Dear Extrovert

September 19, 2019

Poetry is written for the quiet ones,
the soulful ones,
the ones who let thoughts tangle in their throats
before they ever get tangled in their hair.
Poetry is written for the soft ones,
the shy ones,
the ones who dance in midnight shadows
and sip on moonlight tea.
Dear poets writing for the quiet ones,
you fuel their souls
with the same hope and assurance
that I see in each of their eyes;
and you offer a voice
to the hearts that are pulsing with languages
the world has not learned to speak.
Dear poets writing for the quiet ones,
thank you.
But poetry isn’t written for the loud ones,
the spirited ones,
the ones who let their souls shine through their eyes
because they are too bright to hide beneath their skin.
Poetry isn’t written for the open ones,
the warm ones,
the ones who find each trace of beauty mingled with the dust
and cannot help but speak it.
This is for the loud ones,
to fuel their souls
with the same freedom and vibrance
that I feel in each of their smiles,
and this is to offer a voice
to the ones who feel that they are more noise than sound,
but who keep speaking for fear of never being heard again.
This is for the loud ones,
the excited ones,
the ones who laugh too much
because bottling their joy
is something they will never fall prey to again.
This is for the bright ones,
the lively ones,
the ones who walk the night with stars in their hair
because they spent the morning chasing the sun.
This is for the loud ones,
to remind them
that the quiet ones are not always wiser than you
or deeper than you,
and it does not make you less beautiful
to give more of yourself to the world.
You need the quiet ones, the soulful ones,
and oh, darling, you need the soft ones.
But dear loud ones,
the quiet ones need you.


  1. Buddy J.

    *blinks rapidly* Wow. That was precious, and I don’t think poetry has ever gotten so close to making me cry. Thank you, dear extroverted one.

  2. Sandrina

    This is absolutely beautiful. I agree, this almost made me cry.

  3. Jane Maree

    This was beautiful to read! Thank you so much Cindy! It warmed my enfp soul. 💕

  4. Emily

    ☺ As an introvert surrounded by extroverts, I can be one of the more outgoing of my kind. Sometimes it does feel like I’m a living oximoron, exhausted by people but still enjoying being around them and having the ability to be loud and outgoing. This was beautiful and heartwarming.

  5. Bella D.

    WOW. Amazing. Breathtaking. Sooo relatable!

    This touched me in two different ways, because sometimes I can straddle loud and soft. For me, the lines are blurred, and sometimes I can’t exactly grasp which one I am. But this… this was lovely.

  6. Alex Mellen

    Thank you for this. I try to remember to read more poetry. 😉

  7. eden anderson

    And now I’m going to cry! *sniffles* ❤️ My little, extroverted heart relates to this so well.

  8. Chalice

    Ahh! Cindy, I love this poem so much!! <3 It make my heart happy. 🙂

  9. Emma Huckabee (Emma Starr)

    CINDY. How can you write such beautiful words with such beautiful purpose?? This is perfection. It touched my soul. <3

  10. Shannon Voeller

    Someone gets it!!! Yayyyyy! This is so gorgeous Cindy and is so my heart. Sometimes I think people like to think extroverts aren’t as capable of being creative like introverts, because their inner world is different, but that is so not true. Thanks for writing this. It is so beautiful.

  11. Anne of Lothlorien

    Cindy, this is GORGEOUS! Thank you so, so much, for writing this for us. For everyone you knew and didn’t know needed it. For me.

  12. Ariel Ashira

    Oh, man. This is so awesome and beautiful I could read it a hundred times and still cry. Thanks so much for appreciating the extroverts.

  13. Kayla Skywriter

    Wow. I was not expecting for that to hit so hard. My little sister is an extrovert, and the rest of my family are introverts like me. I wish she was old enough to read this poem.

    You almost made me cry. That simply doesn’t happen when I read poetry.

    Thank you so much.

  14. Kendra

    Ahhhhh I LOVED this!!

  15. lydia

    oh wow this is so good <3

  16. Rachel Rogers

    Ack, my heart. *sniffs* ❤️ *goes to hug all my extroverted ones*


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