• Anne of Lothlorien replied to the topic It's Me… Again 😀 in the forum Introduce Yourself 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Well, I’m glad you avoided being an only child! What’s your sister like? Do you guys share interests and hobbies?
    My sisters… Elsie’s 12. She loves horses and reading and making crafts. She’s got rather a stubborn head on her shoulders, which I suppose means she takes after me 😛 but she’s growing up, little by little.
    Agnes is 9. She loves pink and sparkles and dolls but also mud and climbing trees and bugs. She is a walking paradox! 😀 I could see her growing up to be the beautiful society wife of a politician or an FBI crime scene investigator. I honestly don’t know where her life is gonna go. 😀
    Gladys is almost 3. She has Down Syndrome, so she’s behind developmentally, and in actuality is more like a… probably a one or one and a half year old. She’s very happy and smile-y most of the time. Her favorite things to do are ‘read’ books and dance. She loves any kind of music; Disney songs, pop songs, hymns, lullabies, orchestral, anything. 😀
    It might be a better world if people waited to get married, but I also think that some people put off getting married when they are actually ready just because they don’t ‘feel’ ready. Kinda like Aslan telling Prince Caspian he was ready to be king even though he didn’t feel like it. Our feelings can be misguiding sometimes, and hold us back from a greater thing.
    Oh, yes, a patient man is… well… I don’t want to say a must, because then I feel like I’m making demands of God. But, please, please, let him have a better control on his temper than I do mine. I’m rather hot-headed and I’m trying, with God’s help, to do better at it, but if I wound up with someone as short-tempered and head-strong as I am… *mimics explosion noises*
    I’ll try to answer your questions about the people I admire as shortly as possible while still explaining, cause I don’t want to have a ginormous post. XD
    I admire my mom because… she never stops being a mother. She works hard to be a mom and care for her seven kids. And seven kids… are a handful. Sometimes we are stubborn, mouthy, selfish brats, but she doesn’t just give up on us. She gets back up every day and cooks and cleans and teaches and loves again.
    I admire my friends because… well, it’s different for each of them a little bit, but overall, because they are all hard workers and still enjoy life with verve. And also they are always, always there for me. I aspire to be there for them and help them like they do me.
    I admire Corrie TenBoom because… Forgiveness. One of the number one things I struggle with is forgiveness. And I know she struggled with it too, for years, and still God graced her with the ability to forgive the people who had done unspeakable things to her and killed her sister.
    I admire J.R.R. Tolkien because… Well, doesn’t every Christian writer? 😀 He was a human, earth-bound and fallible like me, and yet managed to create a masterpiece. He believed that fantasy has an important place in this world and can be used to convey truths, and that’s exactly what I want to do with my writing.
    I admire Esther because… I think she must have been honest to goodness scared near to death, and yet she saved her entire people! Imagine being a young girl, suddenly queen, then called upon to do something that could possibly end in your death! Yet she trusted God enough to still do it! (I also like to think that she did end up falling in love with the king and they were happy, cause I want everyone to have a happy ending 😀 )
    I admire Daniel because… He never gave in. He was surrounded by a crass, vulgar, Godless world and he held on to his faith with both hands. Growing up and entering the world that largely does not know God is hard. I see terrible things and tempting things all around me, but I pray I can be like Daniel and keep holding on to what I know is right.
    I admire Ruth because… She was selfless. She followed her mother in law away from the only home she knew to take care of her. She worked in the fields to provide her and Naomi with something to eat. Family love went above self love, and to me that’s hard to practice, but very, very important.
    ‘The High King’ is actually a book. It’s in a series called The Prydain Chronicles. Or The Chronicles of Prydain. I forget which. Written by Lloyd Alexander. They’re really cool. About the darkest fantasy I’ll go, but they’re amazing and well written.
    I loved all your quotes! Especially the one about being judged. 🙂
    That’s totally fine if you don’t want to share a poem. I understand completely. I share poems on here, but only from my ‘for other’s eyes’ poem category. Some things I write are for me and God alone.

    • Sorry, I have been unable to answer for a few days. And am about to disappear again. I have not forgotten you! (:

    • @anne-of-lothlorien
      I’m pretty happy about it myself. (:

      Bethany loves animals, a LOT. She wants to be a goat breeder and has stuck with this plan for a surprisingly long time. We talked about getting her a shirt that said ‘Love People Like You Love Animals’. (: She loves to get dirty, climb trees, watch animal videos, have fun, be crazy, and do wild things…
      “Share interests and hobbies?”
      Uh…. We both like stuffed animals,..and Barbies (We’ve had some fairly involved games with each.) We both like living animals, I’m just not /as/ avid in my love. I love Ericka. And I don’t like things to suffer.
      But, I don’t go looking around the neighborhood for stranded puppies and kittens. Nor do I have the desire to have a pet snail, or catch frogs, or lizards… *Shivers on the inside.*
      (Our bad qualities are also different…)

      Elsie sounds fun. Agnes sounds sort of like Bethany…except for the ‘pink’. Bethany says she doesn’t like the color (though she might). She likes going against what is expected. “I’m a girl. You say I’m ‘supposed’ to like pink? Well, how about this? I can’t stand pink. /Blue/ and black, and purple. /Those/ are the right colors.” (:

      Ah, Gladys sounds sweet. (:

      ‘some people put off getting married when they are actually ready just because they don’t ‘feel’ ready.’
      *nodding* A valid point.

      Ooh yes! Narnia!!!

      “*mimics explosion noises*”
      *Shocked look* though also laughing inside,..whew. (:

      Your mother sounds amazing. So kind, and beautiful.

      You have good friends. “A true friend unbosoms freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.”
      — William Penn

      “Forgiveness.” Oy. That is one thing I struggled with for a long time. Someone deeply hurt me. Over and over again. Every time I gave them a new chance, pain and more pain…
      Did you know to forgive someone doesn’t mean to trust someone? It means you do not hold their faults against them. I didn’t understand that. It helped me a lot.
      If my spiritual walk this past year could be summed up in one sentence it would be thus: ‘I learned to forgive.’
      It was a hard road. With many pot falls, and sometimes I gave up and started climbing back down the mountain set before me. I cried out why and said it was impossible. But God is the One who takes impossible things and makes them come to pass. I will ever be grateful to God that He has helped me reach the top.

      “Especially the one about being judged.”
      Me too. *sly smile*

      • @kimlikesart Bethany sounds pretty cool! She kinda reminds me of my brother a bit, in the way she’s stuck to what she wants to do. When my brother was twelve he wanted to be a pilot and started doing plane simulations. Now he’s almost 16 and on his way to the Air Force. 🙂

        Yes. Forgiveness is hard. Very. Very. Hard. I know in my head all that you’ve just said, all the Bible says about forgiveness, but it’s still hard to actually applly it in your heart and forgive. Also, forgive does not mean forget. “Forgive and Forget” should not be a thing. *shakes head*

    • @anne-of-lothlorien

      Oooh! The AirForce? That is so cool! Do you have very many people who have been in the military in your family?

      Aye, ‘forgive and forget’ should not be said.

      • Well, my grandfather was in the Air Force, my uncle was in the Navy, and my other uncle flew medical helicopters for… I actually don’t remember. 😀 Might have been Army.

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