Smoke rises around me,

steals my breath, and I can’t see.

The life I’ve built is caving in;

with bleeding lungs I let You in.


Burn me, melt this all away,

the rage I’m plagued with every day,

all the bitterness and war;

let me shout out triumph’s roar.


Shake me, let me know the way,

’cause I feel I’ve gone astray.

Draw me close to Your side,

far from paths so dark and wide.


Wash me, let me feel again

where I’m numb and caving in.

Make me clean and safe inside;

don’t leave me trapped in this divide.


Heal me till I’m good as new,

so much better than apart from You.

Mend me till I’m stitched together;

Your love is the perfect fetter.


Brush aside the shattered walls,

collect the ashes from the halls,

take the pieces I’ve torn down,

build a place where peace is found.

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