By Katherine Baker


Something magical is floating from the firepit,

Something beautiful in faces that are fire-lit.

A strange song crackles between wood rings, slowly fire-bit.

Our party encircles the blaze, becoming fire-knit.


We sing a simple tune that turns into a fire-song.

It’s carried in the smoke to heaven by the fire, strong.  

The song reaches the stars; the skies become a fire-gong.

The sounds float dreams with ash. They sing among the fire-throng.


I think about my dreams dancing with the fireflies;

I watch them twisting, looking brighter as the fire dies.

It crackles, but I can’t tell fire-laughs from fire-cries,

so I keep wondering, watching my dreams through fire-eyes.


The smoke replaces flames; all that’s left are fire-dreams.

And as I view the world, suddenly the fire seems

Like it did not exist; the fire’s dark and blackness teems.

But then I see the fire-knit have eyes like fire-beams.


As the fire sleeps, nothing but a fire-daze

Fills my star-dotted eyes, but my soul sees the fire blaze.

It lasts within our hearts; now we are the fire-rays.

The fire-knit still see the world in splendid fire-haze.


Katherine Baker loves to express the many thoughts and emotions she feels each day in the form of art. From music to poetry to stories to (depressingly amateur) drawing, she is always bubbling with an overflow of God-given imagination that she desires to share with everyone she meets. An overambitious free-spirit, she is always juggling her big ideas and her busy life. She will profess that every good thing she creates is not her own, but only possible through the finished work of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

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