Silver bells ring, tinkling to “Let It Snow”

Dozens of lights blink the colors of the rainbow

Bows, strings, paper, and tape clutter the floor

Cards avalanche when you open the door

Sparkling all December long


Snowflakes brush your cheeks like kisses from heaven

The wind strums a song to all with ears to listen

Icicles reflect sun rays like mosaic tiles

Snowmen greet travelers with giant smiles

Glittering all winter long


A mother’s tears melt the frozen ground beneath the soldier’s feet

Grandma’s eyes glow, showering her grandchildren with piles of treats

Laughter and hugs warm hearts more than Florida’s sun and sand

Coins jingle out of a pocket into a dirty, blistered hand

Shimmering all year long


Stars blaze through the blackness, leaving a trail of mercy

Angels paint the sky the vibrant colors of the Almighty

Golden presents beam with the people’s exaltation

God’s Son wraps His present of redemption

Glistening all eternity long

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