“Tell me, Wind,”

said Rain, “you

who catches me in

your cool embrace,

what it means to wander,

to wander the world,

to want no direction.”


“Simple, Rain,”

said Wind, who

caught its breath.

“Sometimes going through

motions sans emotion

is one pilgrimage enough.”


“Now you, Rain.”

Wind sighed

after giving the trees

a rest from dancing.

“How does falling all

the time feel—when

earth is all you meet?”


“Humble, really,”

Rain replied,

shaking its head,

letting droplets fly.

“Falling can be joy-filled

if I can touch the world

before we steal away.”


“Let’s storm, then,”

Wind declared, “you

and I, and wander a while.

Maybe, Rain,

you can show me how

to touch the world

and teach me how to fall.”

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