When I peered into the blush of dawn,

I saw only dreams,

But slowly my laughter faded,

As in my mind

I found the shadows left behind.


For in the misty light,

I found nightmares lie awake.

And so I wept


The night was once edged in stars,

Where each shadow held a silver sheen.

But in the light of day, each precious gleam holds hands

With the shadow of its death.


When I peered into the shadows of dusk,

I saw only fear.

But finally my terror splintered

As through the doubts

I found hope flickered still.


For in the dying light,

I saw visions dance with dreams.

And I stood


The day was once edged in mist,

Where each light held a shadow.

But beneath the cloak of night, the gleaming stars held promise

Of glorious things yet unseen.

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