I sit and spin my little web

Filament, filament, filament

Out of myself I throw it

Into the wild, wild world

And on days like this

When I do not see it catch

Lonesome, lonesome, lonesome

Screams my heart

I spin this web

Back and forth

Up and down

I toil

Vain, vain, vain

This all seems to me

Today I can’t make my lines connect

And I strive alone in the corner of the barn

Waiting for something to catch

No one here to read my words

Beloved, beloved, beloved

I just want someone to call me

Here I feel

Colder, colder, colder

All I want is warmth

I’ve been trying myself

My spider legs are weak

And I’m ready to give up

My strings are

Breaking, breaking, breaking

Oh my soul

How I need to feel that hand underneath me

Carry me back

Show me the big picture

Radiant, radiant, radiant

That’s what I hope you use this to be

I’ll keep throwing my gossamer

And spinning my web

As a monument to grace


Note: This piece was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem “A Noiseless, Patient Spider,” and I encourage you to read it.

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