Well, we took a train to Kensington

And listened to the children run

Just beyond the garden gate

Where Peter and Wendy played

There was a sign that said we weren’t allowed

To duck inside and join the crowd

Without a son or daughter’s hand

To lead us into Neverland

And it hurt so bad

But it’s so good to be young

And I don’t want to go back

I just want to go on and on and on

Day by day


–“Day by Day” by Andrew Peterson


The idea for this piece sparked in my mind after listening to these lyrics for probably the millionth time. “Day by Day” has been playing in my house since it was released seven years ago. I remember always loving the Neverland line, but I didn’t understand it when I was little. I do now, and this drawing came out of that.


The tools I used were Copic markers and a minimal amount of colored pencils. I wanted to create a rich and almost magical background to allude to Neverland. I did this by layering and blending different greens and generously applying bright gold on top. Then I layered brightly colored pencils over that. I outlined the man with my Copic multi-liner pens, then filled him in with color. To give his skin more texture, I did faint cross-hatching with a light brown pencil.


We can all resonate with the emotion and story this picture portrays. But if we follow Christ, we needn’t fear growing old or dying, because God’s grace saves us. We know that we will celebrate eternity with Him.

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