At Story Embers, we’re constantly striving to improve our methods for guiding and inspiring Christian storytellers. So far we’ve been concentrating our efforts on providing regular training through our articles, cultivating a dedicated community, and producing resources with action steps writers can follow. As we were refining our vision and goals for Story Embers this year, we had to make a difficult decision.


We launched Story Embers with both a writing and an art department. Though our writing department has thrived, building and running two departments at once has been a challenge. As we were considering whether to continue focusing on writing or divert our attention to art, we realized we needed to capitalize on our strengths instead of devoting time to a field that’s less relevant to our current audience of writers.


As a result, I’m sad to announce that we’re retiring our art department. I will be leading the Camp Artifex guild for the indefinite future, but we’ll no longer be accepting art submissions or posting articles teaching art techniques. Past art submissions will remain on the site until the beginning of June, when we’ll be removing our art gallery. I encourage you to head over there and show love to our artists before that happens. You may want to take note of their talents in case you ever need to hire an illustrator! I hope that our artists will continue to create beautiful artwork, share it with the world, and honor God with each paint or pencil stroke.


As for myself, I’m shifting my role to take on more responsibilities as social media director. This will allow me to work on expanding both our reach and our communications as we seek to serve more writers.


Change can be hard, but we hope that this will enable us to meet the needs of our audience more effectively. We always keep our community in mind when making directional decisions, and we appreciate all the perspectives you shared about the art department in our 2018 survey. Thank you for understanding. I’m excited to see how Story Embers grows to better help Christian storytellers.


Soli Deo gloria.

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