By Maegann Stadnick


She has a bookshelf for a heart

And a current of ink for veins.

Her skilled insight and works of art


Are creativity’s sweet gain.

She’ll write you into her story

With the quick quill inside her brain.


Daily she takes inventory

Of all the stories she has penned

And organized by category.


They speak of those she once called friend

And those who flicked through her pages

But closed her book before the end.


Those who came and went in stages,

Now immortalized in simple prose,

To remain with her for ages.


Some books she’s vowed to never close,

While others sit collecting dust—

These all stretched out in endless rows.        


A lone book, abandoned in disgust

On the lowest shelf in her heart,

She wrote, “The One Who Lost My Trust.”


She will still write her works of art,

Inky footprints of those she knew.

Some have one line, some a main part.


But through all her prose one thought ensues:

What imprint did she leave on you?


Maegann Stadnick is a full-time writing student at Pensacola Christian College, as well as an editor and proofreader at Abeka. She lives on a daily dose of coffee in the morning and tea in the evenings. She can usually be found typing away on her laptop, molding the writing selection on her screen.


She enjoys writing short stories that snapshot real people in real situations. Her childhood love for C. S. Lewis’s *The Chronicles of Narnia* taught her that reality can be fantastical in its own way—it only takes an ordinary girl to find an extraordinary place.


When not writing fiction, she enjoys helping others learn how to write and curling up in a chair to read a good book. Her book list features a variety of literature ranging from YA fantasy to biographies to classics.

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