By Libby Powell


For many days this hurt has grown,

My conscience weighs with guilt that’s known

To self alone; a sense of right

Bestows itself upon my plight.


My right to comfort stands no more;

I forfeit it to stop this war,

To kneel before my enemy

In sorrow and humility.


I risk the cost, for my cause is just,

And in her mercy I blindly trust;

For this, I must forsake my pride

That selfishness might be denied.


As I confess my shameful deeds,

I bow my head as sorrow feeds

A soul that leads my repentant heart

To ask for a fresh start.


She watches as the silver tears

Begin to overflow, and she nears

To calm my fears with a warm embrace,

Forgiving me with humbling grace.


In this moment, love has won,

Becalming anger, hurt undone;

For in the Son, forgiveness lies,

Compassion hate and strife defies.


Libby is a follower of Jesus who is a book lover and a learning writer. Her passion is music and reaching the nations, including her own, with the gospel of Christ. She is a lover of tea who enjoys giving hugs and tries to help people when they are hurt. Her one goal is for God to be glorified in every area of her life. She can’t wait until the day He returns to establish His kingdom, and she eagerly does her best to live for Him.

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