I’m used to thinking

this city of the world

proud and impregnable,

with our ideals the bunting,

vividly shaded on election

day, with the hum of hymns

for social justice ringing in

my ears—hear ye, hear ye!

This just in, pick it up yourself

from your local village grocery!


I’m not used to asking

the fortress in between

my ears, why it’s been taken

over, why the siege has taken

so long, with famished Faith

crawling at her accusers’ feet—

but he who has ears, let him hear:

there must be another way through

this city, this tower that we’ve built:

beautiful and truly untamed.

Dwelling deep in the forests of New England, Graham spends most of his time reading, taking walks with his dog, and learning new and interesting things (and reveling in cooler, more temperate climates). Born and raised in the Boston area, Graham was homeschooled from an early age. After high school, he proceeded to get a bachelor’s in Literature from Patrick Henry College in Northern Virginia. He currently resides in the Boston area while pursuing a master’s in Education at Gordon College, steeping in the rich history of his home turf and a continued exploration of literature from across the world. He says you should read Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country and Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, because they are incredible novels. Also, read Robert Frost.

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