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Why You (Probably) Struggle with Theme

Christian writers must beware of giving their stories themes that make readers yawn.

You have the opportunity to impact lives! Yet all too often the stories that Christians write fail to…

Reveal new truths or present familiar truths in fresh light.

Unpack a message without being preachy.

Reach secular audiences.

These mistakes happen for a variety of reasons, but most are tied to one common problem:

Your stories aren’t asking thematic questions that are actually hard to answer.

The Core Truth You Need to Embrace

If you want to move readers with a theme, you can’t start with a question that has an obvious answer.

You need to think deeply about a real issue that has no easy resolution.

Stop writing books about:

Is Christianity true?

Should you love difficult people?

Should you be courageous?

Instead, write books about:

How should Christians wrestle with doubt?

How do you love difficult people?

How do you act courageously without being reckless?

If your characters grapple with truly challenging questions, you’ll have meaningful revelations to share.

How to Embrace This Truth

Our Top Resource Recommendations

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Other Recommended Resources

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