By Katherine Baker


Sojourner, dear wanderer, looking to the sky,

wondering at the message you can’t demystify.

Do the stars speak?

Does the answer leak

from the twisting stars and ink to answer why?


Sojourner, poor wanderer, walking across the world.

Dark and bright, lost and light, the vast expanse is swirled.

Black and white bleed.

Through the sky you read;

in midnight clouds, chaotic calm is furled.


Sojourner, oh wanderer, wondering at the glow

of moon rays spilling gently everywhere you go.

Despite the pain

the rays remain;

despite the loneliness of night, they show.


Sojourner, sad wanderer, under hateful, lightless sky,

the charcoal clouds are frantic, twisting at the lie.

All light is light;

even dim, it’s bright

when painted on the inky canvas sky.


Sojourner, dear wanderer, don’t you know it’s true

when the starlight hits the sand, the sand looks like diamonds too?

You cannot count

either one’s amount,

and God’s promise is vast and unmeasured too.


Sojourner, dear wanderer, squinting in the black.

Each twinkling star, the crescent moon, reminds you what we lack:

the sun glows,

and no one knows

how glorious it will be when it comes back.


Katherine Baker loves to express the many thoughts and emotions she feels each day in the form of art. From music to poetry to stories to (depressingly amateur) drawing, she is always bubbling with an overflow of God-given imagination that she desires to share with everyone she meets. An overambitious free-spirit, she is always juggling her big ideas and her busy life. She will profess that every good thing she creates is not her own but only possible through the finished work of her Savior, Jesus Christ.

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