinds of ornaments do you put on your tree?
        *Remembers that You mentioned Pinterest and wants to follow you* What is your Pinterest called?
        Exposes that squirrel picture to the world, and show the FBI that you are ready for a job promotion *laughs at how creative we are*
        Ooh that’s cool! what do you like about notebooks? other than using them for writing:)
        Girl! thank goodness you can have ice cream in moderation:) I love chocolate peanut butter but now…. *sobs* I cant have peanut butter. I can still have everything else though. I love mint also!
        Oh, what are some of your favorite movies?
        Lily, you will be happy to know that I had a cucumber and dill sandwich today;) I’m trying to eat more sandwiches in your honor;)
        Also I sent your my children’s book. let me know if you got it.

    • @michelle
      *returns from the mounds of story editing and dusts myself off*
      Hey! Thanks for the link! I’ll definitely check out your story!

      And as for Christmas trees, I wish I could say we trekked into the snow-laden mountains, axes over our shoulder, and found the perfect tree, cut it down, and took it home where we drank hot cocoa. Actually…. we just went to a makeshift tree lot and bought a nice looking, pre-cut pine XD

      Ooo, I remember getting a small rosemary tree once. It smelled so nice! Ah, I’m so sorry you got allergies from it.

      Whaa??! There’s another use for notebooks besides writing?!!! Okay, seriously. I love how you can just organize ideas into a notebook, and you can make how you want. Apps are fine for on the go, but there’s a certain freedom when doing it yourself on paper (if that makes sense). What do you like most about notebooks?

      Hmm, I’ve never tried cucumber and dill. (Taught you well, I have oh apprentice XD) Do you like Star Wars? They’re some of my favorite movies. What’s your favorite movie?

      Here’s a fun question: Who or what inspired your love of writing children’s stories? (i.e a particular book/author?)

      Also, (cause I like throwing out random questions *grins*) what’s your favorite book of the Bible?

      • @imwritehere1920 Yeah, cutting down your own tree makes a better story to tell people😂, until people ask you questions you don’t know how to answer lol
        What writing project are you working on? *gives puppy dog eyes* yesssss the editing part is long and hard, but it’s worth it in the end😀
        Preach!!! I dont write on my phone, I dont have the patience for it XD because you have a small little keypad that you have to hunt and peck. My mind goes to fast for the phone *apologizes to the phone so it doesn’t start freezing up on purpose* I like the computer more than writing it down by hand because…my handwriting sucks😅 but I do love using notebooks!!! Especially pretty notebooks and stickers? How many notebooks have you used up usually? Waaaaaaa? You haven’t tried Cucumber and dill *makes sandwiches for you* but in all reality you must try it;)
        I haven’t watched any of the Star Wars movies ( I’m sorry lol) but I have watched clips of The Mandalorian I really like Cara Dune. What do you like about Star Wars? And which movie is your favorite? (There are a lot)
        I really loved Children books they tell such great stories while being simple at the same time. You never forget you favorite book as a kid *slips random question in* what is your favorite children’s book as a kid? I came up with Freddy when I had to write a short story for homeschool. I didn’t know what to write about. So I thought why dont I write it about animals:) then I thought why dont I write it about my stuffed animals. I just had to make the main my first stuffed bear Freddy. Freddy’s friends were based on my other stuffed animals. So yeah it started with that ( I’ve always loved creating stories in my head, it’s just so fun making things up from scratch) How did you get you love for writing?
        Ooo my favorite bible book is Proverbs. It is a book filled with parables wise words. You lean more from stories. That is why Jesus told so many parables. Your turn! What is your favorite book of the bible and why?😀 Also have you watched The Chosen? its a biblical TV show

        What did you do to celebrate your 4th of July?

    • @michelle

      So, I’m working on my middle-grade short story. It’s about a girl who’s mother is an apothecary. When city officials destroy their practice and separate them, the girl must find a way to survive. I’m almost through with edits *grimaces*. The first few rounds of editing are actually fun as you get to experiment with new ideas to make it better. Towards the end, you just try not to bang your head on the computer XD

      Yeah, a phone’s keyboard is so small! And then there’s the wonderful auto-correct *slams palm onto forehead* So typos aren’t our biggest problem *lol* (also, I just love stickers! I probably have way too many XD)

      I like Cara too. And Mando. And Baby Yoda. I’d say the original movies and the last three Star Wars movies (in the saga) are my favorite (’cause it’s hard for me to decide) 😉

      Yes! Children’s books can explore wonderful themes that a child can grasp (and still retain innocence, wonder, and still not be preachy!) Awhile back, I read a book called ‘The Remember Balloons’. It beautifully dealt with a child’s view of a grandparent’s memory loss. Or ‘I Love You Forever’ *cues sobbing and tears*

      Hmm. Favorite children’s book (wait, I have to chose just one?! *pulls out long list*)…. I loved the Blue Kangaroo series and The Big Green Pocketbook. When I got a bit older, I loved the Knights’ Tales by Gerald Morris (particularly the one about Lancelot. Seriously, if you haven’t read it, be prepared for non-stop laughter.) I still read middle-grade books, so When You Reach Me and Walk Two Moons have been a favorite (and in need of a serious re-read. *adds to TBR list*)
      What is your favorite children’s book(s)?

      I also wrote a short story about some of our tiny dolls for school (have you heard of Calico Critters?) I’ve always carried stories around in my head. I love telling them. So, I guess you could say God gave me this love for story-telling. 🙂

      Proverbs is a good one! I love the Psalms. With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, the Psalms have been reassuring that God is still in control.

      Cool, I’ve heard of the Chosen, but I haven’t seen it yet. Do you like it? What’s your favorite part? Also, what’s your favorite movie?

      • @imwritehere1920 Wow!!! Your story sounds so cool💙 like I said, i would love to beta read your book when its ready😀
        *wipes tears away* I love stories that tug at the heart strings, it takes stories to a whole new level.
        Calico Critters? aren’t those the little animal figures that you can collect, and you can buy houses and sets for them? If so than yes I know exactly what they are:)
        Yesss Psalms is just what we need right now. Fun question who is your favorite bible character? Other than Jesus) surprisingly, I do like The Chosen. The first season is a little slow, but it does get a lot better. The sets and costumes are so spectacular especially since it didn’t come out of Hollywood.
        My favorite movie… (where do I begin😅) Amadeus is one I really like. It’s about Mozart. It is historical but is also really wacky and funny. I also like The Disney movie Tarzan. Oh and I also like Journey back to Christmas. It is a hallmark hall of fame movie about a woman in the 1940s that gets sent to the modern days. It is so good, I think you will really like it:)
        *slaps forehead* we have been talking about like and I didn’t even ask you where you live😂 What state do you live in? I live in California.
        Also, what’s your favorite Disney movie?

    • @michelle

      *passes tissues* I know, right?!

      Ooo *slams palm onto forehead* I forgot to ask you how your Fourth of July went! (what did you do?) My family just stayed home (’cause of the heat… and I actually forgot…*oops*) We watched the movie Catching Faith. It was okay; I honestly felt it could be deeper. What’s your least favorite Christian movie?

      Whaaa? A Christian tv series NOT made by Hollywood?!
      Hmm. I do like Esther. I used to read her story a lot as a kid. Who’s your favorite Bible character (aside from Christ)?
      Ooo, I’ve seen Journey Back to Christmas! It’s been a while, but I remember liking the premise.

      Mozart sounds cool; movies based on real people can be fun (or heart-breaking like Two Hearts *no pun intended*). Hey, have you ever seen movies about famous authors? (i.e Finding Neverland, Saving Mr. Banks, etc?)

      Tarzan is a good Disney movie; I love the song ‘You’ll Be in My Heart’. What’s your favorite Disney song? My favorite Disney movie would be either Tangled, or Frozen. Or the live action Cinderella movie….

      Yep! That’d be the Calico Critters! We grew up playing with them (along with some other critters made by Only Hearts doll company; sadly it went out of business years ago *sniffs*) For school, we took pictures of them in the backyard and then wrote short stories to go with it. Have you ever had any Calico Critters?

      • @imwritehere1920 Same here, me and my family stayed home and barbecued, had dessert and watched fireworks (we can see them from our house!!😀) actually, we heard fireworks starting up before the 4t😅
        Yeah sometimes you watch movies that wernt as good as you thought they would be. That happen on my birthday last year. I picked out a Christian comedian’s comedy to watch but it ended up being their documentary lol. We watched it but if was boring *laughs*
        I’ve heard of those movie titles, but I’ve never watched them. I have watched the man who invented Christmas (have you seen it?) It’s about Charles Dickens when he wrote his famous christmas story.
        *claps hands together* Oh my gosh! What is my favorite disney song lol (there are lots) I like A Whole new World, Part of your World, all the song’s from Tarzan, First time in forever from Frozen, and so much more!😎 what are some of your favorites (no pressure lol)
        I’ve never played with Calico critters, but I wish I did (they look so cute and would be hours of fun. When I was little I played with my stuffed animals and when I was older I played with Barbie dolls. Did you play with Barbies? I k ow some kids can’t.
        Oh also *looks around* did you watch Veggietales growing up?
        Oh and do you have social media? I want to follow you girl💙

        Also, what have you been up to lately Lilly?

    • @michelle

      We moved to the country awhile back, but when we lived in the city, we’d often hear neighbor ‘practicing’ with fireworks before the fourth too; or they’d do it late into the night when all other fireworks were supposed to be over. Of course we don’t need sleep! XD)

      Hmm, I haven’t seen The Man Who Invented Christmas, though I’ve heard a lot of people recommend it! I also want to see the one about Tolkien, and I’m waiting for a movie on C.S Lewis! *starts pitching his life story to movie makers!*

      *claps hands together too* Girl! I grew up listening to A Whole New World!! Back when we had cds *soo long ago* *lol* we used to listen to Disney songs in the car. That song was also one of my favorites! I also love the songs from the live-action Disney princess movies (but I’ll stop now, or we’ll be here foreeever XD)

      I used to have some barbie dolls when I was younger, but then we eventually switched to the Disney princess dolls. (Is it just me, or do some of the more recent barbie dolls look, erm, mad? haha)

      Veggie Tales!! Actually, yes we did! The Silly Songs With Larry were the best parts! *still waiting for my water buffalo* lol. Hey, what was your favorite kids show growing up?

      Sorry, aside from the blog, I don’t really have social media. I’m more introverted and social media is a bit overwhelming for me. What about you? Do you do social media?

      I’ve just been doing research on self-publishing, keeping our wild rabbits alive with food and water, and becoming obsessed with six-word stories (it’s actually a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.) What have you been doing lately? Have you ever tried six word stories?

      • @imwritehere1920 Yeah Sleep is over rated XD How cool! What is it like living in the country? Do you have a lot of land? I live in the city (very close to the ocean might I add)
        Yasss *speaks into megaphone* Movie makers! Lily has a great idea for a movie, she is waiting by the phone!
        I know right!? It seems like so long ago, Toy’s R us, Blockbuster, box TVs, CDs Man, how time flies lol.
        I had disney Princess dolls too. Ariel is my favorite princess. Everything was Ariel for me, dolls, clothes, books, everything. I think it was because she was a red head😀 I’ve always wanted to be a red head, but I dont think it would look good on me, because I’m tan (being from Guatemala and all😂) but it is fun to dream. Which disney princess dolls did you have? And which one was your favorite? Also did you and your sister share them?😁
        Oh my gosh yes XD I’m not a fan of the new Barbies either😂 they look odd and their clothes and hair are poor quality. They dont make dolls like they used to *thinks happily and longingly about the good old days*
        Yay for Veggietales! Honestly, their songs are genius👌and so catchy. The question was the water buffalo you wanted pink or blue haha. For some strange reason I always that that song was about a cowboy hat (he was wearing a hat after all) then when I got older I realized it was about an animal🤗. What were your favorite silly songs? And how was your favorite character?( you can have more than one) By the way, they never got around to doing that bear trap song, did they😅
        I’ve never heard of six word stories.
        Please, do tell:)

    • @michelle

      Hey! How’s it going? Let’s see, it’s pretty quiet out in the country. We have about an acre of land. Ooo, you live near the ocean? That’s cool! What’s it like? Do you go often? What’s your favorite part of visiting the beach? We used to have family that lived along the coast (it was a great excuse to go to the beach lol)

      Oh man, I remember Blockbuster! And we still have a box of old cd’s! (of course, our cd player broke down years ago… XD).

      We have an Ariel doll too (somewhere in a doll basket in the house.) We did a lot of the Disney Princesses, like Rapunzel and Belle. My personal favorite was one we called ‘Maggie’. Before the knock-off dolls got really cheap, they made a nice ‘Merida’ doll (Target sold them). Someone gave us that doll, only we already had a Merida one! So we decided to call her ‘Maggie’. I used to sew some dresses for her. Actually, I was a bit older when we started getting Disney dolls (they mostly belonged to my younger sisters!) But we did share. And I was temporarily the doll’s seamstress. I never got paid though XD *ahem, still waiting for a check*. Aside from Ariel, which other dolls did you have?

      Speaking of the ‘good old doll days’, have you heard of The Only Hearts Club dolls?

      Yeah, I don’t think I could rock the bright red hair either…. or blond like Rapunzel *haha*. My favorite princess was Mulan; probably because we had the same hair. Then, after Frozen came out, Anna became my next favorite princess.

      Yes, Larry did wear that cowboy hat! *pictures it on his head* I thought the ‘Blues’ song was funny (where Larry tried to sound sad and blue, but couldn’t. Then that lemon destroyed his cookie. That scene always cracks me up XD) Or ‘The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything’. That was a good one too *realizes that the song are now going to be stuck in my head foreeever* *heelp!* *and petitions that the bear trap song be officially recorded.* (cause I definitely need more Veggie Tales songs stuck in my head *haha*)

      What was your favorite silly song(s) and who was your favorite character(s)? I really liked Bob. Or Petunia. She was cute. And Jr. Asparagus.

      Also, what were some of your favorite kids tv shows growing up? (Aside from Veggie Tales.)

      Okay, six word stories are so much fun (and challenging!) The point is to tell a whole story in six words. It’s supposed to pack a punch and evoke emotion. A famous one goes like this:
      For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn.

      It’s cool how you can get so much from what isn’t said. Anywho, this girl that I follow recently started a six word story challenge on her blog (I’ll leave the link below, if you’re interested.)

      If At First You Don’t Succeed

      • @imwritehere1920 We actually moved here last April. During the high time of covid. I love our new house💙 being close to the beach is great. Sometimes, late at night you can smell the ocean sea breeze! I love walking down the oceanside pire it is so gorgeous. I love seeing the ocean waves and the salty sea air. What was your favorite part of the beach? ( when you got the chance)
        I love childhood you (AKA little lily) already! I wish I could see the dresses you made for the dolls:) they sound so cute.
        *stands up and speaks through megaphone* Girls!!!! Lily is waiting for her money! Lol
        Yeah, some hair color wwle might not be able to pull off. But hey, GIRL WE ROCK NATURAL HAIR!!!!💙😎 *gives high five*
        Yasss Mulan is awesome! She is sweet, clumsy, and strong.
        I had LOTS of Ariel dolls, I had Belle, Jasmine, Cinderella, one Snow white doll, and Rapunzel. I had more barbie dolls than Disney dolls though. We mixed our Barbies and our disney princess dolls. They got along very well:)
        Agreed, Anna is an amazing character she is sweet gentle, funny, and such a good sister.

        Shows I watched as a kid. Let’s see…. Oh yes I watched Max and Ruby, Angelina ballerina, Charlie and Lola, and all the Barbie movies. But my favorite show has to be…. wait for it… (please don’t judge me to hard😅)
        Thomas the Tank Engine. Now, I k ow it was a boys show, but I loved it so much. I had some of the trains and lots of the movies. When I was about five years old I was at my next door neighbor’s birthday party. He had a Thomas the train toy, an I fell In love with it. I held that train all through the party. I still find myself singing the songs from time to time. “Its great to be an engine🎶”
        So yeah I’m crazy XD
        And of course the was also veggietales:) Girl, those songs are the bomb though! Actually I was listening to the silly song just recently (no shame lol) All the characters in that show are so well created and acted. I’ve always liked Junior the asparagus. He is the most realistic character in the franchise and I am here for it. What are the shows you grew up watching as a kid?
        Yes pass me the petition when you are done XD also ask if we can have our water buffalos😀
        Thanks for tagging me in your six word story post lily. I left my six word stories on there.

    • @michelle

      My favorite part of the beach is collecting the shells or rocks. Yeah, we have a box full of them XD But it so hard to pass them by! So many cool shapes and colors. I love the delicate feel of the shells and sand dollars; and one time we found a whale-shaped rock! Walking through the waves was fun. Oh, and can’t forget visiting family too! lol

      Well, you probably don’t want to see my first attempt at a dress (it was made of felt and I accidentally sewed the sleeves closed! Poor doll!)
      Ah, that’s good that Barbie and the Disney dolls got along. What roles did Barbie and Friends play? Did you have any princes?

      Whaa?! I also watched those shows too! (even Thomas, though it wasn’t my favorite. We had a cousin, though, who loved that series.) Charlie and Lola was a definite favorite. I love the take on the sibling trope (Charlie is just the sweetest!!!) We also watched The Backyardigans and Martha Speaks (which I will unashamedly watch all over again. ‘Cause, it’s a talking dog who is absolutely hysterical!)

      • @imwritehere1920 *laughs* Oh, I do want to see them XD didn’t you have a little story about the beach on you and your sister’s website?
        As for the Barbies and the princess.
        Me and my sister pretend that they were all in the same world. And they would have adventures together. We would even swap their clothing back and forth:) *laughs* honestly, I only had two boy dolls lol (that is 8s just asking for trouble let me tell you lol, poor guys!) Did you have any guy dolls? And did your Barbies play nice with the princesses?😂😂
        *tries to conceal excitment* I know it wasn’t your go to show and it has been a while since we were young XD but a just have to ask you this….. in Thomas and friends which train did you like best?
        I know right, Charlie was a saint:) I wonder if boys in real life are that sweet😅 yes I watched The Backyardigans also! One thing always bothered me about the show. I never could figure out what Uniqua was lol. Pablo was a penguin, Tasha was a hippo, and Tyrone was a moose. We might never know that mystery:)
        Oh and I’ve also watched Little bear that was also a favorite of mine👌
        Yasss girl! You watch those cartoons!
        Man, I can’t believe summer is almost over *pulls out calendar to make sure I’m right* What was the highlight of your summer? Also what kind of church do you go to? Yes random lol but I’m curious

    • @michelle

      Ah, I think it was a comic strip about the beach. Interestingly enough, I haven’t really done a story set along the beach. I mostly lean toward forests!

      We didn’t have any more Barbie dolls when we got our Disney dolls; and for a long time we only had Flynn Rider. Poor guy. Whenever our dollies had a ball, he had to escort each and every one of them! We helped him out by one day getting Prince Charming. (except, Prince Charming only wanted to escort Cinderella *lol*) Flynn was grateful for the extra help, though😆

      Hmm. I don’t remember all the trains names. I guess Thomas. We also used to have a Thomas and Friends train set. Setting up the wooden tracks was fun.
      That’s such an adorable story about when you were five! Did you ever get a Thomas train toy like your friend?

      Maybe Uniqua was a bug/alien that was…. unique? Haha, perhaps it will always remain a mystery.

      AWW!!! Little Bear was just the sweetest!! I loooved Duck ’cause she just so funny and I loved Emily and Cat and No-Feet (ironic name for a garden snake). Who was your favorite character? Man, they just don’t make kids shows like they used too. Maybe if novel writing doesn’t work out for us, we could go into writing kids show for kids 😉

      Oh, another throw-back; what about Blue’s Clues or Barney and Friends? Have you ever seen those?

      Whaaa?!!! Summer is almost over already?! *sobs*
      Ahem. Well, I did enjoy geocaching with my family and we found an awesome creek to have a picnic at. What was the highlight of your summer? Are you going to school in the fall?

      I’d say we go to a Bible-based church (have you ever heard of John MacArthur? It’s something like his church.) What kind of church do you go to?

      • @imwritehere1920 Poor Flynn!💙 he is a saint😇
        Yeah Thomas is a fan favorite, the older models have a magnet on the front to you can connect them together. Oh yes of course I got the Thomas toy😀 fun fact! When I was little my parents had a rule. That we must put our hands on the car in the parking lot after grocery shopping. So we used to call the car Thomas, they would say put your hands on thomas😂 and we would (yes we called the car Thomas lol it my Thomas love was bad😂) It reminds me about another story. It’s about Disney princess now. So it was my sister’s 5th birthday (we are both born in the same year, but my birthday comes first) she got a mini baby Ariel it came with a criband a bottleand little changes of clothes(I had an Ariel addiction too) I fell in love with that doll once my sister unwrapped it. I really wished I could have it. 5 year old me could hold back the tears so I just began to cry☺ So my mom took me to another part of the house and tried to talk me through it. Little did I know that mom bought two of them and was going to give me mine on Christmas. So she told me about that to make me feel better. So yeah XD I hope I’m not boring you with my life stories haha.
        Now I get what they were doing😀 she’s Unique! That’s why they called her uniqua. Yasss I loved duck from little bear she was just so goofy and funny, especially when she was babysitting for mother duck and she was trying to keep the ducklings out of the potato salad, but she was the one eating it XD I also liked owl and little bear. Yes, Blues Clues was a show I watched (I always remember more after the fact) I had a blues Clues sippy cup. We watched Barney sometimes. Did you watch blues Clues? Yes, but sometimes children’s books get turned into tv shows:)
        Let’s dream big🌠
        That sounds so fun!! What did you eat on your picnic? (Sandwiches😏)
        Me and my sister went to or first asian market and got some authentic Asian snacks.
        I’ve never heard of that church before *opens up new tab and looks it up* We go to north coast church it a mega church up here in oceanside. Me a d my sister joined a life group that meets on zoom. It’s for young adult women. It was great since we were all locked up during the quarantine.
        If you dont mind me asking. What are some child good memories you remember as a child?😀
        Also did you watch the Barbie movies growing up?
        Also did you go to Awana or any other kid group growing up?

    • @michelle

      Aww, that’s so cute that you named the car Thomas! We kinda call ours ‘Betsy’. Why? Umm, not sure how it got started. The nickname sorta stuck 😄

      That’s so sweet that your mom got you both Ariel dolls! No not at all, I love a good family story!

      Hmm, but technically Duck did keep the little ones out of the potato salad… by eating it before they could!😆
      Oh girl, I loved Blue and Steve! (I even used to have ‘handy-dandy notebook’. Though, not a cool mailbox like they had!). So true! Some books do get turned into tv series (like Martha Speaks.) Dreaming big still!

      *Ahem* Well, yes sandwiches… But also chips and hummus too! (am I that predictable?!)

      Awesome! What was the Asian market like? (ironically, I’ve never been 😂) What was your favorite asian snack?

      I don’t know if ‘Bible-based’ is an official denomination (all I know is that we don’t belong to one technically speaking.) That’s great that you guys could meet on zoom. What have you been studying lately?

      Good childhood memories… I’d say playing Chron. of Narnia and Little Women with my friends when we were kids (though, not at the same time. That’d just end up kinda weird😆)
      Or playing Sharks and Minnows with kids after our choir class (basically, and over-glorified game of tag 😉)
      When I was in my early teens, we also raised chickens and it was so much fun! Lots of fun memories/stories about them!

      Yes, we did watch some Barbie movies like The Princess and the Pauper, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Swan Lake (though I remember thinking the bad guy was kinda scary. Now, I’d probably cringe at the animation back then!) And I remember they did a Rapunzel version that we watched on DVR *gasps and clutches chest!* That was quite a throwback!
      Did you watch Barbie movies too, and if so, which were your favorites?

      Yeah, I did Awana for a while, but being an introvert, I didn’t do a ton of youth group stuff (I was also a bit shy and awkward when I was younger.) But I did do choir, which was my most favorite homeschool group. How about you? Did you do Awana and youth group? Have you ever done choir?

      • @imwritehere1920 Just between you and me, I thought Steve was so handsome when I watched it lol What was your favorite part in Blues Clues?
        Yeah, the animation is cringy looking back on it
        Me and my family watched all of them lol. My favorite of all was Rapunzel! I loved Hobbie the rabbit, he was so funny:) It threw you back hard girl lol I do have to hand it to them. The music was so pre
        Well you are known as the girl with sandwiches and squirrelsXD What kind of sandwiches did you have?
        Well I’ve heard of the Asian snakes Pocky and Hi-Chew. Pocky is Japanese biscuit stick with covered in chocolate. Hi Chew is also Japanese, it
        is a fruit sold candy that comes in many flavors. Me and my sister got the mango, orange, and pineapple variety pack (keep in mind that we don’t eat a lot of sugar at our house, so it was a real treat lol) and we got some fruits and sauce as well.
        Oh yes I did do Awana.. for two years *makes you a cake and tea and pulls up a chair for you* You might want to make you comfortable because my Awana years comes with a story XD Okay. My parents have always wanted to put me and my sister in Awana but the churches we went to didn’t have it. So when I was 10 (I guess) we started going to a church that had Awana. When it was the first night of group I was so scared I really wanted to make friends but I was so terrified. When it was time to get assigned to our team color I had quite a surprise. My sister got assigned to the green team and I was assigned to the yellow team. I was so nervous about being separated from her I was considering asking if I could join her team, but I didn’t. And man am I glad I was on the yellow team:) So the following Wednesday when we were lining up to say the pledge, I noticed a car drive up, and from the back seat came a boy about my age, I instantly had a crush on him, he had long brown hair that reached to his shoulders (until then I never really saw a little boy with long hair) Anyway when it was time to play games we all got into our teams, and to my excitement and terror lol. He was on my team. I was super duper nervous at that point. So we were going to play a game that I didn’t know how to play, but I was chosen to go first. When I told the everyone that I didn’t know what to do the Awana ask for someone to help me. Than right away the boy that I had a crush ran over to me and wrapped his arm around my neck and walked me to where I was supposed to stand. As you can Imagine I was blown away by how kind he was, no boy ever did that to me. After he told me the rules of the game I tried to thanks him, but I couldn’t even speak. By the end of the night, I complacently lost my heart XD There is more to the story but we could be here all day lol. There is a sad part to the story. at the beginning of my second year in Awana, he didn’t come back. I actually found out that he had been coming to Awana ever since he was little, I guess when he turned 11 it was just to much for him, because with school and everything *wipes tears away* I only stayed half the year. I didn’t want to stay if he wasn’t gonna come back (plus other friends I made didn’t come back either) so yeah. that was my Awana story. But you know what. I was so happy that God brought those friends into my life when I needed them. I am grateful that I got to experience those feelings of joy. Being 11 was one of the best years of my life:) I still look back on my time there with fond memories not sad ones:)
        Oh gosh lol I sound like a grandmother in her rocking chair telling her granddaughter her life story XD
        I’ve never done choir before. Actually I’ve never been in a home school group:P What is it like being in one?
        Have you seen any squirrels lately Lily? and how is the editing for your story going?:)

    • @michelle

      I’M BACK!!! *whew*

      Yes, I did get your message! It almost got lost in my inbox; and then just after I found it and clicked the link my computer ‘fritzed’ and I had to quit (who knew computers could be so fickle and such *lol*)

      Aww, I loved Steve (and Joe) too! Steve kinda reminded me of my older brother who talked quietly just like him.

      Hmm, I’m pretty sure it was turkey sandwiches with sprouts or something.

      We don’t eat a lot of sugar too, but Hi Chew sounds delicious!

      *thanks you for the tea and cake* Btw, what’s your favorite tea?
      That’s such a sweet story! I do believe we never ‘accidentally’ meet people; but that God brings them into our lives for a reason, even if it’s for a short time. Have you ever heard the song ‘For Good’? It’s from some Broadway show; I only heard it performed by a high school girls’ ensemble one year.

      So here’s a random question; over on another forum (Kingdom Pen) people have been asking newcomers this question: Do you like pineapple on pizza? (or something like that).
      And this is going to sound strange, but have you ever been on the K.P forum? (I remember trying to find a topic on there, so I went waay back through some of the previous conversations, and I thought I saw your name, but wasn’t sure…? I got distracted and forgot where I saw it).

      I haven’t been in a ton of homeschooled groups myself; but usually it was a group of our friends and we played at each others house. Or after choir we’d play over-glorified games of tag out on the lawn XD
      One time, we went to a friend’s house (they lived out in the country and had several acres of land). There was a huge hill out back and we climbed it and played Chronicles of Narnia (however, in our group, it was pretty much all girls and just one little brother lol).

      No worries, I enjoy hearing life stories! As for squirrels, it’s been rather hot lately, so aside from the occasional one scurrying up the tree… well, nothing. However, the rabbits have been coming out in the evening. There was a big one and a little one that shared some food that we left for them (usually, they don’t always share, so I think this could’ve been a mama and baby.)

      How has your writing been going?
      Editing and formatting is slow but steady! 🙂

      • @imwritehere1920 You have an older brother?!? I’m shook. I gotta ask again lol How many siblings do you have and what are their names??
        Fun fact I like tea better than coffee XD my favorite tea had to be chamomile, its so relaxing and great to sip on:) What is your favorite tea Lily? or do you like coffee better:)
        I have never heard of that song *opens up new tab on computer* But I will now.

        I love random lol. I like all toppings on pizza!:) I like pizza in general. I don’t really get to have much of it, but when I do I cry tears of joy XD What topping do you like on pizza?
        I’ve been spotted!!!!!!!!! does the pofile picture have a rose?? if so then that was me:) surprise lol. I was on ST for a while then switched to KP than went back to Story embers. Are you part of Kingdom pen?? which one do you like better story embers or kingdom pen??
        Girl, The squirrels are just regrouping and plotting XD there is a lot of rabits where I live they love coming out in the evening and snaking on grass in the backyard, and I like to watch them it:)
        My writing has been kind of slow, I have been doing more artwork lately
        Hey, fun random question for you, where did you go on your last vacation? and what was your favorite vacation??

    • @michelle

      So I have five siblings in all (two brothers, three sisters.) How many siblings do you have?

      Ooo, tea. I like mint tea when it’s hot. But for ice tea, I’d say it’s a toss up between the dragon fruit tea refresher at Starbucks, or Tazo’s peach tea (fun fact: when we took road trips, sometimes we’d get drinks for lunch, and Tazo’s peach tea was a favorite in our family.)
      However, I also love coffee, so it’s my usual morning drink (or orange juice… yeah, I can’t make up my mind XD)

      Yeah, I can’t have pizza much either (due to wheat and some minor dairy allergies.) What about you?
      I like artichokes, mushrooms, olive, chicken, etc. Don’t have the guts to try anchovies (is it legal to put fish on pizza?!) What’s your favorite toppings? If you could pick only three (not including sauce and cheese) what would it be?

      Yes yes! I do remember seeing a rose! I joined S.E first, then joined K.P (though I found K.P first and then S.E next *lol* Yeah, that’s a long story.) Personally, I like S.E because I’m meeting fellow children’s writers (who knew we were a rare species! XD) But I do enjoy K.P because I have a few friends over there too. Which forum do you enjoy best?

      *ducks behind bush and then carefully peers over*
      I don’t see any squirrels now…. so we’re probably in the clear!
      Aww, you have rabbits too?! They are just the cutest!

      Yeah, I feel ya. Sometimes when writing has ground to a halt, I like to step back and do something different. Like go to the library and get a bunch of biography books! 😆
      No, but seriously. It does help to do something different. So what kind of artwork have you been doing? (Sadly, aside from being tech incompetent, my art skills are also… lacking *haha*.)

      We went to visit family at the coast. It was a lot of fun and we got to visit some new family friends, have lunch, and play games.
      As for my most favorite vacation? Probably when we camped in a rv park in Nebraska. They had a rock climbing wall which was cool. Oh, and we also visited the Ark Encounter in Kentucky a long time ago. That was fun.
      What’s your favorite vacation memory?

      • @imwritehere1920 I have 1 sister we are 4 months apart
        My birthday comes first lol

        Believe it or not… I’ve never had coffee *covers ears so I dont hear your screams* I am tempted to try Starbucks, especially their unicorn drink XD
        My top three toppings… hmm I must go with pepperoni, olives, and cheese (plain cheese)
        Oh by the way what is your favorite dessert?? You like dessert right?:)
        Yes children’s book writers are so hard to find around here. Finding you was a real blessing💙 *gives you high five* I like SE better. Just cause unlike the atmosphere better, and the premise:)
        Your vacation sounds so fun!!
        My family used to go to our time share at the beach over the Thanksgiving season, but we haven’t been able to go because we have high maintenance cats XD However, we are looking into buying a beach front house where we can take our cats. So we are praying about that.
        Fun question time!!! What is your most favorite book and why??
        And what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
        Also what is your favorite color?

    • @michelle

      Don’t worry, I don’t really scream… wastes necessary lung power sometimes 😊 But a unicorn drink? Does it come with sparkles? It sounds really interesting. Anyway, that’s okay. I was older when I first started drinking coffee. I tried a bit when I was little, hated the taste (the ice cream version was better but still…) Now, I love it, so I guess my taste has matured 😉

      Favorite dessert? I actually don’t like dessert *ducks as angry dessert people throw spoons my way*
      Haha! Just kidding! *brushes myself off and plucks plastic spoon from my head* Gotcha there, for a second! I actually like fudge brownies with caramel ice cream (dairy free.)
      What’s your favorite dessert?

      Yes, finding you was a real blessing for me too! Hey, I just recently activated my Goodreads account and I’m hoping to connect with other children’s writers! Are you on Goodreads? I can send you my link below. I’m hoping to start a fellow Christian indie/trad children’s writers group (wow, that’s a mouthful). I’m still working out kinks before it is officially live.

      Wait, aren’t all cats high maintenance? *jumps as one glares judgmentally at me* I hope you guys find the right house.

      Oh darn! I have to name just one?! Um… let’s see. I think I’ll go with Walk Two Moons (though I reserve the right to change my mind later!) I won’t give much away, but it’s a MG book that deals with learning to accept difficult situations, and learning to deal with denial. I love how the author weaves a story within the story, a skill I hope to master one day.
      Now your turn! Favorite book and why?

      Girl, you have to ask the tough questions! There’s so much advice I’ve learned. I think one important thing I’ve learned recently (and still learning) is that the focus is not the ‘goal’ but the journey. With my writing, I want to get my work published, but it seems so hard to get there it’s discouraging. As a Christian, I feel defeated when sin creeps into my life. But it’s about what I learn along the way with writing (such as patience and perseverance), and walking with God, (such as always seeking Him and growing in His Word). I hope that makes sense.
      What’s the best advice you’ve received?

      Oh, that’s easy. I love the color blue and pretty much any shade except the neon type. Or the gray/blue tones. What’s yours?

      • @michelle

        Oh right, the link! *slams palm onto forehead* #dweeb *lol*


        Hope this works!

      • @imwritehere1920 I’m so sorry Lily, I just saw your message in my spam (that is weird) Oh Yes!!!! I would love to join you in that good reads club. I have a good reads account but didn’t have a reason to use it…until now:) How can I join??? *claps in excitment *
        GIRL!!! You almost scared me *fans myself with hand* brownies?! Yum:) me and my sister actually just made brownies yesterday. (Truth) I really like cake, chocolate cake with blue and pink frosting to be exact. Me and my family have made the switch to dairy free ice cream (organic) Do you’ve got any recommendations?
        I will have to check that book out:) it sounds awesome.
        I really like Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King. I like it because it is very different from what he usually does, and it is for younger readers so it’s not that scary lol. And a prince gets imprisoned in the tower instead of a princess. So that’s a nice change:)
        My favorite color is…… pink! I know a lot of girls dislike because they think it’s to girly, but I love it lol. Plus, cotton candy is pink 😛
        Time for some more fire questions!!
        Would you rather meet your favorite author or character for lunch?? And who would it be.
        Also How has life been going for you Lily💙

    • @michelle

      Haha, no problem. Sometimes my emails end up in spam at random. Not sure why *shrugs*

      Okay, on Goodreads, just click ‘add friend’ next to my profile; then I’ll add your name to the group (honestly, I’m so new to this… so we’ll see how this works XD)

      Awesome! We had some brownies last week. My sisters and I got baptized by our dad.

      As for dairy free recs… um there was one that I liked but I suddenly can’t remember the name of the company! *lol*
      I know we’ve done So Delicious a few times (they used to do ice cream sandwiches, but I haven’t seen them in a while. It’s weird how some food is disappearing and then reappearing. *suddenly wonders if we’re in the twilight zone* )
      Anywho, chocolate cake is a great choice too!

      Whaa? The prince gets stuck in a tower instead?!
      There was a funny writing prompt I came across a long time ago. It went something like ‘What if the knight got trapped in a tower by an evil princess and the dragon had to save him. Or the dragon was trapped by the knight and the princess had to rescue it. Or… and you get the idea! XD)

      Pink is a lovely color. I like the deep rose or magenta shades. Do you have a particular pink shade that you like, or is it just all pink all the time?

      Oh man. Um, I’d say I’d like to meet the character Lucy Pevensie from the Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe have some tea together and talk about her many adventures.
      Who would you rather meet? Favorite author or character?

      Life has been going great! Thanks for asking. How are things going for you?

      Okay, my turn for some random questions: How do you feel about Star Wars?
      What is your favorite tv show that you’ve watched recently (or over the past couple years).
      And what was your favorite childhood book?

      • @imwritehere1920 Hi Lily! *gives hug*
        Okay I finally got into my Goodreads account. I sent you a friend request but it says its pending. I guess you have to approve 🙂 I’m new to this too! so we will learn it together.
        Yesssss! Brownies are the best:) Have you ever put anything different in your brownies? like m&ms or chocolate chips:)
        That’s awesome! Baptism in such a beautiful thing. Did your father Baptiste you at church or did you go to the beach?
        Oh my gosh So delicious! me and my family are switching over to that brand now. I love their ice cream sandwiches by the way. I know right?! things just diaper some times lol sometimes I even forget the brand sometimes XD *grabs pillow and screams in it*

        Oh yes. In the book They Eyes of The Dragon, the oldest Prince(prince Peter) Gets framed for the death of his father King Roland. Peter is no longer considered royalty and is sent to the top of the tower to spend the rest of his life there. He plans to make an escape from the tower and expose the true killer, and take back his crown and the thrown as rightful king.
        I would have to pick Lucy Pevensie too:) She is so sweet and caring. I think I would get along with her great. I would also want to meet Little bear lol. Because….why not
        My life has been going good. Just polishing up my children’s book and getting it ready to pitch to agents *squeals in excitement*
        I havent watched too much of Star Wars, just bits and pieces of it. I really like Cara dune, Mara Jade, and Anakin Skywalker. Are you a Star Wars fan???
        Hmmm, my favorite book as a kid… I really liked the original Max and Ruby books, I also really liked the Frog and Toad books:)
        What are some of your childhood books Lily?
        Your gonna think this is silly XD but I will tell you anyway. I have been watching some Thomas the Tank engine movies XD Some are better than others:P What have you been watching lately Lily?

    • @michelle

      Hi! I just approved the friendship and sent an invite to the group (I think you have to approve that too). Yes, we’ll learn together!

      I think with one brownie mix it already came with chocolate chunks in it. Another time, before we switched over to eating more healthy, we used to use caramel in our brownies for Christmas. I remember we used to buy a bag of wrapped caramel chunks; we’d take the wrappers off and melt it all in a pan before adding it to the brownies.

      We rented a pool at someone’s house and our dad baptised us there. It was really nice and shaded, and we got to go swimming afterward (with brownies to celebrate 🙂 )
      Have you been baptised?

      Aww, Little Bear is a good choice too. I’d also like to meet Duck and No Feet. Oh, and Emily and her doll too!

      Eeek! That’s super exciting! How are you finding your agents? Also, I’m curious: What made you decide to pursue traditional publishing?

      Um, I’d say a tentative yes to being a Star Wars fan. I have family members who are bigger fans than me (and will tell me the make a model of the different ships, etc. XD)
      But I do like Rey and Rose and Admiral Holdo. They’re my favorite characters. Cara is cool too.

      I loved The Big Green Pocketbook. My parents would read it to me many times.

      You did?! How were the Thomas movies? Which was your favorite?

      I’ve been trying the new Highschool Musical series. The second season is okay. I feel like they unnecessarily changed some of the characters relationship for the sake of ‘adding drama’. I’m also watching Heartland. Have you seen either?

      • @imwritehere1920 Hi Lily *gives you big hug* I’m so sorry I didn’t write you back sooner. Things have been crazy around here😅 Okay where did we leave off. Yesssss I’ve seen Heartland I loved that show!! What season are you on? (There are a lot) it is a pretty slow show, but you really get to know the characters:)
        I’ve heard of the high school musical movies from Disney. Is the tv series anything like the movies?:)
        What is your favorite Star Wars movie? I like the original from the 70s (I’m an old soul XD) why are those characters your favorites? I know that’s a hard question to ask lol, but I gotta know😀
        Your baptism sounds so fun!! Baptism is a wonderful thing. Were you scared being put under water??
        Time for Michelle’s random questions.
        If you got to go anywhere where would you go and why?
        And what would you eat for your last meal AKA favorite food (sandwiches😉) Bonus question. What is your favorite book of all time, the one you find yourself reading again!
        Also Lily… *looks around to check if anyone is watching* How have the squirrels been? Have you seen them? 💙🐿

    • *hugs you back*
      No problem! Really, I understand how busy life can get.

      Awesome! Who’s your favorite Heartland character? I think we’re on season 10. It’s so cool to see the different sports that horses are in (aside from racing and jumping!)
      I know, right?! There are so many seasons, and it looks like they’re going to keep at it.

      Oh man, how to explain the highschool musical tv series… it’s hard to describe. Some people call it a ‘mockumentary’. Like, what if the school where the movie was filmed was real? What would the kids going to that school be like? And the ‘students’ are kinda interviewed like a documentary as they prepare for their school’s drama theater performance. There’s singing and dancing like the movies…and yeah, it’s hard to explain XD

      Hmm, I do like the original trilogy, but also The Force Awakens. I like those characters because I feel like they’re a good example of a deep, non-cliche female character. Why do you like your favorite Star Wars characters?

      No, I just went straight down!

      Oh dear, random question time! XD Bring it on!

      1.) I’d go to Africa to visit Katie Davis (an amazing missionary; you should check out her autobiography!) And I’d like to revisit different states in the U.S
      If you could anywhere, where would it be?

      2.) Hmm. I’d actually say pasta with alfredo sauce! I mean, normally I can’t have it due to allergies, but if this is my last meal, well then I’d go for it!😄
      What would your last meal be?

      3.) Oh dear, I have to pick only one?!!!😲 …Okay, I’ll go to my Bible, because honestly, when I need to be comforted or reminded of who God is, I turn there. It’s a book that I read constantly.
      What’s your favorite book of all time?

      *looks around* So far, everything’s been rather quiet! I’ve spotted a couple fleeing across the road😉 What about you? Have you seen any suspicious squirrel activity?

    • @michelle

      Oops! Forgot the tag *haha* *ahem*

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