By S.F. Dekreel


This drawing, which I produced using an HB pencil and various sizes of Pigma Micron art pens, is based off a poem I wrote and published called “Vines.” The Vines symbolize the things of this world that block our view of the Lord and entwine us in sin. Depending on the person, the Vines could mean anything from money to pleasure to fame to lust. But God’s awesome love and His unequaled sacrifice on the cross can slash away the Vines, bring our hearts to life, and inspire us to walk on His path. So this drawing is my way of praising Jesus and encouraging others to look to Him for constant, incomparable, unwavering love.


S.F. Dekreel is a geeky, autistic story freak, writer, and manga artist whose mind swirls 24/7 with fantasies and ideas (most of which are highly illogical). She began her unofficial career as a storyteller when she was a young child, filling towering stacks of notebooks with adventurous stick people. Now it’s a decade later, and last she checked, she hasn’t stopped writing stories, be it through pictures, prose, the occasional animation, or just plain in her daydreams (although she wouldn’t call it “plain”). If you’re lucky, you may even catch her acting out a scene idea while listening to dramatic music. In addition to storytelling, Dekreel enjoys lazing around on the computer, listening to music nonstop, tearing up at her favorite movies, or doodling random things.

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