Never enough. Never enough.

I am glory and disgrace.

I’m tripping up at the end of the race.

I’m a misspelled card, a hung-up phone.

I’m always knowing and never known.

I’m always reaching but never touching,

Stuck in loving love more than loving.


I’m the thrill of life, your greatest wish,

The end of the ride, an ice-cold kiss.

I’m a rocket jet, a misdrawn map,

A question mark in your lap.

I’m an orc with flowers.

I’m crumbling towers.

I’m never enough.

Never enough.


If you see a man riding on the clouds of the sky,

Tell him I’m hiding in the woods nearby.

Tell him to look for the one unclean

With a mark on his brow of the world unseen.

He’s chopping wood at a frantic pace,

Singing, “I am glory and disgrace.”

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