Plea to a Cold World

April 15, 2021

By Natalie Davis


How like the mountain, confident,

The world around me stands,

Defiant hands upon hips,

Lips issuing demands.

Am I the only shattered soul

Who’s sometimes lost her way?

The only one with faltering tongue,

Unsure of what to say?

And when one of the humbler souls

Somehow stumbles and trips,

Like molten lava, words stream out,

To tear, break down, and rip.

So many live in fear of you,

Wilting in your shriveling shadow

They rise and fall at your command;

You make their lives so hollow!

I beg you kindly, please, harsh world,

Cast off your air of glory!

And let the poor ones, faint of heart,

Know that we all share a story.


Natalie Davis is a young writer who has been composing tales—from Egyptian fantasy to modern day mysteries—for over five years, as well as countless poems that are good, bad, and ridiculous. She loves the storytelling craft, reading fiction, and coffee. Her two cats are her writing buddies and occasionally sneak into a story or two, as well as jump on her keyboard to ruin her current project. She’s written multiple short stories and has a few full-length novels currently in progress. She strives to write stories that inspire others to pursue love, selflessness, hope, and above all, God.


  1. Caleb E. King

    This is such a cool poem! The way you embodied the world as a person was a very great way to bring your point across! Nicely done!

    • Natalie

      Thank you Caleb! I had a lot of fun writing it 🙂 .

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