October 3, 2018

Two broken


Youths in the wild wood

Watch the dying daylight fade

Among the ancient ferns,


Too broken


To see the colors

As they flame across the sky

And promise them warmth.


One, broken,


Walks through the night shade,

Following the winding path

To find where they are.




Is the soft silence

When he gazes into their eyes

And carries them homeward.


  1. Rachel Rogers

    I love the structure! It’s really nice with the theme.

  2. Libby

    I love how beautiful your picture is, but how, at the same time, it’s rather vague, and gives the reader room to fill in the blanks. I like how you did this a lot.

  3. Anne of Lothlorien

    This is so cool!
    I love shorter poems that still have enough meaning in them to keep me thinking for a while. Great work!

  4. Katherine Baker

    I love this one! The repetition tells a powerful narrative in and of itself, and the short simplicity of every line makes you focus and listen. Excellent work!


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