I love drawing people. The subject is often a figment of my imagination, like a character in a story. Sometimes these characters are simple and nameless, such as this piece titled only, “The Woman.”


I’ve noticed that many artists are fascinated with portraits, and I am no exception. The human face can convey a multitude of emotions and in itself tell a story. My favorite aspect of the face is how God created us so that we are all unique and no one looks alike.


After getting my new digital art program, I neglected my copic markers and traditional art for a while. This was the first piece I drew with my markers after almost the entire summer, and I approached it differently than my past marker portraits.


If you’re familiar with copic markers, you know that the pen has two sides: the brush tip and the chisel tip. Like many other artists, I mainly work with the brush tip because it’s softer and blends smoothly. With this piece, however, I primarily used the chisel tip, and I enjoyed the challenge of turning hard lines into soft texture.


I also chose an unusual color combination by putting green in the woman’s skin, which created an interesting dynamic with the browns. Blues and purples added an extra splash. Even though the time I spent on this piece was relatively short, I loved the techniques I discovered, and I hope to experiment more with color in future projects.

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