Favorite Books/Authors

Andrew Peterson, N.D. Wilson, and C.S. Lewis

Genres I Write In


Premise of Current Novel

The Ambassador’s Curtain is fantasy mystery all revolving around dragons, magic masks, an unwanted kingdom, an amazing waterfall, a rent curtain, a mask-thief, and most of all, the mysterious Ambassador to the Dragons. Who is he? What does he want? And why is one of Jay’s friends stealing the kingdom’s masks and trying to kill him? Jay can only find out when he puts on the mask…

This tale is about a hero who was not. It is about a boy who wants to be a hero, becomes a hero, and then realizes he all along he was never a hero, yet he gets the honor. And Jay may not be so quick to accept it this time…


P.S. Yes, this is what was formerly called In the Shadow of the Falls, but with some large plot changes and a change of title.

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