Karla Van Der Berg



Karla Van Der Berg





Favorite Books/Authors

Manga & Light Novels

Genres I Write In

Fantasy and Sci-fi, I like em’ both low and high.

Premise of Current Novel

Meta is a world where stories and reality are intertwined, just like the fates of the humans and inhumans who inhabit it. It is a land of both the mundane and the whimsical. Fantasy and innovation. Vampires and their prey. Unfortunately the humans have sealed themselves off from inhumanity, but some inhuman characters still seek the sanctuary that human civilization provides.

Kage is a wondering vampire that, due to a troubling past, cannot find friendship or love. That is, until one day she runs across two humans who give her a chance to start anew. Her mind tells her to back away and continue a solitary existence, but he heart has different plans. Soon she finds herself caught up in the antics of a strange guild, with no shortage of handsome men. The, once lonely, vampire now finds herself investigating mysterious inhuman kidnappings and facing shadows of her past.

Can her hopes and dreams of finding love help her overcome the dangers lurking in a decaying gothic castle, a corrupt entertainment industry that preys on her kind, and a merciless monster that lurks beneath it all? Can she find peace within her own, tattered soul? Find out in this epic story greatly inspired by the trend set by the iconic Twilight Saga.


WARNING: Ensueing story is actually really meta and is poking fun at the YA genre. So expect the unexpected. By unexpected I mean: were-rodents, bat geese, evil statues, an army of hunky men nobody in their right mind would ever date, and the world’s most smart alecky vampire specimen.


You can find the book available here: https://www.amazon.com/Paranorma-Vol-Epic-MetaScript-Guild/dp/0578443309/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1550085449&sr=8-1&keywords=karla+van+der+berg

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