• Jessi Rae posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    @jane-maree So, @ellen-blanc and I are writing a seven-book series, and we’d like to have three protagonists. My brain though is used to just one protagonist, as that’s pretty much how I’ve learned in all the years I’ve studied writing (mainly reading writing blogs and following KP and Story Embers). But it seems it should be possible to have a story that happens to three protagonists. Do you have any advice on this subject? Thanks!

    • Ooh wow, a seven book series is a huge undertaking! 😯

      It’s definitely possible to have a story with three separate main characters, and it’s been done very well in a lot of books. When you said ‘three protagonists’ are you thinking that they’ll each have POV chapters, or are they just all crucial main characters for the plot?

      • Yeah. XP It’s mainly like one story with seven parts, and I don’t know yet if they’ll be novelettes or novellas or full-blown novels.

        I’m thinking each of the three will have POV chapters.

    • Nice!

      Okay, so the main thing to watch for with that, is that you’ll have to make sure that each of the main characters has an important role. You can’t have one protagonist but three narrators very easily without most readers just wanting you to hurry up and go back to the ‘main guy’s POV. They have to be equally interesting and important and unique.

      Each narrator should take a different aspect of the theme. e.g. One believes that they need to hide behind the scenes and wait for someone else to step up and lead. Another one believes that he needs to be the leader. Etc. This can really deepen and strengthen the plot too.

      Jill Williamson’s Safe Lands trilogy is split between the POV of three brothers, and they each have their own personal goals and aims, and that makes it really strong. (small note here, that those books contain some higher content, so check out reviews before you go ahead and read them if you’re interested. 😛 )

      • That shouldn’t be too hard, ( 😛 ) since all three are supposed to be the ‘main guy.’

        So, if the theme is ‘redemption (short for ‘freedom/healing from a broken life’)’, then the different aspects of the theme that each POV character would take would be, say, freedom from [the pain of] a broken family, or freedom from a broken heart, or freedom from psychological/spiritual issues (sorry if that came out wrong XP), right?

        Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check it out if I can. (Thanks for the note as well!)

      • Yep, those could each be unique and great aspects of the theme to tackle. *thumbs up* If you’ve got any other questions, don’t hesitate to hit me up. 😉

      • Great! Thanks! 😀

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