We face our beginning; with one wrong step, our end.

Both ends tangle as we explore—we share

The now and could be. Time blends.


Fingers, trembling, you lend

And tangle through mine—we must beware.

What if the beginning is also the end?


Oh, candlelight, soft and gentle—tend

To this, for I don’t dare;

I’ll just sit still as time blends.


What if I told you I want to mend

Your heart, fit it next to mine, a pair.

What if I want the beginning, not the end?


If time is kind, I hope you’ll defend  

Every blinding moment from despair;

Show me the way that time blends.


Hold the moment for a little while, suspend

It until I’m the focus of your stare.

Tell me it’s the beginning, even if it’s the end.

I’ve found I need the way time blends. 

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