June 11, 2020

By Eliana Duran


As the old lady sits in her wooden porch chair,

She sews together a blue teddy bear.

For years she’s sat in the shade of the birch,

Sewing a bear for each baby at church.

There aren’t any now, but there’s never been a drought.

There isn’t much time between births coming out.

Once she’s finished the teddy, she shoos off a moth.

To start a new bear, she picks up some pink cloth.

As she makes a stitch, adds a miniature bow,

She remembers her childhood from so long ago.

She remembers how touching her bear gave her bravery.

She remembers growing older and soon to be married.

She pictures her children playing with teddies together,

Then mournfully thinks about when they each left her.

Now she’s a widow, her old heart alone and torn.

Sewing a teddy, she hopes life will be born.


Eliana Duran is a homeschooled high-school sophomore with a love for words. When she’s not writing, you can often catch her doodling or reading. She loves Jesus first of all, and also the color purple, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and her ten younger siblings (most of the time). She regularly posts on her blog, Eliana the Writer.


    • Eliana Duran

      Thank you, Samuel!! =)

  1. Annika

    Yay Eliana! Great poem. =)

    • Eliana Duran

      Thank you, Annika! =D

    • Eliana Duran

      Thank you, Ryan!!

  2. Michael Goddard II

    Wow, great poem!!

    • Eliana Duran

      Thank you so much, Hailey!

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