I Took a Walk Among the Forest Pines

March 11, 2021

By Libby Powell


I took a walk among the forest pines

To be alone, away from all mankind,

To listen to the sound of nothingness,

And leave my doubts and worries far behind.

As I wandered beneath a maple maid,

I breathed into my lungs the virgin air,

Unspoiled as of yet, and ripe with scents

Of spicy hemlock with a piney flair.

I sat upon a rotten log of gray

And bathed my toes in autumn’s shining dew,

In which my two appendages reclined

As sunshine’s rays enlightened all my view.

A while I sat in silence, pondering,

Philosophizing life’s endearing hold

That grips with all its might, and ever grows

Upon each human heart, however cold.

I thought of all the beauty in this world

Within creation’s vast array of charms,

Comprised of every tree and every plant

And every creature owning legs and arms,

And still the ocean fish and sky-borne birds,

And all the beasts that roam the lands on earth—

Through all of these life sings her joyful song,

Electrifying hearts and giving birth

To thrills of hope in every soul of man,

To those who hear its invitations, sweet,

And open up unto delights thereof,

That every joy in life might be complete.

And thus, upon my musings in the wood,

The sun sank down beneath the treetop lines;

And so I stood to go, refreshed anew,

Because I walked among the forest pines.


Libby is a quiet dreamer made new in Christ. Her life is mostly full of music, studies, laughter, and lots of ideas that half of the time never actually stay with her. Some of the things she loves best in the world are quiet, frosty mornings, steaming mugs of spicy tea, burrowing into her blankets with a book, studying Scripture, and silence. Living with the great hope of Jesus’s return has given her a passion to reach the nations, including the lost people of her own, with the gospel. Her constant prayer is that Christ would use her work to reflect His glory and grace.


    • Libby

      I’m so glad, Dakota : ) Thank you.

  1. Madelyn

    So beautiful! The imagery is amazing!

    • Libby

      Thank you, Madelyn, your words are so encouraging : )

  2. Terah

    I really enjoyed reading this! Thank you for lighting up my day and making me think! (well dream. . . and get story ideas, and imagine things. But same thing =)

    • Libby

      Your words are so kind, Terah, thank YOU for reading and commenting <3

  3. Emily

    This made me smile!

    • Libby

      And that makes me so glad ^.^ Thank you, Emily.

  4. Kathleen Stewart

    Lovely. I’m smiling too.

    • Libby

      Thank you, Kathleen 🙂

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